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Rider’s Revenge – Jamie Begley

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Revenge is a seven-letter word that isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a word for those who have been wronged.

Jo Turner has been waiting five, long years to finally turn revenge into vengeance. Using Rider, the pretty-faced manwhore, is simply the price she is willing to pay to satiate her desire for revenge. Little does she know, she makes herself a target from the one thing Rider has sworn to give his life to protect—The Last Riders.
When you wake the soldier, be prepared for the consequences.
Rider is going to teach her a hard lesson: revenge is a double-edged sword … and it always cuts both ways. 

So I started this by reading Razer’s RideViper’s Run and Knox’s stand and Sex PistonTeasedTaintedShade’s FallKingCash’s FightFat Louise, Riot, Shade, Stand Off, Lucky’s Choice, Keeping What’s His, Merry Blissmas, Hostage. Winter’s Touch, Train’s Clash, Standing His Ground, Crazy Bitch and now Rider’s Revenge. I would highly reccommend reading it in the order I have just put above because the series is so much better that way! You will get the full story for this series and honestly it’s great.

This will contain spoilers.

So Rider’s book is one I was looking forward to so much and honestly I felt really let down by it all. I expected more from Rider’s books he’s always been a really big part of all the other novels so I expected his to be amazing and fabulous and it just wasn’t and it really disappointed me. I wish we had discovered the real Rider and not the one that puts on a front for every different person. He deserved better.

I love me some Last Riders revenge and do our boys know how to dish it out good. Rider fighting is extremely hot and damn all the men fighting are hot I just clearly have no self control when it comes to these man. So when Gavin rocked up I was like yesss my baby back home where he belongs. The way he deals with Crash I think says everything about who Gavin is about a person, if someone put you in the circumstances that Gavin was put in and you had the chance to do whatever you want to them and you don’t take that opportunity I think that says a lot. Gavin instead of making Crash suffer just snaps his neck and kills him.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Shade is legit Cupid and he does his job amazingly of playing Cupid. I am also very amused that all the married men are trying to get Rider married so they leave their women alone I find hilarious. The reactions to Rider being able to fool the women is hilarious and it amuses me to no end.

So we found out in another book I believe that Jo was raped in school by Curt Dawkins and when Jo was telling Rider about her ordeal god it broke my heart slightly.

Although these two didn’t have the instant chemistry I really did like how it grew and how their relationship bonded especially when Jo got sick. Rider took care of her and Train plowed the snow for her because she was too poorly. Not only that Rider fixed everything in her house and I loved that he just wanted to take care of her and the issues and it was cute.

I really like that Jo told Rider the truth about what Aly was planning and that Jo was part of it and she didn’t want to be but Aly wouldn’t let her out of it. I was glad when she finally told the truth.

Jo and Rider bonding over the bikes and cars, I love that we finally see a woman in these novels that have interests in the car and bikes. Jo and Jewell fighting was absolutely hilarious. I also loved how Jo and Gavin talked like they did I thought it was a nice touch especially how frustrated Rider is because Gavin isn’t really talking to him.

So we get to see Rider watching the security cameras and it is hilarious when Jo is with him when they are watching them. I also thought it was very amusing that the men are still provoking Lucky and Shade had to explain to Jo why when Shade called in his favour for Rider to take the beating this month. True friendship right there.

So it all got very serious very fast. Aly attacking everyone. What I loved in this was Rider yelling at Gavin to save his woman it wasn’t something I was expecting and I love that it’s the way that Rider finally gets through to Gavin and it’s for him to save her woman. I just loved it in that moment because they all knew that Gavin would come through for them.

So one of my favourite things in The Last Riders is how much all the members love to watch the men taking shit from the women but hate when it happens to them it is hilarious.

Rider’s jealousy is very surprising, considering he shares so much in the other books and doesn’t want to share Jo I found very surprising also kind of out of character for the man that we knew in all of the other books.

Again some of those epilogues we didn’t need, we didn’t need to know that Rider dies like I would have been happy without that! Like your girl here didn’t need to know that. It happens quite a bit that I just forget that the last epilogues exist because it’s just too much!

So again my main feeling about this was very disappointed but it was okay I still enjoyed it I just wish he had better.

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Crazy Bitch – Jamie Begley

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My mother used to have a saying for everything.

“You can’t be pretty and lucky.”

She wasn’t pretty or lucky.

“You have to kiss a lot of toads before you find your Prince Charming.”

I kissed too many of those. Sorry, but Prince Charming isn’t in Hicktown, Kentucky.

“The good ones go to Heaven; the bad ones go to Hell.”

Guess I’m going to Hell.

“Hell is paved with good intentions.”

Surprisingly, that one is true. Why? Because …

I intended to stay away from Calder Riggs.

I intended not to fall in love with him.

I intended to find a man who wasn’t a loser or a joker.

Oh well, I’ve never been afraid of Hell, anyway.

That’s why I’m Crazy Bitch! 

So I started this by reading Razer’s RideViper’s Run and Knox’s stand and Sex PistonTeasedTaintedShade’s FallKingCash’s FightFat Louise, Riot, Shade, Stand Off, Lucky’s Choice, Keeping What’s His, Merry Blissmas, Hostage. Winter’s Touch, Train’s Clash, Standing His Ground and now Crazy Bitch. I would highly reccommend reading it in the order I have just put above because the series is so much better that way! You will get the full story for this series and honestly it’s great.

This will contain Spoilers.

