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The Broderick Saga – Charlotte E. Hart & Rachel De Lune *Series Reveal*

Hart De Lune are back!

Meet the Broderick siblings in this brand new, thrilling Romantic Suspense series. Four books – four drama laden love stories. Families are complicated, especially when they’re built on scandals, secrets and lies.


The Muse, Book 1 – The Lawyer, Book 2 – The Writer, Book 3 – The Fallen, Book 4 –
Excerpt from The Muse
“You’re an arrogant bastard, Scott Foxton,” she shouts, struggling in my hold. “They did not throw me out!” She twists and turns her body as if she’s still on stage, ire and temper getting her nowhere against my size. All it does is wind up parts of me I’m desperately trying to ignore, as does the feeling of her being so close. Eyes—blue. Deep blue with tiny pinpricks of a pupil. Lips—soft, blush pink. Fine hair sweeps across my skin, the slight smell of lemons coming with it, as the feel of her transfers even more imagery, even more thoughts that I should not be thinking. I let go and back away before this turns into something it shouldn’t, pointing at the door in the same breath. “I suggest you take the opportunity to leave, Ms Castlewood. My patience is wearing thin, you’re winding me up, and rough foreplay isn’t something I mind in the slightest.” Everything about her face, all the anger and venom morphs into surprise. It’s then that I realise what I’ve just said. Christ. Young enough to be my daughter and I’m talking dirty? “Leave,” snarls out of me. It’s all I’ve got. I’m not apologising for it or the review. And if she gives me any more time to not think about what I’m doing here, this is going to turn very dirty extremely quickly. Thankfully, after a minute’s worth of those soft lips and her panting breath teasing me some more, she gathers her cardigan slowly and heads for the still open door. Not another word. No look back either. Good. The Muse release date: 10th May!

Meet The Authors

Charlotte E. Hart

Charlotte is a Dark Erotic Suspense/Romance author living in the heart of the Shropshire countryside in Great Britain. She’s lived all over the UK, but finally settled in a small town that still reeks of old school England. Writing and poetry have become a revolution for the soul, and she cherishes every second that she’s sitting at the laptop tapping her way into a new character.

“Life is a torrent of differences, different needs and wants, and it doesn’t always end that well. Yet we strive …”

Most of Charlotte’s work is bdsm based and intended for mature audiences only.

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Rachel De Lune

Rachel De Lune writes emotionally driven contemporary and erotic romance.

She began scribbling her stories of dominance and submission in the pages of a notebook several years ago, and still can’t resist putting pen to real paper. What ifs are turned into heartfelt stories of love where there will always be a HEA.

Rachel lives in the South West of England and daydreams about shoes with red soles, lingerie and chocolate. If she’s not writing HEAs, she’s probably reading them. She is a wife and has a beautiful daughter.

For every woman who’s ever desired more.

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Tortured Eyes – Charlotte E Hart & Rachel De Lune

51202084. sy475
“A word of advice, be careful what you’re looking into.”
But I didn’t listen.
I went after the target that had become my obsession – Logan Cane. He was the weak link. My way to finally serve the justice my father laid on me to finish. Except, nothing about Logan was weak, and instead, he shattered me.
It was too late to stop or deny what was happening.

I was supposed to hate them all, him included.
But my grief burned into need.
And the need turned my world inside out.

“Don’t try running.”
That’s what I said to her. I meant it. There wasn’t any escape, no redemption either. You cross any Cane and you will feel the full force of what that means. I hurt – she hurts. Simple.

Bryce McCarthy got herself neck-deep in my business and made the mistake of thinking she knew what she was doing. She didn’t, and because of her everything went all kinds of wrong.
Maybe she’ll survive my twisted wrath. Maybe she won’t.
Either way, we’ve both got a debt to pay.
And she’s paying hers first.

Guilt. Obsession. Dark. Erotic. Romance.

I’d like to thank Bare Naked Words for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. So this is a standalone but it recommended you read the other four stories, Innocent EyesDevious EyesVengeful Eyes and Forbidden Eyes I have read all four and loved them. So I was very excited when I got the invite for the 5th book. I had no idea what to expect but I was blown away.

