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Mating Games – Nikki Jefford


Hot-tempered, agile, and jaded, Jordan spurns the match her father is pushing between her and the swaggering mammoth, Raider. She’d happily let one of her fawning sisters have him, but her packmates are taking bets on who Raider will ultimately claim. Jordan wants nothing to do with the insufferable beast . . . until he saves her life.


All brawn and no brains, that’s what most male shifters think when they see Raider. The females treat him as a strong, attractive prize they want to sink their claws into. Only one female avoids him, which is fine with him until they are paired up for patrol. The hot-blooded she-wolf doesn’t have to like him, but she’ll have to find a way to perform her duties.


When Jordan’s life is threatened, along with several packmates, the mating games take a dangerous turn.

Something sinister is happening in Wolf Hollow and outside forces threaten the impassioned bond forming between two shifters fated to be together.

I’d like to thank The Next Step PR and Nikki Jefford for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated! This is the 2nd book in the Wolf Hollow shifters series, I read and reviewed the first book Wolf Hollow and I loved that! So I was really excited to dive into this one especially how Wolf Hollow left out with the arrival of Tabor’s sister.

I think it’s important to say that the events that happened in Wolf Hollow aren’t forgotten they ripple throughout this book and it’s not just forgotten. It has a ripple effect and all the other characters feel it too.

I loved Jordan and Raider’s characters, they both reminded me so much, Sasha and Tabor and I think that would be my only compliant, that these characters reminded me so much of Sasha and Tabor in the sense of both sets wanted to escape the elders, Raider was kind of like Tabor and Jordan was like Sasha. Although it made laugh the fact that sometimes Sasha and Jordan did butt heads through this story, which was also slightly amusing.

I really liked their relationship it kind of went from dislike to lovers, although at first, it was just about sex between them that eventually turned into something else between them which I liked how we saw the change.

Throughout the pack, Jordan was known as a bit of a slag due to the fact she was regularly having sex with two of the other pack members, although the author didn’t represent her like that which was good. It was just a few pack members that recognised her like that, it was nice that the author just represented her as someone who was sexually liberated and was in control of their own body which I thought was good.

I loved the plot, it relates much more to family in this book, we see Jordan in different relationships with her sister ranging from hating them to loving them, but she always aims to be there for them and tries to take care of them. We see Jordan’s much caring side when one of her sister’s get sick, I did not guess who was hurting her or her sister, I did not see that twist coming and it was an absolutely brilliant twist. I did not see that coming at all, so bravo Nikki Jefford on that twist. Jordan’s father was a dick the way he treated her was disgusting especially when trying to dictate who she should choose as a mate.

There was some betting that went on, I love how Jordan’s sister one of them that I can’t remember the name of, took part in a bet that included her, it makes me chuckle so many times. I love it when people place bets on stuff happening that involves them. It’s one of my favourite things in a story.

I liked how we saw Elise (Tabor’s sister) and that she was still so willing to help people when they were hurt or trying to locate people. Only with Tabor’s permission though as she didn’t want to jeopardise anything for the pack which I loved. I can’t help but feel that Elise is holding something back, whether that will come up later in some of the other books. Who knows with that one.

I love the writing in this book there is something about her writing that I really like and it keeps me hooked and wanting to read on!

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