So this one is Crazy Bitch and Calder’s story and man was this a ride. I loved Calder and I thought it was very interesting that we had an aspect of how he felt with his drugs and the process of recovering from all that I thought having that in the novel was very interesting and I really enjoyed that. We had hints about Calder and Crazy bitch from the other novels so I was intrigued about how it would turn out in this and damn I was not disappointed.

I love how protective Shade is of Lily, it was hilarious that he knocked Calder out after Lily went after Crazy Bitch, so she doesn’t see that side and she doesn’t scold him or get annoyed him. Shade just makes me laugh when it comes to Lily.

We see some of Greer in this book and oh my god he creases me “I wasn’t about to let her go to that movie. I don’t want her getting any ideas. You dumbasses should take a lesson from me.” I love that number one Greer is brave enough to say that to The Last Riders and The Blue Horseman and The Destructors (I think that was the name I may have forgotten it). I really like that they asked Greer to hide the jackets for them because you just know the man was going to do a good job with that and he wouldn’t tell any of them anything. So I really liked that. The three clubs instead of fighting with each other decide to bet each of their jackets and a bike and whoever finds them gets to keep them, so that’s where Greer comes into help hide them. They pair off and Crazy Bitch gets stuck with Calder.

So we see more of Gavin in this book and this is one of the main reasons of this book and I love that we get to see Gavin and Calder building a relationship whilst Gavin is in rehab and I think it’s extra special because we see Calder helping him through it and not lying to him about it that it will get better. I just loved that Calder was pure honest with Gavin through the process and it was definitely one of my favourite things about this book.

Crazy Bitch and Calder doing the quests was so cute and I loved the moments that they had with each other and I liked that this is where they begin to rebuild their relationship and begin to be honest with each other.

The reaction to the cat. I feel sorry for this cat because all throughout the biker bitches books everyone hates the poor cat. I mean I don’t blame them it sounds like a bit of pain but the way they all react to the cat is hilarious even more so because Calder is afraid of it. Also the fact everyone tries as much as possible to get rid of the cat Cade for one it’s like a conspiracy to try and getting rid of the cat.

I liked that Calder finally told Crazy Bitch why it took so long for him to approach her and talk about the past and that he didn’t want to approach it because he was ashamed about what he did. I really like that they cleared the air about that.

Calder being jealous is everything and honestly it’s very cute.

So we found out back in Sex Piston’s book that little Star is not actually Stud’s and Calder is the dad to little Star. Calder knows this too. I love the relationship that Calder has with Star but also that he doesn’t think he’s worthy to be known as her father because Stud did such a good job when he couldn’t. He also doesn’t want to approach the subject of Star at least until Crazy Bitch tells him to talk to Stud because Star deserves to know and honestly the relationship that Star and Calder had was so cute and it made my heart melt. It didn’t take much for Crazy Bitch to figure out that Star is Calder’s daughter.

So there is a scene in this book that absolutely killed me and we discover that The Last Riders are creating a sex toy. Crazy Bitch decides to try it on Calder it’s a vibrator kind of thing. Only she didn’t read the instructions. And oh my god just this scene I was laughing so much. As you can imagine their was some injury and it was so funny.

Calder and Crazy Bitch their lines are so cute to each other!

What I did think was very romantic was Calder willing to ride bitch for Crazy Bitch which if you’ve read many MC books you know the men have a real issue about riding bitch but it was so cute and sweet.

Wow Crazy Bitch getting arrested. Now I knew that was something more to the situation on top of her being arrested and boy was I right because hey Lucky. So we discover that Crazy Bitch is an informant wasn’t expecting that and in the process of all this Calder has been kidnapped and Lucky is nearly killed. So we have all three clubs working together to find Calder and figure out who tried to kill Lucky. I do love that all the clubs came together to help each other like they are fabulous that is for sure. I also love the interaction between Shade and Crazy Bitch during this. We see Crazy Bitch going through hell when they’re trying to find Calder and god it hit in the feels.

I hate Candi not only for what she did to Star back in Stud’s book but for her still begging and we find out that Candi had him kidnapped and pumped him full of drugs making him relapse. I felt so bad for Calder being forced to the drugs again and when he’s being wheeled out he still wants Crazy Bitch and honestly my heart.

Crazy Bitch and Stud decide that it’s best for Calder to go back to rehab, he ends up at the same Rehab as Gavin and this is where my heart really did destroy. Whilst Gavin is going through what he is going through he’s still there to support Calder and hold his hand and it really hit. Like right there in that moment is what brotherhood stands for and it was perfect. I love that they were just there for each other they knew what each other was going through in that moment and wanted to help each other.

So after a few months Calder is allowed to go home from Rehab but before he does go home him and Crazy Bitch discover that Gavin has the package and instead of Crazy Bitch and Calder taking it they decide that it’s for Gavin that he has Viper, Stud and Calder’s jackets as well as the bikes and that they have his back and it’s time for him to come home. Honestly that scene hit in the feels. So much. Like the bond between Gavin and Calder is the one thing that lasts in my memory for this book.

It was a really beautiful ending throughout this book Star has been doing a dance for Stud’s birthday and when she performs she dedicates it to both her dads and it’s just so cute that she includes Calder as her dad too and it was a beautiful ending.

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Thrill Seeker – Winter Travers

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Three years ago my thrill seeking woman walked out of my life and didn’t even bother to give me a glance goodbye.

The Kings of Vengeance became my family at a time when I had nothing but a bottle of whiskey and fading memories of a woman I thought I would spend the rest of my life with.

Deedra was always looking for the next lead, the next exciting story to catapult her into news anchor stardom. No matter the sacrifice.

She never thought her ambitious ways would land her smack dab in the middle of the headlines.

