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Rival: The Men of Monroe Enterprises – Scarlett Ross

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They thought they had destroyed her.

She’s back with a need for vengeance even more than before.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

The men of Monroe Enterprises hung me out to dry. They manipulated, calculated and seduced me. I was nothing but a rag doll when I walked out of their ivory tower. But the old Ainslee has been reborn again. I’m out for revenge on a whole other level. My past is done, a new day has dawned for my hatred. They are going down along with all my tormentors. Because this time I am the boss.

We broke her. She was nothing to us but an obstacle we had to overcome. Yet we all feel lost in some way for our actions. She’s more than we had imagined. Now we know we may have underestimated her because she’s no longer our assistant, she’s our obsession. And our rival.

The saga continues. Be prepared for another epic showdown with Ainslee and the men of Monroe Enterprises.

Warning this book is intended for audiences only over 18 years of age. Triggers are possible for attempted rape, bullying and past physical abuse but all sexual activity in the book written in depth is consensual.

So if you haven’t read Boss by Scarlett Ross I recommend that you don’t read this review because it will spoil the first book obviously. I’d like to thank Savannah for sending me an e-arc it is very much appreciated. So when I finished book was 1 I was very conflicted but I of course was going to read the sequel because your girl here was invested. And let me tell you I’m still invested. A little more annoyed but I’m still invested in this story.

So this book begins right where we left off in Boss where Ainslee has literally been thrown out on her ass. Ainslee was a little more bearable in this one and I was beginning to like her especially when she had herself a little reality check towards the end of the book because something happened. I won’t tell because spoilers. She still seemed like a brat but she was a little better in this book.

This book did nothing. but confuse me. When I was writing notes the main note was I have more questions than answers so not only do I have all the questions from the first book I now have them from this book and only some have been answers. Like I had no idea what was happening but I had to admit Scarlett Ross is pretty fabulous at making me want more. Like despite my frustrations with this book you can bet your chickens I’ll be reading the next one.

I really didn’t understand PJ, Evan, Jamison and Merrick’s motives in this, we of course thankfully learn more about them and have them more fleshed out which I really appreciated and I really loved that we got to see each of them as characters. I also loved that we got to see how much they did regret doing what they did to her.

I feel like Savannah is the friend we all need she made me chuckle so much time during this book but I am very curious to see what will happen to Savannah.

So as per usual with this series it ended on a cliffhanger and damn it was a good one and oh my god I need to know more. I need the next book because I got to know what happened I need answers. I need to know the real answers behind everything and why Grayson used her and oh my god I need to know more about it all. This was my main motive for carrying on with this book that I wanted answers. I’m hoping as I continue reading the series I’ll begin to actually like Ainslee.

One thing I did really like is the connection and chemistry between Ainslee and each of the men PJ, Evan, Jamison and Merrick I like that we got to see her connection with each of them. That will be another reason why I carry on reading this series.

Overall I am still very conflicted about this story. I need answers and I really hope that the author can manage to give me those answers by the end of this series but make sure it’s done well and not just a half assed ending. I really enjoyed the author’s writing and she certainly has a talent for making you want to read on.