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Ryder – R. Linda

Ryder and I finally have a fresh start. Attending the same university as the man I love makes it easy to leave all the high school drama behind.

Unfortunately, things don’t go as smoothly as I’d hoped.

I end up sharing a dorm room with my ex-best friend, Christina, and I’m forced to see my ex boyfriend’s face on a regular basis. They already ruined my last year of high school, and clearly they’re not done with me yet.

Between Christina’s temper tantrums, and Chace’s bad intentions hidden behind fake apologies, Ryder and I try to build a life together. But it’s not easy when past torments follow me wherever I go, slowly turning into a living nightmare.

Even though Ryder saved me once before, it’s different now. This isn’t high school. The stakes are higher than they’ve ever been, and this time I have so much more to lose.

I’d like to thank R. Linda for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. So I love Renee’s books and I think I’ve read them all now. So I was very excited to read this! I have read Bailey and the Bad BoyIndie and the Brother’s Best FriendHarper and the One-Night StandKenzie and the Guy Next DoorAudrey and the Hero Upstairs and then Christina and the Rebel Affair and Twisted Love.

I love this world, when Renee announced that she was back writing in this world I was over the moon. I really loved Bailey and the Bad Boy especially Bailey and Ryder they are the cutest couple ever and I really thought it was hilarious that they both couldn’t keep their hands off each other. It was like the honeymoon period for them.

Ryder and Bailey are hilarious when they were almost caught having sex by Ryder’s mum, Bailey did a 3ft rule and it was honestly the most funniest thing ever. Especially because everyone thought Bailey wouldn’t be able to do it, watching them not touch each other and tease each other all at the same time was so cute.

I loved seeing all the other characters in the book and especially baby Cole and his attempt at cooking breakfast for Ryder.

I was really hoping after the last books we would see no more of Chase but obviously that was not the case and in this book he even got more deranged as the book went on to the point it was dangerous for Bailey. Chace got what he deserved when Ryder beat him up.

The plot was good, I really enjoyed seeing them at university and how they both grew as a couple. It was interesting watching Indie and Linc especially because they weren’t together in this book.

I really can’t wait for the next book in this new series! R. Linda did a great job! She can write anything from this world and I really will read it.

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Twisted Love – R. Linda


It’s what I do. What I’ve always done. 
For fitness. For fun. 

And now for fear.

He took me. Trapped me. Destroyed me. 
Broke me down, little by little. 

His captive.
His slave.
His pet.

But…something unleashes.

Something forbidden. The passion. The pleasure.
It’s wrong. Unforgiving, and I should do what I do.

Run like Hell.
From this Twisted Love.

I’d like to thank Lady Amber’s tours for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. So this is not the first book I’ve read of hers. I’ve read Bailey and the Bad Boy, Indie and the Brother’s Best Friend, Harper and the One-Night Stand, Kenzie and the Guy Next Door, Audrey and the Hero Upstairs and then Christina and the Rebel Affiar. This story was nothing like her others, she stepped out of her comfort zone. She did fantastically! This book was so well written and the content was really good. I really enjoyed this story.

I don’t know if I was meant to but during this book, Hendrix had my whole sympathy I kind of preferred him to Lucy at times. He was sweet and caring, and if you ignore the part about he hides his father’s crimes and kidnapped Lucy I think he’s an alright guy with a fucked up childhood. He tried to take care of Kat and Lucy as much as possible and when he jumped in front to protect them my heart kind of broke from all the shit he went through. I loved Hendrix. Horrible memories for Hendrix I felt so bad for him when we saw into his mind it kind of break my heart a lot.

I was a little mixed with Lucy, sometimes I didn’t like her, sometimes I did. Erm, I think overall it was mostly me liking her. But the way she began to care for Hendrix was really cute. Also that eventually she was willing to stay with him and help, but also that over time she was so loyal to him even after she escaped the captivity from his father she still wanted him.

Kat she was an interesting character I want to know more, even at the end, I wanted to know more.

