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Calming The Riot – Karen Renee

Jim “Liar” Huntley’s loyalty to the Riot MC brotherhood is unquestionable. Especially since before becoming a fully-patched member, he killed a man to protect a brother. When a favor to another brother forces him to meet Andrea Paglia, he knows she’s out of his league. Making matters worse, she is off-limits because she’s old friends with the President’s old lady. Weeks later, Liar notices his brothers ogling Andrea at a club party, and he cannot restrain his anger.
Andrea falls in lust with Liar the moment he walks into her massage studio. She senses Liar restraining himself around her, but she’s determined to go after the man she wants. For once, she grabs what she wants from life. Conflict arises when former co-workers implore her to lend them a hand during the holidays. Forced to tell Liar about her past, she uncovers another facet to her alpha biker.
Little does Andrea know, she’s being used as a pawn in a larger scheme to bring down the Riot MC. Liar believes Andrea deceived him and will not be betrayed twice. The perceived deception tears Liar and Andrea apart while also forcing a rift between the Riot MC brothers. 
Liar discovers he was wrong, and struggles between guarding his heart and asserting his love for her. Will he be able to claim her as his own?

So I read the first three books from this series, Unforeseen Riot, Inciting a Riot and Into the Riot. I loved all three of them books and had very high expectations for this book. I was sorely let down when it came to this book.

Liar we found out a little more about him in this book we see him with his family which I really like. But also with this book my opinion changed he was an asshole and not one of those where it’s cute asshole. He was a proper asshole and annoyed me. The way he treated Andrea at times were just not okay with me especially when they have a break up I just didn’t like it. I wasn’t that interested and I can’t put my finger on why.

I feel like I know nothing about Andrea other than she was friends with Jackie, we don’t get to know much else if anything about her past or her family. We knew her job and that she had a stalker. Other than that we knew nothing.

This book honestly just made me fall in love with Roll that little bit more and I really want to read his book, the fact he was the only one who believed Andrea when it came to the shit that kicked off. So Roll is definetely my favourite person in this novel and I really can’t wait for the next book.

For the first 70% of this book it was a 1 star for me. It was only the ending that really changed my opinion on this book because that’s when all the feels came and hit me hard. Very hard. Andrea and Liar breaking up like the pain she felt and the heartbreak that hit me hard and it gave me the boost of emotion that I needed.

So the ending saved it for me. Very much so the ending saved it for me.

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