Tortured eyes was a great title for this one because Logan definetely had those eyes and despite the revenge he thought he wanted it tears him apart so much through this book. Logan was definetely a character and I really loved him despite him being an asshole it didn’t take me long to love his character but that’s the case with all of these novels. I must say the man is great at seducing like what a pro.

Bryce at first I thought she was very up tight and then weirdly once she begins to have her world unravelled around her by the lovely Logan. I liked her so much better when she didn’t have a chip on her shoulder, to the point where she thought she wanted revenge but she was so conflicted about what she wanted she ends up going to get answers and figures out it’s not actually revenge she wants, it’s him.

Samuel was very interesting through this story he is a pastor and very close with Logan, that close that the two have a sexual relationship and I have to admit it’s the cutest thing every from the beginning I totally ship these two together. I love that Samuel knows who exactly Logan Cane is and the stuff he does that isn’t slightly legal.

Bryce did have her funny moments:

Can’t wait to be in the middle of a Cane vs Cane fight

I love that despite everything that was going off in this scene she was still slightly amused about it all.

So there is a death in this story, I won’t say who died but I didn’t expect it and it destroyed my bloody heart and everyone who was affected they all broke my heart. I so didn’t expect it and then everything that came after I was so conflicted about especially Logan torturing Bryce because she instigated the situation but didn’t actually put the bullet in said person that died. But this death destroyed me and I’m still not over it. I expected a happily ever after for that person that died.

Damn the sexual tension in this book was amazing you could feel it pouring off the page it was so good, and the tension in general was great. (It’s so hard to talk about this book without spoiling but you know I am not going to ruin the plot in this because it’s brilliant!)

Logan heads back to New York for a little bit after certain’s persons dead. and Samuel and you know he’s great I love how he pushes Logan to be better and to actually speak about what his feeling and think about his decisions and actions. Even when Logan tells Samuel he basically tortured, fucked Bryce then let her go Samuel still pushes Logan to tell him why and I just love their relationship.

Carter and Logan have such an interesting relationship and it makes me chuckle, I love that Logan makes Carter beg for him to come back and deal with the mess on the streets because he can’t.

So we have a scene where Bryce is doing cop things on the street and Logan is going around cleaning the streets up when he goes to find Bryce and as she and him are together they are confronted by another cop who holds a gun to Logan’s head and Bryce protects him and shoots the other cop. Logan takes the rap for this and he asks Bryce to go to his father or brother for the stuff they need for him to be free.

Oh my fucking god Quinn is hilarious, when Bryce goes to see Quinn damn she got balls and stands up to him but it makes me laugh how amused Quinn is about his children’s relationships:

First Vico’s daughter and now a cop.

This made me chuckle to know end because Quinn’s kids really bloody knows how to pick them that’s for sure. It’s hilarious.

Logan heads back to New York to keep his head down after covering for Bryce over a murder and we see him going back to Samuel but not soon after Bryce follows wanting to talk to Samuel about Logan and how their relationship works as well as hers and Logan’s. I find it really interesting that they do manage to live happily together sort of in a threesome but Bryce and Samuel never sexually cross paths.

It ends with Logan being able to have Samuel when he can, when he’s not busy with the church and he gets to have Bryce all the time and I love the epilogue seeing Bryce and Logan with two little babies and all the family together and Samuel performing a christening for them. It was so cute and I loved it.

I really enjoyed this story and the plot obviously I can’t go into full detail because it will really spoil the story but just know it’s fantastic and majority of the twists I did not see coming at all!

I am sad this series is over but at the back of the book we were told we have a new series coming and we’ve already met the main character and I have no idea who it is but I am so excited and cannot wait!

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Vengeful Eyes – Charlotte E. Hart & Rachel De Lune

44493952. sy475
“You play nice tonight.”
That’s what I said to her as we walked into the restaurant.
Hope Winters never failed me. She was anything and everything I needed her to be. A dangerous woman.
Perfect. Effective. Mine.

The deal should have been simple – mutually beneficial to both parties: Cane and Vico. An alliance. But then blood, bullets, and death began surrounding me, opening cage doors I’d closed down. That doesn’t happen in my city, not unless I order it. Someone’s to blame.
And no one lies to me and survives.
Not even Hope.