Now the Kings of Vengeance and I have to save her before her thrill seeking ways land her six feet under. 

I’d like to thank Enticing Journey for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. So I love Winter Travers when it comes to MC she is one of my favourite authors. I loved her Fallen Lords series and when that ended I was sad but then I started this one and got over it. I loved all the other books and have reviews for them. They are: Drop a Gear and DisappearLean Into ItKnees in the Breeze and Midnight Wreckage and I loved them all. So when it comes to Winter Travers my expectations are high and she does not disappoint.

Thrill Seeker follows Point and his estranged wife Deedra as for the first time in three years they are thrown together and can’t stop bumping into each other since Midnight Wreckage when she was reporting on Gunner’s story. I think I only have one complaint and that is that this actually wasn’t angsty enough for me. I wanted more angst but it was still good nevertheless.

Deedra is described many times through this as cold and a bitch but I think as soon as Point starts pushing his way back into her life wanting to know why she left she begins to open up to him and honestly I loved the moment she was finally honest with him and why she didn’t stay. It was a shit reason on her part but I’m glad that she told him the truth.

Point I loved him in the other novels and let me tell you he didn’t disappoint. I loved him in this book and learning more about his past and how he and Deedra got together but also broke up. Although our boy instead of dealing with his issues for the first few chapter just drank his problems away which you know sometimes mood. He soon got his butt into gear to go and get his woman.

I really liked them they were cute together and they definitely knew how to push each other’s buttons which also sometimes resulted in some grown up adult time. Which Winter Travers really does know how to write her sex scenes.

I also loved seeing all the other characters they are just a big family and I love it, like they just it’s like being at home and you could just imagine being there with them and know its true and I love it. Honestly it’s one of the reasons why I still read her books because all the characters play and important part

As always with her books I have a few honourable scenes in this that deserved to be mentioned these aren’t spoiling anything either so you don’t have to worry about that.

The first mention is the scene where they go to the shelter and it’s the lead up to the way the girls act and then Point’s attitude it had me creasing I couldn’t stop chuckling.

The second one and by far the best where I had to put the book down because I was laughing way too much and when I reread the scene I was still laughing. I could just imagine how it would be in real life and I think that’s what I loved. The girls are all drunk and there is some terrible jokes and honestly I was in a fit of giggles if you’ve read this book you know exactly what I mean.

So in terms of the plot we have a set up in this book which I believe will continue in the next book and honestly it’s going to be so good! Also Brick comes out of prison soon and if we don’t get his book with detective Kaye I will be sad about that.

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Corrupted – Scarlett Holloway

In the Outlaw Underworld, Loyalty is everything.

When Colt Younger started as a prospect for the Devil’s SixGuns motorcycle club, he never expected to be put in his place by Amethyst James or be stunned by her beauty. Colt’s past in the military and special training catches the eye of the president, who just happens to be her father, quickly climbs the ranks to see things some prospects never get to.

Amethyst had a strict code that she follows: Don’t Date Club. That rule got thrown out the window the moment she met the club’s newest prospect, Colt. He was the embodiment of perfection, yet still rough around the edges. Everything her father did not want her dating.

Just as their relationship starts heating up and club business begins reaching new heights, loyalties are put to the test─sometimes even the best of people can be CORRUPTED.

WARNING: There are some spots in this book that may be troublesome to some readers. If you find yourself disturbed by its content please put it down until you can pick it back up. Some of this book contains graphic violence and texts pertaining to graphic violence. Read at your own risk.

From the start of this book I knew it was going to end in heartbreak and damn this book sent me in a spin only at the end really. I struggled to get into the start of this book I think it was possibly due to the fact that I couldn’t connect with the characters. I liked the characters though, just not connect with them.

I love the connection between Amy and Colt. Amy was an interesting character she was the president’s daughter, and was well aquatinted with club life. She was sassy and strong yet she was also willing to trust Colt and fall in love with him easier enough.

Colt he was interesting, being that he was undercover cop and was pretending to be part of the club life, it was interesting watching him prove himself whilst trying to keep his hands clean. I loved the connection he felt with Amy.

I loved Stone and Xavier (Romeo), it made me chuckle so much that they were protective over Amy, they could do some stuff but Amy was not allowed. I also love the friendship that Romeo and Colt developed throughout the novel.

I really did not like Diablo what an asshole, Colt should have punched him sooner than waiting until the middle of this book every time he appeared I just wanted to punch him.

The plot was interesting, and it kept me reading, the end was what changed my view of this book being a 1 star to higher. The ending was amazing and intense. I did not expect the twist that happened, it was mind blowing. I didn’t expect the person who went to the police about the club to be who it was. (Me trying to tell you spoilers.) So the ending was the thing that changed this book for me.

The writing was really good and I can’t wait to read the next one!

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Kingdom’s Reign – Monique Moreau

54782005. sy475
A grieving biker. A brokenhearted woman. Can love heal their wounds?

Since the death of his patch brother, Kingdom has felt nothing but rage and loss. Until, he meets Sage on a trip to a tattoo shop to get fresh ink for his fallen brother. She’s sexy. Brilliant. And exactly the kind of challenge that makes him ache. If asked whether he deserved her love, Kingdom’s straight-up answer would be hell no. But, nothing will stop him from taking what’s his. Not even her.

Being a no-nonsense defense attorney, the second Sage caught her fiancé cheating she’d swore off men. While breaking that rule for a tatted up member of an MC seems like a monumentally bad idea, she can’t fight her attraction to Kingdom. When he invites her on a ride, she finds herself wanting so much more. Sage yearns to indulge in one of the sexiest and most dangerous men she’s met but fears risking her battered heart.

