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Moon Cursed – Nikki Jefford

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Time is running out for Elsie.

Elsie’s coven always believed that she was moon cursed. Promised to the bear shifters before she was ever born, the witch wolf shifter has until her twentieth birthday to outsmart Brutus, her would-be mate who only wants her as payback.

To save his coven, her father made a terrible, magically binding agreement decades ago, never dreaming he’d have children, especially not powerful wolf shifters. Luckily, he never specified what type of shifter Elsie must claim.

Zackary doesn’t believe he deserves love or forgiveness.

Ever since he betrayed a packmate, Zackary has been making up for his sins. No matter what, he knows the truth. Once a mongrel, always a mongrel—just like his father always told him. Now the mad wolf has returned to torment Zackary and the pack.

Not one to be scared off, Elsie, the sweetest and loveliest of all females, refuses to believe he’s no good for anyone—especially her.

Fated mates or doomed lovers?

Zackary and Elsie never knew how strong their love would grow … until they’re in too deep.

Zackary betrayed Elsie’s brother once before. If the wizard shifter knew what he was doing with Elsie in private, Tabor would kill, maim, or use that dick shrinkage spell he once threatened him with.

With a meddlesome ex from her coven, who won’t let go, and a brute of a bear shifter intent on trapping her inside his cave forever, it will take more than magic to save Elsie from her curse.

Do these star-crossed lovers stand a chance?

So I love this series and this was the fourth and final book in the series I loved Wolf Hollow, Mating Games and Born Wild so I was expecting big things from this book. Elsie’s book is one I have been looking forward too and I have mixed feelings about this book but I really liked this book.

Elsie has been an interesting character and I have loved her since she was brought into the series. She has caused a stir since she arrived being like Tabor half witch and half wolf. She was raised up in the witch community before she was dropped off wanting to know her half brother. I love Elsie she is so funny and caring and slightly sassy and I love her. Elsie has to find a shifter mate so she doesn’t have to mate a bear shifter that her father promised his first born daughter too.

Zachary has had a ride in these novels from nearly allowing another pack mate to kill Tabor back in book number 1. He was punished for it, and one of his punishments was he was not allowed to take a mate.

So I think we all could tell from the moment this book started it was going to go tits up a recipe for disaster and boy did it blow up.

I felt so bad for Elsie the pressure she felt keeping her secret from the shifters in wolf hollow with only Kallie knowing about her need for a mate and I liked the bond the two of them had with each other and I loved the friendship that they have. It’s so cute.

Zachary and Elsie have such chemistry with each other and I loved their relationship and the way they both just wanted to show how they felt and be with each other all the time. They were so cute and I just loved it when they were together and it was so cute. And then when Zachary goes on a hunting party how worried Elsie is about him and I just think it’s so cute.

Throughout the story we discover that Zachary was abused by his father and all through the story you see just how much what his father did to him effected him. Which when the truth about why Elsie needed a mate so fast he begins to think the worse and that Elsie didn’t actually want him, she just wanted to use him.

The story was killing me hitting me in all the feels especially when they were deliberating kicking Elsie out of Wolf Hollow for using magic to save Zachary as well as on the other shifters. This council meeting was horrible I loved hearing Sasha and Tabor speaking in support of Elsie whilst the others are maybe contemplating banishing her and the whole meeting just made me cry because the whole heartbreak Elsie was feeling. It just made me so sad.

I loved Sasha and Elsie’s friendship and that she was willing to support Elsie and Zachary being together. I also loved that Sasha managed to control Tabor when he went off on one of his over protective brother moments and I love it.

I think I have only one complaint really when it comes to this story and it’s more that I needed more. I wanted more Zachary and Elsie scenes, I wanted more Tabor and Elsie scenes, so that’s my only complaint I wanted more.

I loved seeing the other characters from the other books and I just love how they progress and I just loved seeing my babies.

I love Nikki’s writing and I can’t wait to see where she goes next with this series because throughout this book we had many hints for a new series with some of the side characters so I am very excited for them!

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