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Tortured Eyes – Charlotte E Hart & Rachel De Lune

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“A word of advice, be careful what you’re looking into.”
But I didn’t listen.
I went after the target that had become my obsession – Logan Cane. He was the weak link. My way to finally serve the justice my father laid on me to finish. Except, nothing about Logan was weak, and instead, he shattered me.
It was too late to stop or deny what was happening.

I was supposed to hate them all, him included.
But my grief burned into need.
And the need turned my world inside out.

“Don’t try running.”
That’s what I said to her. I meant it. There wasn’t any escape, no redemption either. You cross any Cane and you will feel the full force of what that means. I hurt – she hurts. Simple.

Bryce McCarthy got herself neck-deep in my business and made the mistake of thinking she knew what she was doing. She didn’t, and because of her everything went all kinds of wrong.
Maybe she’ll survive my twisted wrath. Maybe she won’t.
Either way, we’ve both got a debt to pay.
And she’s paying hers first.

Guilt. Obsession. Dark. Erotic. Romance.

I’d like to thank Bare Naked Words for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. So this is a standalone but it recommended you read the other four stories, Innocent EyesDevious EyesVengeful Eyes and Forbidden Eyes I have read all four and loved them. So I was very excited when I got the invite for the 5th book. I had no idea what to expect but I was blown away.

Tortured eyes was a great title for this one because Logan definetely had those eyes and despite the revenge he thought he wanted it tears him apart so much through this book. Logan was definetely a character and I really loved him despite him being an asshole it didn’t take me long to love his character but that’s the case with all of these novels. I must say the man is great at seducing like what a pro.

Bryce at first I thought she was very up tight and then weirdly once she begins to have her world unravelled around her by the lovely Logan. I liked her so much better when she didn’t have a chip on her shoulder, to the point where she thought she wanted revenge but she was so conflicted about what she wanted she ends up going to get answers and figures out it’s not actually revenge she wants, it’s him.

Samuel was very interesting through this story he is a pastor and very close with Logan, that close that the two have a sexual relationship and I have to admit it’s the cutest thing every from the beginning I totally ship these two together. I love that Samuel knows who exactly Logan Cane is and the stuff he does that isn’t slightly legal.

Bryce did have her funny moments:

Can’t wait to be in the middle of a Cane vs Cane fight

I love that despite everything that was going off in this scene she was still slightly amused about it all.

So there is a death in this story, I won’t say who died but I didn’t expect it and it destroyed my bloody heart and everyone who was affected they all broke my heart. I so didn’t expect it and then everything that came after I was so conflicted about especially Logan torturing Bryce because she instigated the situation but didn’t actually put the bullet in said person that died. But this death destroyed me and I’m still not over it. I expected a happily ever after for that person that died.

Damn the sexual tension in this book was amazing you could feel it pouring off the page it was so good, and the tension in general was great. (It’s so hard to talk about this book without spoiling but you know I am not going to ruin the plot in this because it’s brilliant!)

Logan heads back to New York for a little bit after certain’s persons dead. and Samuel and you know he’s great I love how he pushes Logan to be better and to actually speak about what his feeling and think about his decisions and actions. Even when Logan tells Samuel he basically tortured, fucked Bryce then let her go Samuel still pushes Logan to tell him why and I just love their relationship.

Carter and Logan have such an interesting relationship and it makes me chuckle, I love that Logan makes Carter beg for him to come back and deal with the mess on the streets because he can’t.

So we have a scene where Bryce is doing cop things on the street and Logan is going around cleaning the streets up when he goes to find Bryce and as she and him are together they are confronted by another cop who holds a gun to Logan’s head and Bryce protects him and shoots the other cop. Logan takes the rap for this and he asks Bryce to go to his father or brother for the stuff they need for him to be free.

Oh my fucking god Quinn is hilarious, when Bryce goes to see Quinn damn she got balls and stands up to him but it makes me laugh how amused Quinn is about his children’s relationships:

First Vico’s daughter and now a cop.

This made me chuckle to know end because Quinn’s kids really bloody knows how to pick them that’s for sure. It’s hilarious.

Logan heads back to New York to keep his head down after covering for Bryce over a murder and we see him going back to Samuel but not soon after Bryce follows wanting to talk to Samuel about Logan and how their relationship works as well as hers and Logan’s. I find it really interesting that they do manage to live happily together sort of in a threesome but Bryce and Samuel never sexually cross paths.

It ends with Logan being able to have Samuel when he can, when he’s not busy with the church and he gets to have Bryce all the time and I love the epilogue seeing Bryce and Logan with two little babies and all the family together and Samuel performing a christening for them. It was so cute and I loved it.

I really enjoyed this story and the plot obviously I can’t go into full detail because it will really spoil the story but just know it’s fantastic and majority of the twists I did not see coming at all!

I am sad this series is over but at the back of the book we were told we have a new series coming and we’ve already met the main character and I have no idea who it is but I am so excited and cannot wait!

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