Can the unlikely pair help each other move on from the wounds of the past? Or will club tensions with a rival MC find a way to use their weaknesses against them?

I’d like to thank L Woods Pr for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. So this is a debut book for this author and I love my MC books so when I saw the sign up, I signed up because we know I love my MC books. And I’m always excited to find new books to read. So I am not going to lie I did have mixed feelings in this book like some of the stuff that happened I was like that’s not okay. And I’ll go into that.

Sage is someone you don’t expect her to be she’s a lawyer and sometimes moonlights in the tattoo shop when they need staff. She is very feisty and will try to always fight back and argue and stand up for herself and I love it. She was also feeling very broken after being cheated on by her ex and he wouldn’t touch her and it honestly broke my heart when I was reading those moments.

Kingdom he was a feisty argumentative asshole. I think that’s the best way to describe him. He’s very Alpha, it’s my way or no way and we see him change through this book to become a little more accepting of what other people want. We see a very real and sensitive side to him when it comes to his feeling with his friends, at his very core he is a loyal, protective man.

From the beginning of this book it is very interesting and the meeting between Sage and Kingdom, I love that we see instantly that they both have an effect on each other. I love the idea that Sage gave Kingdom for his tattoo to honour Chopper. I loved the connection that these two had with each other especially when they were lets say getting to know each other at first. I could definitely tell the chemistry between them. I have to admit I was not a fan of the bossing around so much before they got together like I get it bikers. But I prefer them when they are actually in the relationship before getting hella bossy.

I really like the friendships in this book especially between Sage and Camilla like they got each other’s back and I love it. I especially love Greta (who I believe the next book is about) and I cannot wait. I just love how they all supported each other and it was no bitchiness like just proper good friendships and I love it.

So one thing I really did not like in this book is Kingdom makes an impression of Sage’s keys. Now I don’t care about anything but that is a different level of violation, if he held off I’m pretty sure she would have gave him a key. But nope I’m sorry I can’t get with him making an impression of her key that’s just all sorts of wrong and if I’m honest this lost a whole star for me. Just not okay. I don’t really know why someone would think that’s okay, I don’t care if worst things have happened in the book (and I’ve read much worse) but the key thing is just different level that I cannot get with. It’s just no.

Other than that I really loved reading this book and the relationship between Kingdom and Sage and I will definitely be reading the sequel (hopefully no dodgy shit like that).

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Midnight Wreckage – Winter Travers

54561405. sy475
Don’t mess with the Kings of Vengeance…I may not have been raised on the right side of the tracks, but there are two things in life you never mess with: women and children.With the world of the Kings going crazy, the overwhelming urge to keep Queenie safe is just as strong as the need to find Gunner.Anyone who threatens the Kings or what I’ve claimed as my own better pray I never find them.Vengeance is coming

I’d like to thank Enticing Journey for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. So I love Winter Travers when it comes to MC she is one of my favourite authors. I loved her Fallen Lords series and when that ended I was sad but then I started this one and got over it. I loved all the other books and have reviews for them. They are: Drop a Gear and Disappear, Lean Into It and Knees in the Breeze and loved them so I had high expectations for this one especially as I had come to love Queenie and Sledge in the previous books.

This book continued right where Knees in the Breeze ends, Queenie has been shot and Gunner has been kidnapped. Right from the beginning of this novel the stakes are high and it really is all the way throughout this novel. I love how information is discovered in the novel, we don’t know anything until the characters know it and I love it. So many times during reading this I was shocked like I did not expect the twist and turns that were thrown at me.

Winter Travers knows how to write her series wanting to keep you reading on. I love how she writes the characters and wants you to just be involved with the family and be in that world. I love it. She does write fantastic characters and world and plot.

I loved getting more information about Queenie and how she came to have baby Gunner but also about her relationship with Duchess, her sister and Gunner’s mother, Queenie was a special kind of person to deal with the shit Duchess put her through everytime she relapsed. Then when she thought she was finally clean but only to find her dead and having to look after a baby that she was not prepared for. She was dealing with so much shit and we see her dealing with some of it when she’s trying to find information on whose Gunner’s dad is.

I loved the relationship between Sledge and Queenie we saw it growing in the other books but we saw a firm foundation with them. From the moment Queenie is at the hospital and comes home Sledge is by her side. I loved their relationship it was so cute and I just loved the chemistry between them the sexual tension throughout this book when they finally make their move is on point.

One of my favourite scenes in this book is when Queenie is helping Sledge with his washing and they are in the laundry room. They begin to get steamy and they almost start to get freaky that is until Kimber walks in on them! And then screams which gets Fancy running in and it is hilarious scene, definitely one of my favourite scenes.

As always when the women are involved church becomes a shit show, it’s hilarious to watch Quinn get so frustrated with the girls when it comes to church or them not being able to be quiet when they need to. It’s so funny.

So we have a few new additions to this lovely cast of characters and that is Lynn and Robyn. I’m really hoping we get books with them two in it because man they are interesting. Speaking of books we have a detective Kaye helping them find Gunner and it is revealed she has history with Brick an MC member that is in prison and she put him there, like I’m going to need that book please and thank you because I need to know the details. I need their book.

I am also really looking forward to the next book which is Point. It leaves on a great cliffhanger and I need the next one.

So the only thing I wish I saw more of in this book was Sledge and Queenie and Gunner being a family and a couple we get a little bit at the end but not enough for me. I just want more.

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Train’s Clash – Jamie Begley

28821417. sy475
Beware of what you wish for; it might just come true.