“Maybe you’re worth it.”
Words I’ve longed to hear. After all this time, I was almost there. My perfectly crafted mission was nearly done. Years of scheming and seducing and it was all within my grasp.

But I allowed myself to be distracted by him and didn’t see the threat until it was too late. Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan. Hell, love was a foreign concept to me, but it changed everything, and now I’m in too deep with a man more dangerous than anyone I’ve met. Benjamin Vico asked me for two things, and instead, I brought vengeance to his door. If there is one thing he’ll never accept, it’s treachery and deceit.
And I’ve committed both.

Revenge. Blame. Dark. Erotic. Romance. 

I’d like to thank Bare Naked Words for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated! I really loved reading the first two books in the series Innocent Eyes and Devious Eyes I loved both of these so when I found out about this one I am so excited to read it!

Vico was a very interesting character and damn the start of this we went very dark fast and it was honestly very dark. He’s a strange man and I cannot quite put my finger on what yet. The man is violent, and very untrustworthy, he is very suspicious of everything and it makes him a very interesting character.

Hope wow she’s a different kind of character I can’t understand why she’d betray Vico just to get the Cane’s killed. Especially because in a weird sort of way she loves him.

Wow the way that Vico is figuring out how much he cares for her is quite interesting and still kind of cute. I am so nervous for both of them, like the whole relationships is so all over the place and it makes me nervous but I love it. I am on the end of my seat! Holy shit they are intense.

Holy shit this plot is intense! It is keeping me tense and turning my page! It is such an interesting story, I cannot wait to see how this all turns out. I have no idea how this is going to end, it is keeping me on my toes.

God my heart breaks for Hope as she’s telling Vico about everything she’s done! They are both breaking my heart. But this truth thing needs to be out between them and god it hurts. Holy shit my babies have progressed, well Vico has. The relationship these two have is so different from what would be a normal relationship.

Holy shit this book!!!

I also love the Cane brothers appearance I love my babies, also Emily and Gabby I love them I have missed them.

Oh my god this book was perfect, I fell in love with the story, the characters and these twists and turns kept me on my seat! I kind of just want a book of them all living life now!

5 stars
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Devious Eyes – Charlotte E Hart & Rachel De Lune

41883839. sy475
“You think I’m a hooker?”
The fiercely brooding guy I met at the bar needed to check his asshole behaviour. Still, he fast turned into the distraction I needed from my life. But it wasn’t romance. Couldn’t be. Running was my MO. This time I’m hiding in paradise, hoping I can stay alive, and trying to ignore the one person I’ve never been able to — my brother.
The problem is, I didn’t know who Nate Cane really was, and I didn’t know what was coming for me either.

“You try it again, and I’m done.”
That’s what I said to my brother when he challenged me. I meant every damn word. This time it’s my rules. My life. My game.
Screw loyalty.
But the woman I met at that bar hid her devious eyes from me. She wasn’t who I thought, and life has a way of determining your future, no matter the odds. Gabriella Alves might have started as a calculated fling — dirty, far from innocent, and mine — but then hell came after her and invaded my world. And a Cane always protects what’s his.
Odds be damned.

Loyalty. Family. Dark. Erotic. Romance.

I read the first book Innocent Eyes and I loved that story I think I rated it like 3.5 stars so I was really interested to see what the next book would be like and I loved this one. I loved Devious Eyes so much more than Innocent Eyes but I didn’t think I would at first.

It took me about 25% into the book to actually like Gabby, I really struggled to connect with her but eventually, I did. I really liked how strong she was and although she didn’t want to accept the help she did when Nate practically forced her to accept it. I felt she had many highs and lows during this book at one point in the book she was feeling strong and nothing can touch her and then by the end she knew she needed help and was more than happy to rely on Nate and need Nate.

Nate was an interesting character nothing like Quinn was. Although Nate was very calculated being an accountant and wanting to know everything every step of the way but he had a very soft and caring side and I loved the balance of both of these sides. There were only a few times when you saw him lose his cool and that’s when Gabby was in danger.

