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Forbidden Eyes – Charlotte E. Hart & Rachel De Lune

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“Do you want to take me?”
That’s what she said to me after she stepped out of the pool, skin dripping wet, her body on display to tempt me.
A simple babysitting job—that’s all it was meant to be. Show her some element of the life she’d been kept from. But she couldn’t keep her pretty mouth shut when I showed her what she asked me for, and I couldn’t keep my damned eyes off her.
Sofia Vico was the one woman no one touched. Forbidden.
I should have stayed away. Should have done as Quinn asked and kept her safe. But I crossed the line and broke the rules.
For her.

“The things I could show you.“
This started out as an act of defiance against my father—a way to finally fill in the blanks I’d lived with my whole life. But the doors to the cage I’d been kept in had suddenly been flung wide open, and I wasn’t ready for the truth waiting for me. Or for Carter Wade.
He was my saviour in the dark, muddied underworld I knew nothing of. A man with skills that both frightened and aroused me. And if I thought scars and guns were the worst I’d have to face, I was wrong. Murder, kidnapping, and a family torn in two was our consequence. Yet he still risked everything, including his life. For me.

Temptation. Deceit. Dark. Erotic. Romance 

I’d like to thank Bare Naked Words for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. So this is a standalone but it recommended you read the other three stories, Innocent Eyes, Devious Eyes and Vengeful Eyes I have read all three and loved them. So I was very excited when I got the invite for the 4th book. I had no idea what to expect but it was blown away.

I loved Sofia, she was feisty and sick of being a caged bird so she decided to leave her parents and go visit her Uncle Quinn who would tell her what she wants to know. She got more than she bargained for. She did not know that her actions would have a ripple effect once she discovered about her name and what her father did.

Carter I loved him straight away. He was a total asshole when it came to the women he was with, he told them how it was and he didn’t care. I loved his reaction whenever it came to that he had to look after Logan or having to watch Sofia he was always so sour about it and it was so amusing. It was very interesting seeing Carter cope with his diabetes, it’s not something that is often in books so I really liked seeing it and that it has serious consequences when he didn’t take care of himself properly. I just liked it in the story it added a different aspect into it.

Sofia finally learnt what her name really means and damn was she pissed but I loved that she had the respect to stand up to her father about it all. Especially him being involved in the drug trade as her research is about creating something less harmful and it still being addictive. I loved that she was willing to stand up for something she believed in. In the end that is the bottom line for her she doesn’t want anything to do with drugs or distributing him and she uses it to her advantage as a bargaining chip when it comes to Carter at the end of the story.

Carter tries so hard to deny his attraction to Sofia but in the end the attraction wins out and they end up kissing. And hot damn those two together are fire. The way they both gravitated to each other once they just decided to be together. I loved how Sofia travelled back to him to protect him it was so cute. And like all the men in this series sometimes they need a knock against the head to realise their feelings.

There is one point in this novel where they separate and it was painful, I cried reading it. Which actually hasn’t happened in a while, they honestly broke my heart that they were pushing each other away for what they thought was better for their family.

I really enjoyed this story and the plot, it was very different to the other books and I loved Carter and Sofia also the engagement was so cute.

5 stars

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