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Not Quite Perfect – Rebecca Norinne


On the ferry to my mother’s wedding, I met the most amazing man—his love of Faulkner notwithstanding. Professor David Carstairs was funny, intelligent, and had the sexiest hands I’d ever seen. A conversation about classic American literature led to a romantic dinner at his house … and then a whole lot of dessert afterward. I’d never done anything like that before, but what we had was something special. 

Unfortunately, everything came crashing down the next day. Because my supposedly perfect professor? His dad just married my mom, and now he’s my stepbrother! 

Thanksgiving dinner just got a whole lot more complicated.

I’d like to thank Rebecca Norinne for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. I love her writing and I had very high expectations I have read some books from her already: Trying Sophie, Ruck Me, Scrumptious, Break Down, Ashes to Ashes, and The Ties That Bind. I read Not Quite Perfect in one sitting it was perfect, not very long and full of witty conversation, lovely characters and a great plot.

I loved so much about this book, David was an interesting character it made me smile I also loved the fact he was a professor! He was so smart and the way he spoke about books. Although his dad was a giant ass I loved the fact David was still supportive of him especially as he didn’t need to be. He was a great character I loved learning about his past through the book.

I loved Victoria although her reaction to her mother getting married was quite funny and although it was like her 6th wedding she still went and supported her mother which I loved. She was also very supportive of her brothers and I loved it. I felt so bad for her when she got fired for making a certain comment about the mayor. I loved her personality too! I also love that she loved books!

I loved the book chat they had when they first met it was so cute and it made my heart melt! It was so cute! I just loved the connection and chemistry that both of these characters had with each other and also the banter. It was so great! Their sexual tension was off the charts! Especially when they realise their parents are getting married.

I loved Drew, Alex and Andrew they were so protective of Victoria and I love how supportive they were of each other. Also the fact that her brothers worked out about her and David almost instantly and covered for her as well as supported her. I loved it.

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The Ties That Bind – Rebecca Norinne


When Xander St. John’s brother Jayce orders a hit on Arabella Wilson, the daughter of their greatest rival, Xander has no choice but to obey. What Jayce doesn’t know is that Arabella isn’t just the enemy – she’s the woman who once broke his brother’s heart. Even though Xander has never forgiven her betrayal, he can’t bring himself to kill the woman he once loved. But the longer Xander waits, the more erratic and unstable Jayce becomes until he puts forth a deadly ultimatum there’s no turning back from. With the crime family boss quickly spiraling out of control, Xander is forced into action. Someone has to die, but who will it be? His brother or his lover, his darkness or his light? Find out in this dark and sexy romance inspired by Romeo & Juliet.

I’d like to thank InkslingerPR for sending me an e-arc of this it is very much appreciated. Rebecca Norinne is not a new author to me I have read Trying Sophie, Ruck Me, Scrumptious, Break Down and Ashes to Ashes and I loved all of them so much. So I had very high hopes for this book but they were very sad not met, maybe that’s my fault for having such high hopes but who knows. Although since I read The Dark Romeo trilogy by Sienna Blake any Romeo and Juliet retelling just doesn’t impress me after reading that I think I figured out.

Arabella and Xander their relationship was cute and heartbreaking all at the same time especially when it came to about losing their baby. I really liked the dynamic that these two characters had.

Also, Xander’s brother who I’ve forgotten the name of really sucked putting his brother in a position like that. He sucked.

I tried to love this book but I just didn’t connect with it. That being said, I had very conflicting feelings. I liked the characters and I liked the story I feel like it was just a bit too short that I couldn’t get invested enough with the characters. One of the main things for me to really love and like a book is that I can connect with the characters and I just couldn’t. Like a part of me didn’t really care what happened to them and that is why my rating is what it is for this book. That being said I still enjoyed the story.

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Break Down – Rebecca Norinne

He knows his place on the pitch, but in life, it’s a whole other game.
All his life, Liam Donnelly looked and wondered. Could he? Would he? And then, finally, he did. But when he sampled a taste of that forbidden fruit, his whole world came crashing down, his position with Dublin Rugby right along with it. When the chance to ply his trade in Edinburgh comes along, Liam jumps at the offer, knowing it could be his best opportunity to start fresh and get back to the man he once was. But one look at Chef Lachlan MacLeod-his knowing, whisky-colored eyes, the abrasive scruff dotting his jaw, and the colorful ink lining his forearms-and Liam’s wondering all over again. Can he? Will he? His heart says no, but his body says yes. Too bad love is never that simple.