I loved their relationship it completely started out as just sex and then it changed and developed during the process of this book. The connection they felt, but also the anger and attraction at times it drew them together. The emotions and feelings they both felt for each other, it was so cute. I loved their relationship and honestly, they were hilarious at times and I still think out of the whole of this book my favourite is when he calls her a hooker! I also found it slightly amusing that she uses it later in the book.

The book was written really well I love this dynamic duo, I loved how they write and how they work together. I think I should read one of their books each and see what I think then. The sex scenes between Nate and Gabby were written really well.

This wasn’t as dark as I expected it to be, at least not until the end it got a bit darker it was very light until that point then it kind of hits you with that darkness.

I don’t want to say much about the plot other than Gabby is involved with diamonds and is hiding. I think it’s best going into this not really knowing much about it, which is what I do with the majority of these books.

I loved seeing the relationship of Quinn and Nate more in this book their dynamic as brothers it was very interesting combination and you could tell Quinn in his own way was trying to protect Nate. I loved their bond as it grew and developed in this book and they were willing to die for each other.

The book gave me so many feels and I fell in love with this story and I can’t wait for the next Cane novel! It’s been setting the book up great!

5 stars

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Forbidden Eyes – Charlotte E. Hart & Rachel De Lune

48123957. sy475
“Do you want to take me?”
That’s what she said to me after she stepped out of the pool, skin dripping wet, her body on display to tempt me.
A simple babysitting job—that’s all it was meant to be. Show her some element of the life she’d been kept from. But she couldn’t keep her pretty mouth shut when I showed her what she asked me for, and I couldn’t keep my damned eyes off her.
Sofia Vico was the one woman no one touched. Forbidden.
I should have stayed away. Should have done as Quinn asked and kept her safe. But I crossed the line and broke the rules.
For her.

“The things I could show you.“
This started out as an act of defiance against my father—a way to finally fill in the blanks I’d lived with my whole life. But the doors to the cage I’d been kept in had suddenly been flung wide open, and I wasn’t ready for the truth waiting for me. Or for Carter Wade.
He was my saviour in the dark, muddied underworld I knew nothing of. A man with skills that both frightened and aroused me. And if I thought scars and guns were the worst I’d have to face, I was wrong. Murder, kidnapping, and a family torn in two was our consequence. Yet he still risked everything, including his life. For me.

Temptation. Deceit. Dark. Erotic. Romance 

I’d like to thank Bare Naked Words for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. So this is a standalone but it recommended you read the other three stories, Innocent Eyes, Devious Eyes and Vengeful Eyes I have read all three and loved them. So I was very excited when I got the invite for the 4th book. I had no idea what to expect but it was blown away.

I loved Sofia, she was feisty and sick of being a caged bird so she decided to leave her parents and go visit her Uncle Quinn who would tell her what she wants to know. She got more than she bargained for. She did not know that her actions would have a ripple effect once she discovered about her name and what her father did.

Carter I loved him straight away. He was a total asshole when it came to the women he was with, he told them how it was and he didn’t care. I loved his reaction whenever it came to that he had to look after Logan or having to watch Sofia he was always so sour about it and it was so amusing. It was very interesting seeing Carter cope with his diabetes, it’s not something that is often in books so I really liked seeing it and that it has serious consequences when he didn’t take care of himself properly. I just liked it in the story it added a different aspect into it.

Sofia finally learnt what her name really means and damn was she pissed but I loved that she had the respect to stand up to her father about it all. Especially him being involved in the drug trade as her research is about creating something less harmful and it still being addictive. I loved that she was willing to stand up for something she believed in. In the end that is the bottom line for her she doesn’t want anything to do with drugs or distributing him and she uses it to her advantage as a bargaining chip when it comes to Carter at the end of the story.

Carter tries so hard to deny his attraction to Sofia but in the end the attraction wins out and they end up kissing. And hot damn those two together are fire. The way they both gravitated to each other once they just decided to be together. I loved how Sofia travelled back to him to protect him it was so cute. And like all the men in this series sometimes they need a knock against the head to realise their feelings.

There is one point in this novel where they separate and it was painful, I cried reading it. Which actually hasn’t happened in a while, they honestly broke my heart that they were pushing each other away for what they thought was better for their family.

I really enjoyed this story and the plot, it was very different to the other books and I loved Carter and Sofia also the engagement was so cute.

5 stars