Train swore never to let a woman get under his skin unless it meant forever, and forever only meant belonging to The Last Riders. He had believed his one brief sexual encounter with Killyama was a hit it and quit it. Instead, her green eyes haunted his memories. Then when he tried to convince the woman he was serious as his “more the merrier” lifestyle became a painful reminder of the life he lived, Killyama used his own club against him to keep him from what he wanted.

Killyama was holding out for a man who could offer her forever, and Train wasn’t the forever kind of man. He was a Mr. Here and Now; the wicked warrior in her dreams. He might be a walking, talking sex machine, but she needed more than that. So, until he proved she was the only one sharing his bed, the only part of her body he was going to see was her ass walking away.

So I started this by reading Razer’s RideViper’s Run and Knox’s stand and Sex PistonTeasedTaintedShade’s FallKingCash’s FightFat Louise, Riot, Shade, Stand Off, Lucky’s Choice, Keeping What’s His, Merry Blissmas, Hostage. Winter’s Touch and now Train’s Clash. I would highly reccommend reading it in the order I have just put above because the series is so much better that way! You will get the full story for this series and honestly it’s great.

This will contain spoilers.

So this book focus on Killyama and Train, we saw them hook up once and since then we’ve had Killyama slagging Train off at every chance yet being one heck of a bitch when she gets jealous over them. So even before they’re book began it was highly anticipated at least for me it was and damn did this book deliver.

So Killyama is a hard ass and we learn that her nickname came from her own mother which I think is also hilarious I really love her name Rae. So Killyama works as a bounty hunter with Hammer and Jonas and I loved that dynamic that was a different one all together.

Train is of course one of the women’s favourites and he knew it and used it to his advantage quite a lot. I love that despite Killyama and the biker bitches having the reputation they do among the men he still wanted to date her and boy was this sucker a ride. Train has one rule though, he doesn’t like liars.

So we get to see the first time they are together and damn it was good. Train really does put his foot into it though after they finish having sex for the first time and like any sane women Killyama kicks off which is hilarious. Oh my god though Train and Killyama’s first ride was much better than it was ever let off in the other books. Legit chills when Killyama and Train have sex though, it’s written so well. Jamie knows how to write her sex scenes. The chemistry between her and Train is mother fucking hot, like it just comes off the page between them.

I felt bad for Killyama because she loves Train and even knowing she loves him she agrees to keep it casual which almost kills her because she just wants him anyway she can have him.

I was surprised as hell when Killyama collected in on her marker and it was to take Sasha back to Ohio and turn her in and damn did that kick up one hell of an argument between them all. It’s surprising we learnt that Killyama did it to protect Sex Piston and Diamond because she overheard them talking about Sasha’s issue with the police. We also learn that whilst Killyama takes her back she also helps her but she doesn’t want any of The Last Riders to know and works with Shade in secret. Damn that was one dangerous mission because Killyama ends up in hospital. Of course Shade knows better and follows her to the hospital and then of course calls Train although they all pretend to not know that Killyama actually helped Sasha. Of course Train forgives Killyama.

Killyama with kids is really cute and adorable.

I love Killyama’s mum, Peyton was a great addition and she even pops up in another book and I love that we get much more look at Killyama and her family. I also love that Train is willing to suck up and do whatever Killyama wants and helps at her mum’s house.

The story of Train’s family wow I understand now how much he hates liars, his father beating them and being drunk. And then when they finally left and started to be normal he went into the military and is second year he found out from his sister that his mother was seeing there father and then a week later he was staring at his mother and sister’s grave and man it hits in the feels. Of course he killed his father not that anyone could prove it.

Oh my god Killyama’s reaction to Rachel and the girls sharing with the men hilarious I love it one of my favourite scenes. Wow what a fucking scene when all the women find out. Damn son. Like everything kicks off and it’s brilliant, the women are mad and the men aren’t even sure what to do. Hilarious one of the many scenes that stand out for me in this book.

We discover that Train’s replacement for her is Rider and we get a nice little scene with Rider, Train and Killyama and damn it is hot. Although Rider doesn’t join them this time and just watches the whole scene it’s amazing.

So Killyama works at the factory for a day, she has an ulterior motive and she is then caught breaking in to something at the factory and she refuses to tell them why. All the way through this I was screaming at her to tell Train the truth.

Train ends it with her but knows it’s out of character for her and goes to see her mum Peyton and they have a nice little chat and oh my god I could not cope with it. The way Rae was shunned by her father and why she sends gifts secretly breaks my heart. I’m glad Train went to discover why rather than just brushing it over.

The truth we were hit with and damn it was bad. Train and Shade are called to the warehouse near The Destructors clubhouse and we discover why Killyama did what she did. When bounty hunting they found a laptop with a video on and it was Gavin. The same Gavin they thought was dead after Memphis killed him. We discover that in fact Gavin is alive and has been kept by the Road Demons and has been forced drugs and been forced to do anything imaginable. The pain that Shade and Train go through when they discover that he’s alive is a lot and damn it broke my heart.

The mission was really cool. It was written amazing. I liked that Killyama made a bond with Gavin and the state he was in broke my heart.

But what broke my heart even more was The Last Riders’ reactions when they hear Gavin is alive and when they see the condition he is in and my god it was soul destroying. As they arrive Train and Shade begin to tell of Memphis and Crash’s deception and it all kicks off a lot of fighting.

The moment Viper and Ton see Gavin again and even Winter I sobbed along with this book.