He’s conquered his own demons; can he help another man do the same?
Out and proud Chef Lachlan MacLeod has no problem with who he is, except he has a history of hooking up with bi-curious straight men. He’s vowed never to go down that path again, but when Liam Donnelly shows up in his restaurant, his eyes filled with heat and secret longing, Lachlan can’t help himself. He knows the closeted rugby player is a terrible idea, but the man calls to him in a way no one ever has before. What started as a safe way for Liam to explore his sexuality quickly morphs into something much deeper, and now Lachlan wants more. But can his heart reconcile what his head already knows-that loving the gorgeous, broken athlete might actually mean letting him go?

I’d like to thank Rebecca Norinne and Forever Valentine PR for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. This is the 4th book in the Dublin Rugby series it can be read as a standalone, but if like me you like to read them in order: Trying Sophie, Ruck Me, Scrumptious and then finally Break Down. I have loved each and every one of them and had high expectations for this 4th book and no surprise Rebecca Norinne exceeded them!

To start with it was an M/M if that isn’t your thing I don’t advise reading it, but if you’ve never read one then I would definitely say that you should give this book a chance. I felt like the representation was pretty much spot on in the Rugby setting.

I loved Liam, he made me laugh so much and I loved his personality, I did think at times he could be a little cocky and self-centred which as always comes back to bite him in the ass. It was part of his charm and I loved it. I really liked Lachlan, I loved how he spoke about food and how confident he was in the kitchen and with cooking. I really liked the scenes where they were at the restaurant.

Lachlan refused to go back into the closet and I really loved that about him, that he was willing to lose somebody he loved just so he could be happy with himself. I was really glad that he wasn’t willing to go back into the closet just to make Liam feel more comfortable with hiding his sexuality from people.

That being when it came to Liam dealing with his sexuality Rebecca Norinne it showed the confusion for what he felt and it was showed amazing! I felt she represented it correctly and right that when you are in that situation it is the things that are thought about. Lachlan does really well on trying to be supportive whilst Liam figures things out.

I loved seeing Declan in this story, as well as some of the other boys from the other novels. In the other books, we had the team aspect where they all knew each other where in this story Liam is getting used to a new team and at first he feels very uncomfortable and thinks they have a problem with him, although that’s just a misunderstanding. It was nice to see them come together as a team and even accept him for being gay.

What I thought was great about this novel was the fact that the discussion of gay rugby men, especially because there have been so many cases where people have been in the news saying that they didn’t feel comfortable enough to come out and that they have been maybe ostracised from the team because of their sexual orientation. Although as of recent years it has become more accepted and embraced but that doesn’t mean it made it any easier for Liam to accept it into his life. The book manages to perfectly represent the kind of confusion that Liam went for in terms of accepting his sexuality and how that would impact his life.

Rebecca Norinne’s writing was flawless, it made me feel their pain and heartbreak and happiness all at the same time. Her writing just makes me feel things and it was amazing.

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Scrumptious – Rebecca Norinne

Chef Lauren Andrews is cooking up something seriously hot with a rugby player ten years her junior. It shouldn’t add up, but when they get together, age ain’t nothing but a number.

Some people came to Ireland for adventure or love. Not me. When I landed in Dublin, it was because my job as a sous chef had imploded on national TV. Humiliated and jobless, I landed a temporary gig as a cook for a rugby team, a sport I knew nothing about. All I wanted to do was save up enough money to get my food truck off the ground back home.

I certainly wasn’t looking for a relationship, especially with someone like Donal Casey, the team’s cocksure young hooker. It was supposed to be a fling, nothing permanent. At least that’s what we told ourselves. But what if you found love in the most unexpected place, with the most unlikely partner? What lengths would you go to keep him?

I have a feeling I’m about to find out. Because even though people say I’m wrong for him, when I’m in Donal’s arms, everything feels oh so right.

So if you haven’t been following my blog for a while you won’t know how obsessed with Rebecca Norinne I have become since first reading Trying Sophie, and then carrying on to read Ruck Me and Ashes to Ashes I am obsessed. I love her writing and what it does to me like it just makes me feel all the emotions and feelings! So starting this book I knew that no doubt I was going to fall hopelessly in love with this story and I did!

I loved Donal, the way he acted so cocky and so sure of himself, so when he wasn’t feeling like that it was so nice and sweet. Also when we saw some of his insecurities when it came to being like his father it melted my heart. Also discovering he was, in fact, a virgin was a surprise and I loved the fact he managed to confide in Eoin about it as well as Lauren. I loved how fast he actually fell for her too it was so sweet and he really didn’t care about the age difference between them.

