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Respectable Riot – Karen Renee

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She has it all, but she still has nothing.
Married to a local politician, Jane Ramos-Palmer won’t put her dreams aside for her husband’s any longer. Overhearing her husband being blackmailed, Janie realizes nothing in her life is as it seems. She’s willing to ditch all she has, so she can gain everything she ever wanted.

His world was wrenched cruelly away from him. David “Beast” Huntley’s trust has been violated, and being twice shy means he’s determined not to get involved with another woman. At least not seriously, and not any time soon. But Janie provokes something in him. His attraction to her gnaws at him, even though she’s mired in an ugly divorce with a sketchy politician. Staying away from her is in his best interest and his club’s.

When the president of rival MC blindsides and assaults Janie, Beast’s inner-beast is awakened. He cannot fight his attraction for her, no matter how wrong it might be.

I’d like to thank Enticing Journey for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. So this is book 5 in the series I loved Unforeseen RiotInciting a Riot and Into the Riot. I have to say Calming The Riot really disappointed me, thankfully Foolish Riot pulled it back up to me so I was really unsure where this one would fall and thankfully it fell on the side of I loved it!

So I feel like compared to the other books in the series this one was a little different at least I felt it was. It followed Janie as she is filing for divorce from her husband who was a total jackass. Within the first few pages of this book I began to rant on notes ready for this review. Along the way she meets Beast (Liar’s cousin) and things begin to happen!

Janie was a very interesting character we see her go on a journey from when she was a tad repressed and not happy in her marriage to being free and doing what she wanted to do. Like eating processed meat. I really enjoyed the transformation and the fighting spirit she got and also the sassy that came with it. I think the biggest change we see in her that is from the moment she knew she was pregnant before she lost the baby she wanted the baby yet before the pregnancy she didn’t want kids. I think that says a lot about her the fact she didn’t want kids and then as soon as she was pregnant her whole view changed.

Beast I loved him. We know his story almost immediately he’s running away from his last city to get away from a women and a little toddler Katherine, he had to move as once he found out that Katherine was not his daughter he was destroyed. All the way through this novel you could feel how much it killed him being away from Katherine and he just wanted the best and that would be to bond with her real father. This made Beast like fly to the top of the best men list. I loved how he created so many nicknames for Janie. My favourite one being Clumsy.

I really loved the chemistry between Beast and Janie it was off the charts and I loved the sexual tension between them when they finally did have sex then they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. I loved their relationship.

One of my favourite scenes has to be when Janie finds out his real name and begins to call him David the shock on his face was just hilarious and the fact he soon figures out if it was Liar or Andrea that told her. I loved that scene it was just so playful and cute.

Trent (the soon-to-be ex-husband) was an absolute asshole. Blaming Janie for getting pregnant, telling her to have an abortion and then when she does miscarry the baby he then begins to say he’s happy that she lost the baby. He was horrendous. I don’t think I’ve disliked a character as much as this one in a while. The way he treated Janie was disgusting. And who on earth tries to have sex with their wife as she has served him divorce papers? Like it honestly boggled my mind.

I really liked the plot although obviously a very real thing that could happen you know a corrupt politician. I thought some of it was a little unnecessary like Devin’s brother trying to shoot them. That could have been without but other than that I really enjoyed the other aspects of the plot.

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