So Train works on winning Killyama back and he manages it and on Rider’s birthday party we learn it’s also a celebration for Killyama bringing Gavin home and oh my god. It’s emotional The Last Riders give her a dozen roses like Gavin wanted along with some other things and we learn that Killyama got a vote from every single member from The Last Riders. Stud and Viper agreed that she’s just too much for one club to handle and becomes a part of both of them. It’s so emotional.

This story was a ride. I loved Killyama and Train’s story it was amazing and beautiful and it was so them. I love it so much. This is definetley one book that stands out to me when I think of Jamie Begley.

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Winter’s Touch – Jamie Begley

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As president of The Last Riders, Viper’s only fear was losing his wife. After all, he had almost lost her once before.

As wife to the president, Winter lived in fear every day: fear that a club enemy would take Viper from her, fear that one of the club women would tempt him to stray, fear that she wasn’t enough of a woman for him. One thing Winter didn’t fear was risking everything to carry her husband’s child, even her health, yet Viper refused to take the chance.

Losing hope, Winter made one last ditch effort, determined to make Viper realize that some things were worth fighting for besides the club.

So I started this by reading Razer’s RideViper’s Run and Knox’s stand and Sex PistonTeasedTaintedShade’s FallKingCash’s FightFat Louise, Riot, Shade, Stand Off, Lucky’s Choice, Keeping What’s His, Merry Blissmas, Hostage. And now Winter’s Touch I would highly reccommend reading it in the order I have just put above because the series is so much better that way!

There will be spoilers.

So we are back with Winter and Viper I loved their story in Viper’s book and was so happy to be back with them and it starts with a bang. Literally. A bang. Winter and Viper having sex with Train licking Winter out and having Moon and Sasha watching whilst those two fucked. You know so whatever you want about Jamie’s story but damn the woman knows how to write sex scenes and she is bloody fantastic at it.

So through this book we see Winter struggling with the fact that Viper won’t get her pregnant because of the injuries she sustained when she was attacked. And god Winter broke my heart so much through this and her wanting a baby was a major issue that effected her and Viper’s relationship. It was hard for her especially as she was seeing all the other women pregnant.

I also liked how it showed the other side how Viper felt not being able to give Winter the baby she wants because he’s too afraid of loosing her and it was nice to see that side of it too.

Half of Winter and Viper’s problems could have been solved by talking and having an honest conversation especially over Winter’s jealousy with Sasha. But also Sasha should have not made Winter try and hate her because through all of that I was just rolling my eyes because Sasha did not set a good start with anyone.

So one thing that did make me smile was this idea of the replacements that all of the men have chosen one of the other men to be their replacement if anything would happen to them. This becomes a big thing in the next book which is hilarious. I love how Viper chose Train for her and I love that.

So we get a surprise that Winter is pregnant I was so happy for her until you know she realised that Viper would be mad about her being pregnant. When Viper tells her it is not the reaction that I expected, he flips out and walks out she soon finds him at Gavin’s grave where Winter finally gets through Viper. Once he’s over it initially he’s overjoyed with Winter being pregnant and I do love how happy he is eventually although the worry is still there.

So if you’ve read Fat Louise’s story and remember way back when Raul who was Bailey’s husband, there was a stint where the Mexico cartel was brought down and we see in Predator that Jackal goes after him after he blows up the Predators clubhouse, we get a scene in this book where we see Raul come after Winter and Viper and terrifyingly Winter begins to go into labour. We see Killyama kicking some bloody ass during this and I love for Killyama I love her. Sex Piston is by her side as she is bleeding out. Raul is killed and Winter is rushed to hospital.

We discover that Winter gave birth to a little girl who Viper falls in love with the moment he sees her and oh my god it was so bloody cute. Viper names her Aisha. My heart melted when it came to a certain scene in this book so for context. We know that Rachel can heal people as she did Cash and Mag, and then in Tate’s book we learn that he hears death bells. In this book we get a hint of Greer’s gift and damn it’s magnificent, he also heals with the help of the spirits and he did enough to help save little Aisha when she was struggling to breathe due to being premature. It was such an amazing scene and it is definitely up there as one of my favourite.

Viper being a daddy is so bloody cute and honestly I live for it.

I really like the epilogue at the end with a teenage Aisha and I find it so cute that she has a crush on John, Shade and Lily’s son, and honestly I bloody live for it!

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Rebel Rage MC: The Complete Series – Addy Archer

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When Alaric meets the right woman under the wrong circumstances, as the president of Rebel Rage MC, his options are limited… unless he can strike a deal that would benefit the both of them.

Making the best of a bad situation, Angie accepts the help of the muscled, overbearing biker who offers her protection from the danger stalking her at every turn.

As the death of a woman unleashes a chain of events that draws out new enemies and threatens everything he holds dear, Alaric will do whatever it takes to protect what he considers his.

Escape into the world of Rebel Rage MC, where laws don’t apply, loyalty is everything, and love is worth fighting for. The President is book one of the Rebel Rage MC trilogy, which will continue in The Vice President and conclude in The Prospect.

I’d like to thank Give Me Book promotions for sending me an e-arc of this series it is very much appreciated. So we all know I love my MC books so I saw this one I was straight there and ready. So I had very mixed feelings about this book and at one point I did just kind of want to give up on it but I decided to push through and by the end of this series I’m glad I did.

Angie is known as the Queen Fixer, she fixes people’s murder scenes. If they’ve met an untimely death then it’s her job to fix it. Alaric is the president of Rebel Rage MC and he’s very alpha.

I really struggled with the characters in this, I just didn’t connect with them I really didn’t like them for the most part it was hard to really care what was happening with them. You may be sat here like Sam why did you carry on reading. Hunt. Hunt is the VP and I absolutely love him and his little girl and honestly he was the reason I had carried on reading these books.

