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Eleanor & Park – Rainbow Rowell


So as I said I went on a little Rainbow Rowell binge, and I had this book on my Kindle for ages, but I usually read my Kindle books when I have no paperbacks left to read so I usually wait forever to read my Kindle books saying that I have over 400+ books. Anyway so I brought the paperback version of this.

I loved loved loved loved this book. I have heard so many good things about this book and I’ve had friends recommend this book to me and I finally got to read it. But what everyone failed to mention was the ending. Now. I am upset about this ending. Not because it wasn’t good because it was. HOW it ended. How it ended made me mad, like I just I was mad. After having the whole book them building this connection and finally getting used to each other! That happens! I mean can you believe that?! After all that they just get split apart by the end, the ending really broke my heart.

I love the beginning of Park and Eleanor’s friendship and relationship, the fact he lets her sit on the bus next to him then regrets it soon after and makes me laugh. I love the mixed point of view through this book, I look having different point of views in books especially with books like this where you can get the jist of what both of these people are thinking about each other and situations that they are in. I loved Park he did backhanded insults so much of Eleanor and how she looked, but he soon began to fall for her and what she looked like suddenly didn’t matter to him. Which I loved.

They begin off by them both reading comics, and they don’t really talk at the start they just exchange comics and the odd thank you. Which just shows how they built their relationship with each other. When they do finally talk to each other I swear my heart came out of my chest. I didn’t understand why Eleanor was like she was sometimes until we saw her life at home and what had happened to her.

Eleanor’s family situation is horrible. Like I felt for her, her mother wouldn’t even listen to her and I know she tried her best but even if it is one of your children or all of your children you wouldn’t let your husband speak to them like her step-dad did. He was a despicable human and the way he treated her it made me angry and why couldn’t her mum do something and stand up for her?!

Especially at the end. Where he finds out all the stuff Park and his mum has given her, he flips and he gets very angry and he trashes all the stuff and basically say she is going to kill her, so she basically tells Park she is going to run off and never come back. And she will go to her uncle who will take her in.


PARK! Why didn’t you say she live with you?! Distract her from going to her uncle, tell her you will protect her and so will your family. Just do everything but tell her to stay! Tell her not to go! Do anything to keep her by her side! But he doesn’t. He just takes her to her uncles. My heart breaks. WHY?! WHY RAINBOW ROWELL?! Could you not let them have a happy ending?! I get it, it’s life but it’s not good. This makes me mad. Can you tell?!

Just why couldn’t it happen like that?! And the fact that she just doesn’t keep in contact with each other, it hurts me deep down. This makes me angry, when people talk about this book they don’t mention this heart breaking ending. So. NOW I am mentioning it! I AM WARNING PEOPLE. It’s heartbreaking! But still read it! It’s an amazing book and I think you should all read it if you haven’t.

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