I love Hendrix and Lucy.

This book was tense, it weirdly had a lot of cute moments between Hendrix and Lucy in yet at the same time it was tense as hell. I loved the feelings through this book the plot was also amazing (I don’t want to go into it too much because of spoilers). But yes the plot was fantastic! Really well written and she definitely stepped out of her comfort zone with this book.

I actually can’t wait for the sequel this one is fantastic.

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Christina and the Rebel Affair – R. Linda


They say a leopard can’t change its spots, but I beg to differ. I’m not the girl I used to be, and now is my chance to prove it. 
I’m back at the high school where I burned a lot of bridges and hurt a lot of people. Only this time, I’m not a student… I’m a teacher. I want to repair the damage I caused and move on… hopefully with Bennett Sawyer.
I’m stunned when I find out Bennett just so happens to be one of my new students — and the principal’s son. I didn’t know it when we began dating, and now we’ve got to put an end to our relationship, or risk losing everything.
But the attraction between us is unstoppable, and when jealousy gets in the way, all I want to do is mark my territory, but I can’t.
With a smile like his, and a body to die for, can I stay away from him and pretend he means nothing… until he graduates in ten weeks?

I’d like to thank Lady Amber’s Tours for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. I can say I have read every one of R. Linda’s books and I have loved each and every one of them! If you want to read this series (you can read them out of order but I’d suggest reading them in this order): Bailey and the Bad Boy, Indie and the Brother’s Best Friend, Kenzie and the Guy Next Door, Harper and the One-Night Stand and then finally Audrey and the Hero Upstairs. I have loved them and of course, had very high expectations!

This one is based on Christina and Bennet, I loved Bennet I fell in love with him in Audrey’s book so I was really excited to see him in his own book. He’s cheeky and smart and I love him so much. I loved how protective he is. Christina was a bit hard to get to grips with in this book although I understood why she did what she did in school and that we all can be teenagers and stupid. Just something about her I couldn’t connect with her properly I mean she was a good character but I don’t really know cannot explain it.

I loved Bennet and Audrey’s friendship, I loved everything about how they were together. I loved that Bennet was so protective of her and that he was willing to do anything for Audrey. It was adorable. I think these parts with Bennet and Audrey were some of my favourites in the book.

I loved seeing all the other characters from the other books and the big family reveal also Bailey and Ryder’s baby little Sage. So cute.

So I think my issue with this whole Bennet and Christina thing is that you don’t get to see much of their relationship it’s about the chase and then them not being together. I really struggled and I felt like the love part was a little forced. Like unlike with the other characters I can’t see Bennet and Christina being together forever like the others. It just felt like sex between them rather than love. So it just felt very forced to me for them. Either way, I enjoyed their story.

I was glad that Christina got some kind of redemption in this book because although she deserved that, we all do silly things in school so I was glad she got some kind of redemption. I think another thing is that she was still acting like she was in high school with her jealousy and although she managed to see her wrongness of that. She felt very immature. But I was glad she got redemption.

I did not feel like this one was as good as the others but I still loved reading about Bennet!

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Audrey and the Hero Upstairs – R. Linda


My road to recovery began with Brody — the man who saved my life. 

Without his courage and determination, I’d have died in the fire that took the lives of my entire family. If that’s not a hero, I don’t know what is. 

Brody has been by my side every step… but the emotional scars are as crippling as the physical ones, even if they’re harder to see. The anxiety of being around people, seeing their disgust, feeling their pity — I’m not sure I can handle it. 

Maybe it’s wrong, but feelings are developing between us, leading to stolen glances and sneaky kisses. The problem is I’m not quite eighteen, he’s twenty-five, and we’re living under someone else’s roof. It would be so much simpler with someone my own age, like Bennett, the hottest guy in school. 

How can Brody and I possibly be together? And if we were, how would we explain all this to our friends and Brody’s family — who also happen to be my foster parents? I’ve already lost so much… but can I lose someone who shouldn’t even be mine?