When Angie walks in on her I think it’s half sister being murdered as well as a member of rebel rage Alaric takes Angie back to the clubhouse with him and claims her as his. It’s not romantic they begin as a deal Angie needs someone to keep safe so she stays and Alaric wants an old lady eventually along the way they begin to fall in love with each other. Alaric is very rough around the edges and doesn’t quite always know how to treat Angie right with the odd time snapping at her or saying a comment that is bound to piss her off.

I really though the plot was very interesting and it kept me reading I wanted to know more about what was happening and the author did a very good job of setting up an overarching plot going through all three books that linked very well.

I loved how well Angie eventually fitted into the clubhouse as an old lady and everyone respected her and was willing to protect her when it came down to a pimp person wanting a whore for a whore after Rebel Rage MC killed her sister for stealing.

The writing was good and it kept me reading I didn’t like the over use of the word “cunt” like I found it was used way too much and it got boring fast but other than that I really did like the writing the author writes very well done sex scenes.

So whilst they are busy shooting up somebody’s house I forgot his name. When they enter his house they discover a young woman in a hole in the floor in the living room and they take her back with them, this woman becomes very important.

The book ends on a cliffhanger which of course will make you want to continue onto the next book which of course I did.

53120580. sx318 sy475
When Hunt’s daughter goes missing, he’ll do whatever it takes to find her. Unexpectedly, the vice president of Rebel Rage MC stumbles across the right woman along the way. 

After a hot encounter with a sexy, arrogant biker, Peyton never expected to see him again, but fate has other plans. When she is unwittingly pulled into a dangerous situation far beyond her control, Hunt swoops back into her life, vowing to protect her. 

Will Hunt be able to save both his daughter and the woman he loves, or will this threat be too much for the MC to handle? 

Escape into the world of Rebel Rage MC, where laws don’t apply, loyalty is everything, and love is worth fighting for. The Vice President is book two of the Rebel Rage MC trilogy, which started with The President and will conclude with The Prospect.  

So this is the book about my favourite man Hunt. I was really excited when we got to his book yet I kind of couldn’t help but face palm. So once he finds his daughter who he thought is missing turns out a woman, Peyton, took her and left a note at his house calling him an asshole. So he brings Raven back home along with Peyton once Raven is out the way. Hunt takes Peyton to the garage and fucks her bare. Yes that is just what you do when you meet a woman. I mean I wasn’t very surprised when a couple weeks later she turned up pregnant, that’s the risk when you have unprotected sex.

So we discover that Peyton is actually an MC Princess to the rival MC, Alaric then tells Hunt to leave her alone and that they don’t need that shit. Then she turns up pregnant and then the whole situation is turned on its head. Hunt goes there and claims her, so this is where one of my favourite scenes is in this book. Peyton’s brother Stone arrives at her house to take her and hide her as her father has agreed to hand Peyton over to the Cartel to be somebody’s wife. Stone and Hunt furious protect Peyton as their is an attack at the house. So once Stone is told that Peyton is pregnant he then scolds her for telling Hunt over text and honestly it was just so entertaining with everything going off he still has time to scold her.

So it is revealed in this that the woman that Rebel Rage MC saved from the bad man’s house in book 1 is actually Peyton and Stone’s baby sister. Which brings even more drama and suspense to the overall plot and damn the writing certainly knew how to drop those nuggets good for us to follow.

I really liked the relationship between Hunt and Peyton and I love that Angie was also at the clubhouse to make Peyton feel a little more settled although she is an MC princess her mother tried to keep her away as much as possible as she knew the MC life could be cruel to girls. So I really liked that we had Angie to help her.

I really liked the plot in this we continue with having the cartel after Peyton so she can replace her sister and be sold to marry the man whose name I have also forgotten. They then decide to work with the DEA to help them with their issue of the cartel and the rival MC who aren’t behind Stone.

I really liked that through this book we see Linc the prospect getting very protected over Apple also known as Harper Hunt and Peyton’s sister, she pushes them away as she doesn’t want them to be hurt. Thankfully she manages to warm up to Linc and I really liked their bond so obviously I was very excited when his book is the next one.

There’s so much I want to talk about but actually can’t because it’s massive spoilers, but either way I liked this book a lot better than the first one and it made me really love the characters even more. I especially had a different appreciation for Alaric and Angie in this book and actually liked them a little better than their own book.

49332405. sx318 sy475
As a prospect of Rebel Rage MC, Linc’s assignment was simple: take care of the woman who was kidnapped. Easy… except for the riot of emotions she stirs within him. 

Harper is broken and has the scars—inside and out—to prove it, but the love of a headstrong, protective biker might be just what she needs to heal. 

While Linc and Harper dare to explore their developing feelings, danger lurks within the shadows, waiting to drag Harper back into the torment she barely survived the last time. Linc will risk it all to make sure that never happens, but will it be enough? 

Escape into the world of Rebel Rage MC, where laws don’t apply, loyalty is everything, and love is worth fighting for. The Prospect is book three of the Rebel Rage MC trilogy, which started with The President, followed by The Vice President, and is concluded with The Prospect. 

So this is the last and final book in the series and god did I love it. So this one is about Linc and Harper and her feeling being able to be free from the dude who wants her as his wife. Who yet again I cannot remember the bad guys name.

I really liked how Linc and Harper’s relationship changed in this novel it was like the 10 days that Linc was in present made Harper’s eyes open that she had caught feelings for him. Where as Linc already knew and basically claimed her as his old lady already. I like how he was patient with her and was willing to take the baby steps with her until she was ready. I also loved that they went and got a dog for her so she would feel safer and I thought that was so cute and I loved it.

