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Lean Into It – Winter Travers

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For years the only place I called home was the open road.

Until the Kings of Vengeance became family.

Setting down roots and building a life sounds so good I can almost taste it.
But evil and trouble are brewing, threatening to take the life and woman I’ve claimed.

I’ll lean into the devil himself and spit in his face before I let that happen.

Vengeance will be mine.

I’d like to thank Enticing Journey for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. So I read the first book Drop A Gear and Disappear and loved that so I was very excited to start this especially because I love Dyno!

Wow this book took me on a ride. I did not expect it to go in the direction it went, all this reminds me is why I stay off dating apps. You never knew who might be a serial killer and for poor Fancy she caught the attention of one. So what I also liked about this book is the events from the last book aren’t just forgotten and never thought of we have the ripple effects of everyone still being cautious and when murdered girls start appearing they get even more cautious. The ripple effect we see is that the buyer of the girls from the last book appearing although they haven’t appeared yet I assume they will in the next novel.

Fancy I really liked her in the last novel but in this one we saw a different side of her. She may seem bitchy, sassy and has a huge wall up that is until Dyno breaks it down without even meaning to. He sees that all the things she think she wants she actually doesn’t. She realises that and starts to just live and that lands her right with Dyno.

Dyno he is so carefree and just easygoing we learn a lot more about him and learn that he is very talented builder amongst other stuff he can do. He is a very talented man. Also very bossy and loves to walk on the wild side.

From the moment this couple met you knew it was going to be explosive you could tell that from the fact she punched him in the nose. And boy did they get explosive! Fancy denied her attraction until she realises he is what she wants and they got sexy together. Once they touched each other it was like they couldn’t keep their hands off each other and it was so cute. I loved how she would still try and sass Dyno and tease him and vice versa. I really loved their relationship and I live for it.

One of my favourite scenes in this book that Dyno was shocked that Fancy talks to Quinn the way she does. Basically not giving a potato that she’s going head to head with the prez. I love his reaction to that it was so amusing.

My girl squad Kimber, Fancy and Petra. So we see a lot more of Petra in this novel and I love it. I love the bond that these girls have created with her well Kimber and Fancy adding Petra into their life. I love that they just accepted her and wouldn’t really take no for an answer.

Also the next book is about Petra so I cannot wait for that.

I really enjoyed this book, I cannot wait to see where this series is going to go but I am very excited to carry on with it. I loved both of the characters in this and I loved seeing the MC finally get off the ground, well the building being built in this. I also love that they went into honest money making with a construction business. The book took crazy turns that I did not expect it to take. Overall I loved this book and I cannot wait for the next one!

5 stars

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