I’d like to thank Lady Amber tours for sending me an e-arc of this book! So if you’ve followed my blog you know that this is not the first book I’ve read by R. Linda and I absolutely love her and have fallen in love with her! I read Bailey and the Bad Boy, Indie and the Brother’s Best Friend, Harper and the One-Night Stand, and Kenzie and the Guy Next Door. So this is the next book in the series and I have high high hopes for this. I was so interested to read about Brody and Audrey because I was invested during Harper and the One-Night Stand, well the one bit of them we saw.

I really loved Audrey, she was such an interesting character and so many of her actions could be understood. I felt so sorry for her after losing her family it was hard for her to interact with another family, and it was nice when she finally did open up to everyone.

I loved the chemistry between Brody and Audrey I really didn’t mind the age gap between them and they had a connection that just couldn’t be broken. I loved when Brody got jealous of Bennet it reminds me so much of Lincon when he had feelings for Indie. Their relationship was great, it was funny how they got Lincoln to tell everyone it just made me laugh in the book! It was just a great thing and the fact both of them were kind of too chicken to tell Leanne and Steve.

I was really glad that Brody and Nate finally made up! Honestly, I thought it was a bit stupid when they fell out especially because Brody hadn’t been with Harper for a while. Sure Nate and Harper should have said something but still stupid reason to fall out so when they made up I was so happy.

Bennett, he is fabulous when I got to the end of this story I was so glad to see that he’s getting his own story! So I cannot wait for that! I loved his character throughout this book he really did become Audrey’s lifeline at school and would keep her company, and they just built a great friendship and I loved their friendship. Hoping to see more of that friendship in the next book.

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Kenzie and the Guy Next Door – R. Linda


The last thing I expected was my ex-boyfriend showing up unannounced, demanding to see our son. The son whose existence he’d previously never bothered to acknowledge, leaving me a single mother at sixteen years old. 

As if I’m not freaked out enough, I also have to deal with a loud, annoying new neighbour on top of it all. 

Imagine my surprise when I discover my neighbour is none other than Jeremy, my best friend’s dangerously hot brother, who was recently released from prison. 

I’m sure he’s a complication I definitely don’t need. But then he inserts himself effortlessly into my life, becoming my hero, my saviour, and someone my son can look up to, and I realize how much I actually need him. 

But my ex isn’t backing off, making me wonder what he’s capable of—and how far Jeremy will go to keep us safe.

I’d like to thank Lady Amber Tours for sending me an e-arc of this book very much appreciated! I love R. Linda’s books they get me so hooked and I just want to devour them and I have with this series! I have read Bailey and The Bad Boy, Indie and the Brother’s Best Friend & Harper and the One-Night Stand and I loved them, in fact, I rated them all 5 stars they were quick and easy reads and this one was no different! It was amazing.

So this one follows Kenzie who is Ryder’s sister and I loved her story from the moment we met her in Bailey and the Bad Boy I knew it was going to be a good story! Kenzie was such a good mum and she was so protective of Cole and it was cute and adorable. I also loved how she wanted to try and just be as strong as possible without getting her brother involved and I loved that she just cared for everyone!

Jeremy oh my god I think I fell in love with him faster than any of the other boys from the other novels. The way he played and interacted with Cole made my heart melt it was absolutely perfect! It was some of my favourite parts of the novel. I also loved how protective and helpful he was with Kenzie when it came to Chase being creepy and an ass.

I loved that Kenzie and Jeremy managed to equally share their past together, like with Kenzie and her past with Chase, and then Jeremy being in Prison and then being reunited with his sister Harper. I just loved their relationship as a whole!

I loved seeing all the characters we got to know and love from the other novels! I like it when authors let us see all the other characters and make them a big part! It’s a big major thing for me in novels and I loved it!