One thing the author did really well here was the discussion of sex between these two characters Harper has been traumatised not only was she raped by the bad dude he also used knives on her and cut her legs. So when it comes to them doing sexual acts they talk about it all first and Linc promises he’ll never hurt her. He also was willing to take it at the pace she wanted and that she felt comfortable with and I just love the progress she made it was definitely big progress and I’m there for that.

Linc is a scary man. But damn does the man know how to make people hurt, so in this book Linc decides it’s time to take his patch and stop being prospect and I really like what he became which was Enforcer which matched him perfectly and I loved him I was glad when he made bad dude suffer because he’d deserved it for hurting Harper.

This was definitely my favourite out of the series and I loved Harper being able to begin to mend after what she suffered and I loved it. Again I’m trying to limit what I say because don’t want to spoil but overall I loved this book and it actually made the series a hundred times better which is good. I’m glad I continued with this series for one.

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Three Strikes – Allana Walker

From the moment I turned fifteen, my life was planned out right down to the man I was to marry one day.

Until one night changed my life for good.
Welcome to the screwed up world of Daria Denver.
Strike One; She walks into my Clubhouse uninvited.
Strike Two; She steals from me.
Strike Three; She keeps a nine-year-old secret from me.
Daria Denver will learn never to piss off a Demons Disciples.
Especially me, Striker Xanders.

I’d like to thank Enticing Journey for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. So as always I love my MC books and this one annoyed me and blew me away on so many levels! So I think it’s very important to say if you do not like MC books I don’t think this will tickle your fancy and you’ll probably have a lot of issues with some of the stuff that happens in this book.

So let’s start.

Striker is an asshole. I’d like to say this changes but it doesn’t, well to some extent. Striker has moments through this novel where once he changes he reverts back into full asshole mood and its like gosh got to keep up with this. Erm so yes he’s an asshole and has some pretty messed up stuff going off in his head.

Daria she is also pretty messed up bless her, abandoned by her mum and controlled by her step-mum she had it pretty rough bless her, and part of her rebelling of all that ended up with her in a biker club with her best friend. Daria proves through so many times in this novel how strong she is and how much she has given for her daughter and how much she is willing to do for her daughter and I loved that.

So I know a few reviewers have picked up and aren’t happy about that in the beginning of this novel Daria is only 17 and Striker knowing her age still has sex with her and it’s slightly more rougher than you’d expect at that age. I know this bothered a few people for me I have to admit it didn’t really because here in England the age of consent is 16 so it didn’t bother me but I can totally understand why it bothered other people. Just want to mention that in case people don’t want to read that but if they didn’t like that I’m going to assume they probably wouldn’t be all that happy with the rest of this novel.

After that one night dun dun dun Daria gets pregnant. Which isn’t a spoiler because it’s in the description. I was so disgusted with Daria’s father that he chooses his wife over his daughter and kicks her out. I don’t like her dad and even though he attempted to make amends still don’t like him. We also discover at the end of this novel who Daria’s mother is and damn was that a surprise and a half! I love to be surprised. I didn’t see that coming at all! Daria does try and tell Striker but the little dickhead Blaze stops that when she tries more on that fool later.

So one thing that didn’t sit right with me was Daria and Jake raising little Emily as their’s. I can get why in the circumstances they were in Jake claimed the baby but I just feel like it would have been better for Emily to know from the offset Jake wasn’t her dad but a step-dad rather than her having to go through the slight trauma of discovering that Jake isn’t her dad and Striker is.

So this story really does know how to keep you on the edge of the seat, Striker surprise surprise isn’t all that nice to Daria when he sees her again. He’s mad. Mad as hell. He kidnaps her and then tries to strangle and kill her for keeping Emily away from him and not telling him so lovely guy clearly. But within all that drama the stakes get even higher when Emily is taken and saved. I don’t want to go to much into this plot but oh my god so much happened and any time something happened I was like what?! It really did surprise me and keep me on the edge of my seat all the time. The plot was really amazing and I had to say it surprised me at every turn. Like through this novel theirs a certain someone who isn’t what they seem and man I did not see that coming and let’s just say Striker was right.

The secondary characters are really well fleshed out and I loved Nico and Jess and those babies deserve their own book I love them so much. They’re hilarious and great friends to both Daria and Striker.

I think if anything can be said about Striker is he goes on one hell of a journey to try and be the man that both Emily and Daria deserve and he has his struggles with it but I really liked the journey that he did go on. I do have to question Daria’s taste in men though.

Blaze. All the way through this novel I just wanted Daria to tell Striker the real reason why he didn’t know about his baby and that it was Blaze who told her to basically fuck off and I was so mad whenever they were around him or Blaze was being an ass I just wanted Striker to beat him because he was a number 1 jackass and he was all the way through this book. I don’t know if we was meant to hate him as much as I do. But damn I hate him.

I really liked how this weird discombobulated family came together especially when it came to Emily and how much they cared for her. I loved it.

I was very annoyed when I got to the end of this book because this lovely author decided to end this story in a cliffhanger and I’m so annoyed. I just want Striker, Daria and Emily to be happy. Is that too much to ask?! Honestly I was so annoyed. I have so many questions I want answered and I just don’t have that. Thankfully the author did comment on my Goodreads review saying that the next book shouldn’t be too far behind which I’m very glad for because I need more!

The story was written really well, I loved the plot kept me on the edge of my seat despite Striker’s assholeness I really liked his character and majority of the characters in this book. I just want more and I can’t wait to see what this author comes up with next!