I loved Lauren and although she knew she was good at her cooking skills sometimes she was unsure about them. I also thought it was honourable how she wouldn’t flip on her old boss when he was a cruel asshole to her. She was very insecure about her age when it came to being with Donal and even more when he told her he was a virgin. Although one of my favourite things in this book is that scene when she finds out and she’s shocked because and his response was he’s not celibate. If you’ve read the book you know which I mean but yeah that really did make me chuckle. I loved her insecurities and although it took a time she did finally share them.

I loved their relationship and although they fell for each other fast, I loved them getting to know each other. The sex was very well written and mature. I loved the bond that they created and the fact Donal was willing to sacrifice and move with Lauren so they could be together. It was also very nice seeing a couple that didn’t want kids, although for Lauren she couldn’t but yes it was very nice seeing a couple that didn’t want kids.

I loved the appearance of Eoin and Aoife in this novel it’s always nice seeing the other characters appear in the novel.

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Ashes To Ashes – Rebecca Norinne

I had it all, or so I thought. Until my husband betrayed me and my entire world came crashing down. I turned to alcohol and sex to numb my pain—a different city each night, a new man in my bed. But I’m sober now, and I’m working my way back up the country music charts. 

But then the death threats started and I needed protection. When my new bodyguard walked in the room, I couldn’t believe my eyes: the one man from my long spiral down who I never forgot. The one who played my body like a finely tuned instrument.

Now we’re on the run from a madman and all I want is to forget about everything. To pretend this isn’t my life. To lose myself in him.

So I let him take control.

I tried telling myself it was only sex, but I’ve done the unthinkable: I’ve fallen in love with a man who can never love me back. Because Ash has demons of his own—ones he never talks about and never will. I know I should walk away before it’s too late. But I’m an addict, and I need him.

How do you give up the best thing you think you’ve ever had, even when it’s bad for you? How do you walk away from a man like Ash Devereaux?

I’d like to thank Give Me Books promotions for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. This is not my first book by this author and I do love her work so I was excited to jump into this straight away. It did not disappoint, it was such a fantastic an amazing story. It melted my heart and as soon as I began reading I got lost in the story and the characters. This reminded me of why I love her writing.

The story feels very fast paced although this time that is not a bad thing! A lot of time passes in the novel so it’s not like all their relationship happened within a week, it was spread out and it was one of the major things I enjoyed. It actually did feel like time passed in this novel.

I loved Rae’s character, she had a pretty ugly background in a sense, but we see her in the dark place and in a much better place some years later. I really liked enjoying the fact that we did see her in her dark place and in a good place still trying to deal with her past. I loved that in her character. She was a very honest person and yet at the same time she was still being controlled by her ex-husband when she finally decides to tell him to shove it. I really like that we see all the sides and emotions of her, I also loved at times when she gave control to Ash in the bedroom. I’ll get onto that later.

I fell in love with Ash immediately, his dark quiet demonour and I liked it when he did open up, I did chuckle when Ash and Rae met for the 2nd time it was quite funny. You’ll see if you read this book. I really liked his backstory and it was a very interesting backstory as well as like all males seem to blame themselves for shit they have no control over. It was a really good backstory and I did enjoy reading it! I also loved the connection that Ash and Rae had with each other and there was a point in the book where I had to take a break because it was so emotional.

There were quite a few sex scenes in this that didn’t bother me, they were very well written. There is also elements of control and a little kinkiness. Ash ties her up sometimes during the sex and he takes control of her during the sex, but afterwards, he is a total sweetheart and caring. I felt like the sex scenes didn’t take away from the actual content in this book which is also good.

Her ex-husband is an asshole that is the first thing, not even a few chapters in the more I heard about him the more I wanted him to get hit by a bus. There is one thing I wished I knew and that is what has happened with the ex-husband and what happened when he saw the interview Rae made, I’d just love to see his reaction I bet it would be hilarious!

Such great writing, Rebecca Norinne does not disappoint and I am so lucky I got an arc of her books because since reading Trying Sophie I have become addicted to this author and she does not disappoint!

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Ruck Me – Rebecca Norinne

I’ve called Aoife O’Shaughnessy a number of things, but dumb was never one of them. Through all the insane things she’s done—all the trouble she’s gotten into—I never once thought she was actually stupid.

Until now.

Because I just heard her plan to lose her virginity to the vilest human being I’ve ever met. My first thought? How the fuck is Aoife still a virgin? The second? Over my dead body.

So I volunteered for the job instead.

It might be the stupidest thing I’ve ever done, but once the words were out of my mouth I couldn’t take them back. Suddenly, I can’t stop wondering what it would be like to kiss the pink-haired sprite I’ve known my whole life, to hear her moan my name when she comes for the first time.

And now she’s wondering about me too.