Chase wow he turned into a proper psycho by the end of this novel, how he kept stalking Kenzie and spying on her. To me it had nothing to do with that he wanted to see his son, it was like he just wanted Kenzie and was prepared to do anything to get with her. Although I loved this novel, I was disappointed by one thing and that was the fact I felt like the Chase thing was wrapped up fast. We literally get an update in the epilogue and in a way I get it, shows how insignificant he is in Kenzie and Cole’s life but I wasn’t overall satisfied with it.

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Harper and the One-Night Stand – R. Linda

A few too many cocktails in paradise, and I woke up in someone else’s bed. My ex-boyfriend’s cousin’s bed, to be exact. 

Huge mistake. 

Nate and I agreed it wouldn’t happen again. We didn’t want to hurt Brody. Only it did happen, repeatedly, until I finally found the courage to walk away. 

But I couldn’t ignore the temptation, and I soon found myself back in his bed—or on his floor—stealing secret kisses and forbidden touches, sneaking around behind everyone’s backs. 

I tried so hard to resist Nate’s charms, but my resolve crumbled. How could I not be swept off my feet by water towers in the rain and deep confessions on the beach? 

The last thing we want is to hurt anyone, but it is out of our control. And there isn’t a thing I can do except give him my heart and hope he keeps it safe…regardless of the consequences.

I’d like to thank Lady Amber’s Tours for sending me an e-arc of this! I have read from this author before and loved her, I read her first book Bailey and the Bad Boy and Indie and the Brother’s Best Friend I loved both of them and this one was no exception!

I fell in love with both Harper and Nate I loved reading about them in past novels and for them to have their own novel I loved. I also loved the novels linked although they are standalone you would be best starting with Bailey and the Bad Boy and then Indie and the Brother’s Best Friend and then read Harper and the one-night stand, just some things may not make sense but the actual story can make sense.

From the other books you really wouldn’t know that Harper had a bad childhood I love the fact that we got to know more about her and in detail. I think she is one of my favourite characters to date I mean other than Kenzie but her book isn’t released yet. I loved that Nate tried to put his feelings aside that he wouldn’t hurt his cousin!

I loved the saying screw the consequences as well as how both Harper and Nate just kept calling each other friend. Their relationship was so cute although they went from sex to trying to have a platonic relationship didn’t work to trying to have a relationship. Some of my favourite scenes between these two characters were the ones on the water tower. I loved how they built an open and honest relationship with each other. It was one of my favourites.

I loved the other plot in the story where we got to see Harper connect with her brother again, it was such a sad story and I’m glad they got to reconnect it was so nice for her to be able to have that reconnection with her brother.

I loved seeing all the other characters from the other books! I also can’t wait for book 4 which is going to be Kenzie’s story!

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Indie and the Brother’s Best Friend – R. Linda

Being in love with someone who doesn’t love you back sucks.

Being in love with your brother’s best friend sucks even more, because you know it can never happen. How tragic is that?

I’ve been in love with Lincoln Andrews since we were kids and he stuck up for me against my brother and played tea parties with me in the treehouse. I’ve also avoided him for the past year because he broke my heart… more than once.

Now we’ve been thrown together at a tropical resort to celebrate my parents’ second wedding, and things are intense and getting worse, no thanks to an insane plan my friends cooked up to get me my dream man.

No one else even comes close to what Linc means to me. He’s always there for me, but is it because he cares for me too — or only because I’m his best friend’s little sister?

It’s time I find out once and for all… but what if our crazy plan blows up in my face and ruins everything?

I’d like to thank Give Me Book promotions for sending me an earc as well as Lady Amber tours! This isn’t the first book I’ve read by this author I’ve read Bailey and the Bad Boy and loved that and I was so excited when I heard R. Linda was writing a story about Indie because I loved Indie in the first one and I got invested in Indie and Lincoln’s story too!

I really loved Indie’s character but going with that she’s a funny character, kind and loving she is also very very clueless when it comes to men and Lincoln. She couldn’t really see what was right in front of her. Although at times I felt the back and forth between Lincoln and Indie could have messed with anybody’s head!

