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Into The Riot – Karen Renee

Tennille “Neil” Lyons has her hands full with Cecilia, her drug addicted sister who recently turned to prostitution to maintain her addiction. Having her sister commit to going to rehab feels like a stroke of luck, until the dealer/handler shows up making threats. While drowning her worries at a hole-in-the-wall bar, she meets a handsome biker. As much as she wants to dismiss him, she finds out he is rougher and tougher than any other man Neil has met before. Which may come in handy, because if Cecilia doesn’t pay her substantial debt, the dealer intends to collect from Neil instead.
Augustus “Razor” Richardson is prospecting with the Riot MC after being renounced from his old MC. He has a past and a reputation as a ladies’ man, but rarely does a woman so blithely give him the brush-off. He knows something is wrong, but she slips away before he can figure out how to help. When an unexpected phone call puts her back in touch, Razor will stop at nothing to protect Neil from harm. However, Razor’s past isn’t done with him yet. Can he prove to Neil that she can trust him before it’s too late?

So I read Unforeseen Riot and Inciting a Riot and loved them, I have really come to love this series. The writing is amazing and I love the whole family aspect this author has when it comes to writing this series. It’s one of the things that make this story so great.

I loved Neil she was a very interesting character, very different from our other previous main characters. I love how she is stubborn and determined and she admitted it too. I loved that. She was also very head strong and just wanted to protect everyone and I loved that about her. I also love the dirty mind she has.

Razor I loved him, I loved him in the first book and the second book and I am glad he got his own book because I love him. He’s a top notch man. He was so loyal and protective and I loved him. I also loved how we got to see the prospect side of the MC for a change. He was so bossy.

I loved Razor and Neil’s relationship. It sucked me straight into this book, the banter between them and I think what topped off my favourite thing about this book was that Neil outed Razor’s real name in front of everyone at the compound and that was really my favourite thing.

I love overprotective Volt especially when it comes to a pregnant Jackie. I loved how he get behind Razor and was willing to go to bat for him. I also love when he had to give Razor punishment for defying a direct order he went easy on him. I also loved that Volt knew Razor enough that he knew he’d need to lock him down.

I loved seeing the other characters, I loved seeing the Mallory and Cal wedding to see my babies getting a happy ending. I also thought it was amusing that Mallory was insistent on wing manning Razor when it came to Neil.

I love that Cal, Vamp and Volt all get a kick out of doing anything that might annoy Razor which amused me with no end.

We got to see Neil’s family during this considering a big part of the plot focused on getting her sister’s habit kicked which brought the shit into her life. I loved that Neil’s grandparents were bikers and they run a bar! I also loved that her mum knew about the MC life it was very interesting to read. I also thought it was amusing that her dad wasn’t so much of a fan of the biker life.

Bush was an absolute asshole.

I love that after all the shit kicked off the club did a vote and let Razor break into the leathernecks and steal his bike back. Neil’s reaction to his bike is hot.

Abby and Blood are the cutest little humans ever!

This story was amazing. I loved the tension in this story the plot kept me on the edge of my seat and I was gripped. I could not put this book down at all. The plot kept me hooked all the way through, I had no idea where it was going to lead me throughout. The characters were amazing and I loved each and every one of them, I love seeing this little family that’s been built throughout the series.

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