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Thrill Seeker – Winter Travers

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Three years ago my thrill seeking woman walked out of my life and didn’t even bother to give me a glance goodbye.

The Kings of Vengeance became my family at a time when I had nothing but a bottle of whiskey and fading memories of a woman I thought I would spend the rest of my life with.

Deedra was always looking for the next lead, the next exciting story to catapult her into news anchor stardom. No matter the sacrifice.

She never thought her ambitious ways would land her smack dab in the middle of the headlines.

Now the Kings of Vengeance and I have to save her before her thrill seeking ways land her six feet under. 

I’d like to thank Enticing Journey for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. So I love Winter Travers when it comes to MC she is one of my favourite authors. I loved her Fallen Lords series and when that ended I was sad but then I started this one and got over it. I loved all the other books and have reviews for them. They are: Drop a Gear and DisappearLean Into ItKnees in the Breeze and Midnight Wreckage and I loved them all. So when it comes to Winter Travers my expectations are high and she does not disappoint.

Thrill Seeker follows Point and his estranged wife Deedra as for the first time in three years they are thrown together and can’t stop bumping into each other since Midnight Wreckage when she was reporting on Gunner’s story. I think I only have one complaint and that is that this actually wasn’t angsty enough for me. I wanted more angst but it was still good nevertheless.

Deedra is described many times through this as cold and a bitch but I think as soon as Point starts pushing his way back into her life wanting to know why she left she begins to open up to him and honestly I loved the moment she was finally honest with him and why she didn’t stay. It was a shit reason on her part but I’m glad that she told him the truth.

Point I loved him in the other novels and let me tell you he didn’t disappoint. I loved him in this book and learning more about his past and how he and Deedra got together but also broke up. Although our boy instead of dealing with his issues for the first few chapter just drank his problems away which you know sometimes mood. He soon got his butt into gear to go and get his woman.

I really liked them they were cute together and they definitely knew how to push each other’s buttons which also sometimes resulted in some grown up adult time. Which Winter Travers really does know how to write her sex scenes.

I also loved seeing all the other characters they are just a big family and I love it, like they just it’s like being at home and you could just imagine being there with them and know its true and I love it. Honestly it’s one of the reasons why I still read her books because all the characters play and important part

As always with her books I have a few honourable scenes in this that deserved to be mentioned these aren’t spoiling anything either so you don’t have to worry about that.

The first mention is the scene where they go to the shelter and it’s the lead up to the way the girls act and then Point’s attitude it had me creasing I couldn’t stop chuckling.

The second one and by far the best where I had to put the book down because I was laughing way too much and when I reread the scene I was still laughing. I could just imagine how it would be in real life and I think that’s what I loved. The girls are all drunk and there is some terrible jokes and honestly I was in a fit of giggles if you’ve read this book you know exactly what I mean.

So in terms of the plot we have a set up in this book which I believe will continue in the next book and honestly it’s going to be so good! Also Brick comes out of prison soon and if we don’t get his book with detective Kaye I will be sad about that.

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