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Vengeful Eyes – Charlotte E. Hart & Rachel De Lune

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“You play nice tonight.”
That’s what I said to her as we walked into the restaurant.
Hope Winters never failed me. She was anything and everything I needed her to be. A dangerous woman.
Perfect. Effective. Mine.

The deal should have been simple – mutually beneficial to both parties: Cane and Vico. An alliance. But then blood, bullets, and death began surrounding me, opening cage doors I’d closed down. That doesn’t happen in my city, not unless I order it. Someone’s to blame.
And no one lies to me and survives.
Not even Hope.

“Maybe you’re worth it.”
Words I’ve longed to hear. After all this time, I was almost there. My perfectly crafted mission was nearly done. Years of scheming and seducing and it was all within my grasp.

But I allowed myself to be distracted by him and didn’t see the threat until it was too late. Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan. Hell, love was a foreign concept to me, but it changed everything, and now I’m in too deep with a man more dangerous than anyone I’ve met. Benjamin Vico asked me for two things, and instead, I brought vengeance to his door. If there is one thing he’ll never accept, it’s treachery and deceit.
And I’ve committed both.

Revenge. Blame. Dark. Erotic. Romance. 

I’d like to thank Bare Naked Words for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated! I really loved reading the first two books in the series Innocent Eyes and Devious Eyes I loved both of these so when I found out about this one I am so excited to read it!

Vico was a very interesting character and damn the start of this we went very dark fast and it was honestly very dark. He’s a strange man and I cannot quite put my finger on what yet. The man is violent, and very untrustworthy, he is very suspicious of everything and it makes him a very interesting character.

Hope wow she’s a different kind of character I can’t understand why she’d betray Vico just to get the Cane’s killed. Especially because in a weird sort of way she loves him.

Wow the way that Vico is figuring out how much he cares for her is quite interesting and still kind of cute. I am so nervous for both of them, like the whole relationships is so all over the place and it makes me nervous but I love it. I am on the end of my seat! Holy shit they are intense.

Holy shit this plot is intense! It is keeping me tense and turning my page! It is such an interesting story, I cannot wait to see how this all turns out. I have no idea how this is going to end, it is keeping me on my toes.

God my heart breaks for Hope as she’s telling Vico about everything she’s done! They are both breaking my heart. But this truth thing needs to be out between them and god it hurts. Holy shit my babies have progressed, well Vico has. The relationship these two have is so different from what would be a normal relationship.

Holy shit this book!!!

I also love the Cane brothers appearance I love my babies, also Emily and Gabby I love them I have missed them.

Oh my god this book was perfect, I fell in love with the story, the characters and these twists and turns kept me on my seat! I kind of just want a book of them all living life now!

5 stars

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