I thought it was so funny that all the other characters in the story knew how Indie and Lincoln felt about each other, and even better that they began to put bets on whether the relationship would happen or not. I love it when that happens in stories, especially when all other characters knew but they wouldn’t tell each other. I think my one frustration was the only reason Lincoln was pushing Indie away at times was that he didn’t want to ruin his friendship with her brother. So I get it but a conversation could have saved all that.

Lincoln I loved how protective he was but with that came Indie having some bad feelings about herself. He scared away most boys that were interested in her but wouldn’t admit his feelings. So at times that had a negative effect. But I still loved it, I also loved how everyone thought Lincoln had a saviour complex when it came to Indie. It also proved to be true, whenever she was upset or in trouble he was right there.

Jack, he was the best comic relief in this book! He was Indie’s gay best friend and they pretended to be together so they could make Lincoln jealous. It was so funny, I laughed out loud a few times whilst reading it. He was a great character. He should get his own book.

We even had an appearance of Ryder and Bailey! I loved seeing the two characters, I think the only thing I missed is there wasn’t as much Bailey and Indie time but the story was good and I loved the characters and romance.

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Bailey and The Bad Boy – R. Linda

It’s the last day of school, and everyone is excited for the big summer leading up to our senior year. I was too…until my heart was ripped out of my chest. 

As if getting dumped wasn’t bad enough, I’m forced to endure the humiliation of witnessing my ex-boyfriend flaunt his new girl—who also happens to be my now ex-best friend—all over town. Double whammy. 

Now I’m the pathetic ex-girlfriend left gutted, heartbroken, and nose deep in a bucket of ice cream. I’m doomed to spend the summer sulking over a guy who thought I was predictable and bad in bed. 

So, when I get an offer guaranteeing me some well-deserved payback, of course I’m going to take it. Besides, the plan is simple. Pretend like I’m dating Ryder, the town’s popular bad boy, and make my ex wallow in a pit of jealousy and regret. It’s perfect. 

I mean…what could possibly go wrong?

I’d like to thank Lady Amber’s Tours for sending me an earc of this book, it is greatly appreciated! Also sorry that this isn’t posted on release day like it should be! (OOPS!)

If you didn’t know this about me you are about to learn it, I love love love bad boy stories, they are my guilty pleasure, well I wouldn’t say guilty pleasure because I’d totally admit to it freely. I love these kinds of stories something about them just makes my heart melt. Bad boys are definitely one of my favourite things to read about! This is a debut book from the author and she did not disappoint, this had everything I wanted in it. I will definitely be following this author more and see what she comes out with next!

The story follows Bailey as she is dumped by her very popular boyfriend Chase and how she learns to be happy with herself as well as getting a little revenge which everyone loves. It was a very cliche story but I didn’t mind that as I say I love a good cliche sometimes, there was a twist although I expected it (think I’ve read too many of these tbh) but yes it was a good twist and turn and I really liked the cliche in this. I will definitely reread this story when I feel like I’m in a slump.

I really loved Bailey’s character after Chase broke up with her she kind of went on a road of trying to figure out who she was and who she was comfortable being in front of her school peers and stuff. It was nice to see her come into herself. I really loved her personality shining through and her embracing who she really was.

Ryder he was such a sweetheart, I love how school label these people bad boys just because they have a makeover. Ryder really cared for Bailey and was willing to help her get revenge on him for breaking up with her in front of everyone. We don’t discover why Ryder wants to get revenge on Chase but we do soon learn why!

Chase was a proper doosh bag, I literally wanted someone to like run him over or like hit him hard and hard. I hated him, he was a dick. That’s all about Chase and he turned out to be an even bigger dick than we expected!

I loved how in this book Ryder and Bailey both went against the social hierarchy when it came to Chase and the new girlfriend (can’t remember name) they seemed to not care about sticking to it, and the rest of their peers began to see Chase and the girlfriend for what they were horrible and bullies and it was nice for horrible people to finally get justice.

I really do want to tell you what the reason for his bad boy label was but you should read it and find out, I think you’ll love it!