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Knees In The Breeze – Winter Travers

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Knees in the breeze.
That’s all I really want, but nothing ever goes the way I want.

Bodies are piling up, Petra is too scared to talk, and the club is scrambling to figure out just what is going on.

When I signed on with the Kings of Vengeance I figured I’d get my time with my knees in the breeze, but someone has other plans for the Kings.

Soon they’ll find out we aren’t called the Kings of Vengeance for nothing.

Vengeance will be ours.

I’d like to thank Enticing Journey for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated! This is the third of this series starting with Drop a Gear and Disappear and Lean Into It. I was so excited to read another book by Winter Travers especially now The Fallen Lords series have ended.

So I was very excited to start this knowing that this one was going to be about Petra and I really started to like her character in the other books and this book she really did shine. I love how shy she was and yet she was also sassy and we see way more of her sassiness and I love it!

I love Rhino, I love how his whole mood of knees in the breeze if only it was that simple. I really liked Rhino and how sweet he was but he could also be mega scary too and I really loved the two sides of him and how we saw him with different people. He was very loyal and protect and I love it.

Awww poor Petra losing her cat. I feel so sad for her.

I love seeing Quinn, Dino, Fancy and Kimber all again especially them as couples and seeing how supportive they are of each other. I also love seeing my babies all happy together and they are still as hilarious as they were in the other books.

I love Rhino and I just love he decided to nickname Petra ‘Pet’ I loved that at first she got annoyed by her nickname and then learned to love it. Oh my god Rhino and Petra butting heads is hilarious 

Petra grabbing snacks whilst she’s on her period I think is all of us whenever we need snacks and it was hilarious she reminded me of when I go on munchies.

I really do love Queenie she was a great addition to the characters and she fitted in perfectly with the other girls and even in the clubhouse itself she was a great addition and even baby Gunner!

Oh my god these pair are so fucking cute, the chemistry they have is just so cute and I love how their bond develops throughout the book from sharing a bed to falling in love with each other it was very cute and I loved them.

Kimber and Fancy are fucking hilarious, I love these girls and I just love how Petra is there just wanting to watch the carnage that these girls are going to cause because that would just be me. But also the whole trip they were going on turned out to be absolute carnage.

Oh my god one of the scenes that stick into my head as Petra telling Rhino she was a Virgin. It was a scene that will stick into my head for a while just because it was so funny and the way she did it just will forever stick into my head.

The girls are fucking hilarious. These girls remind me of the girl gang from The Fallen Lords and how friendly and loyal they are with each other. It’s also even better when the girls are hungover because they are hilarious.

The way they tell each other they love each other is the cutest thing ever and I just love them.

So one thing that did really bug me in this is that the story was left on a cliffhanger like the last time I was this mad about a cliffhanger it was in Slayer’s book and oh my god. How dare the author end it there? I’m so mad about it. I mean it was so good but I am so mad about it. I cannot wait for the next book which is Queenie’s and I am so excited for it!

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