It was only supposed to be sex, but now I’m in deep. I never meant to fall in love with her; this wasn’t supposed to happen. And what came next? Well, neither of us planned on that. 

I loved loved loved this is the spin off story to Trying Sophie I loved that one and this was truly no different. Rebecca’s writing is brilliant, everything she writes I truly connect with it, as well as when anything super emotional happens I can really feel the characters and what they are feeling and I really love how her writing does that to me. Just it’s the best.

I really loved Eoin and Aoife’s relationship and although they call each other a lot Eoin is very protective over Aoife and I loved it. I also loved that they had a sex talk so to speak it was so funny and awkward but I definitely imagine that is how it is in real life so I think it was funny. I loved Aoife’s innocence and that she was a virgin and for the most part, it was lovely to see where it wasn’t shamed that at her age she was except obviously feeling pressured by some of her friends but Eoin didn’t make her feel shame for it and I loved it.

We also see Declan in this novel and he is a very protective of Aoife and although he took it too far at times when it came down to it, he was there when she needed him. So I really love Declan and how all he wants to do is protect his sister.

I feel like when Aoife got pregnant she should have told someone other than her co-worker who wasn’t very supportive and that she should have either told Sophie (Declan’s partner) or Eoin, I wasn’t very pleased with how she dealt with the situation especially when the trip to London came when she wanted to have an abortion, she didn’t. I feel like she went around it the wrong way it was only as she got to London she tried to tell him but I feel like it should have been a lot sooner that she told him.

One thing with Rebecca’s writing when both of these characters were hurting for certain reasons you could feel both of their pain, frustration and love and when they break up and got back together. I felt it all from both Aofie and Eoin’s side, it was so nice and as I say that is a lot to do with the writing. But I felt both sorry for Aofie and Eoin and I didn’t think any of them were right or wrong, just felt both of their pain and it was so sad. Obviously, the story ends on a happy note and I loved it.

Such an amazing book and I definitely can’t wait to read more of her work because it’s fantastic.

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Trying Sophie – Rebecca Norinne

Sex and rugby are the only things I care about. I play hard and f*ck even harder.

Until my first love waltzes back into my life and I’m given a second chance to right the wrongs of my past.

She doesn’t want to forgive me, but I’ll use everything at my disposal to make her see I’ve changed. That I can be the man she wants me to be.

I’ve never pursued a woman the way I chase down opponents on the field, but this time I won’t back down. I won’t let her run away again.

Sophie was my first love. I’m going to be her last.

I read this book in preparation for the sequel which is going to be released in a few days and I am so excited for it. One thing that really was great about this book is that it had a little glossary on how to pronounce the names I didn’t really need it but it is very helpful for those who do need it! Especially as they are Irish names!

Sophie is such a strong character and she really struggled to let people in I am not surprised though because when we meet her mother also the only time. Her mum is a cold hearted and selfish bitch. She didn’t tell Sophie about her granddad’s heart attack, so instantly I hated the mum. I loved her grandparents Maureen and Colm they are the sweetest and I love how motivated they are. They were just great.

I loved this book in so many different ways, there were so many times during this book I laughed out loud! One of them being when Declan picks Sophie up from the airport and realises who he actually is. Her childhood tormenter! But she doesn’t let him off easy she, in fact, tells him that he made her life hell and I absolutely loved her standing up for herself and Declan finally realises the pain he caused her and I loved that. Declan also admits how much of a slut he is and it really did make me laugh how he wasn’t even ashamed to admit all that!

Declan although a little slut is still very cautious with people and is worried that people will use him for his money there is a scene where Sophie asks for a favour and he gets kind of taken back thinking it could be for money and I think that told us a lot about his character before we actually got into the nitty gritty stuff of him. So we had little clues about both of these characters as we got to know them.

Cian he is the person who works sometimes at the pub but he is also supposedly Declan’s best friend but he is majorly jealous of Declan and it shows and ripples through their friendship as well as their actions with Sophie.

Declan and Sophie go through a game of pushing each other away as soon as they begin to get close and eventually when they do finally admit their feelings for each other they fall for each other hard. They fall in love with each other and when they both realise that they love each other it’s so funny. They keep it to themselves.

One of the side characters I loved was Aoife who is Declan’s younger sister and when certain problems come between Declan and Sophie she was there defending her big brother and it was the cutest thing ever. The spin off story Ruck me is about Aofie and I honestly can’t wait to read it!

The story was sweet an amazing end, I loved the writing, the characters made me fall in love with them hard. It was a cute romantic story and even better that I could imagine the majority of them talking in an Irish accent because I love an Irish accent! I definitely cannot wait for Ruck me when it comes out!