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Rockstar – Lauren Rowe

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It was lyrics at first sight when I saw Violet Rhodes across that crowded party. She was lights and darks, swirled together. Music in motion. And all of it while looking like a hitwoman at an Elvis convention.

I had nothing to offer the intriguing girl but a one-night stand. I figured I’d revel in my last night of anonymity before my first tour and shoot her a quick “We’ll always have L.A.!” goodbye the next morning.

But nothing went according to plan.

In one night, Violet crawled under my skin and into my bloodstream. She tattooed her name across my chest and between my legs. She became my muse. And then she was gone.

Now, months later, here she is again. And in a twist I never saw coming, it turns out Violet is ultra-violet radiation. Beautiful, ethereal light bringing with her the promise of damage and destruction.

My brain tells me to walk away from this girl, but my heart can’t stop feeling like she might be one of a kind . . . the sort of girl who comes along once in a violet moon.

ROCKSTAR is a standalone romance, the love story of Dax Morgan and the electrifying woman who rocked his world during his journey to worldwide rock superstardom. Original music from ROCKSTAR has been brought to life by the author and can be experienced on the author’s website that’s listed in the ebook and paperback.

So if you have been following my blog for a while you will know that I love Lauren Rowe and went on a binge watch of her books. So I started this series by reading the Morgan brothers (HeroCaptainBall Peen Hammer and Mister Bodyguard) first which led me to her first series and I have already read The ClubThe Reclamation, The Redemption and The Culmination and my god I was blown away. I then started The InfatuationThe Revelation and The Consummation. So I was excited as hell when she released Dax’s story and damn she hit me in the feelings. She hit me hard.

I love Dax. I loved Dax when he appeared in the other books so it was no different in his own book, he was the star of the show. It was very interesting being in his head. He is such a romantic and I love it, when he first laid eyes on Violet and then started writing a song about her it was hot and sweet and perfect.

Violet she was a very interesting character she was so sweet, and it was an interesting connection with Reed I totally didn’t see that connection or expect that connection.

I love the band chemistry they have with each other and how supportive they are, you can totally tell they are a family they argue and support each other like one. In the end they’re all there for each other and that’s what counts with the band.

I love that Ryan and Colby are so supportive of Dax and always taking care of each other and especially Dax when he thought his arms were going to fall off. I still think that might be my favourite scene, it still makes me chuckle when I think about it now. I love the Morgan family they are amazing.

I feel so bad for Dax and Violet they doing mental acrobatics with each other over not wanting to hurt Reed or Caleb. It was so much for the both of them that in the end it started to impact their relationship which began to kill me, they both were just killing me with what they were doing to each other.

Oh my god Dax telling Reed and Reed talking about his sister, melts my heart. I also love that he’s glad Caleb is getting what he deserves for cheating and hurting Violet.

God they are perfect. I love the wedding. I love the family. These two were just amazingly perfect together and I liked them together.

I think another one of my favourite scenes is the end when Dax brought Violet on stage with their baby and defending her. It was just all perfect.

I loved this book so much. I cannot wait for hopefully another book from this world. I mean a Reed book maybe?

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The Consummation: Josh and Kat Part III – Lauren Rowe

Josh Faraday is used to getting what he wants. And what he wants is her. The Consummation follows immediately after The Revelation and hurtles to the epic finale of Josh and Kat’s love story and The Club Series as a whole . . . and it’s a conclusion that will leave you screaming and smiling and floating on air for a long time to come.

So I started this series by reading the Morgan brothers (HeroCaptainBall Peen Hammer and Mister Bodyguard) first which led me to this series and I have already read The ClubThe ReclamationThe Redemption and The Culmination and my god I was blown away. I then started The Infatuation which is the first from Kat and Josh’s story and I bloody loved it! The Revelation broke my heart! I was blown away and I am so excited for this story.

Kat was breaking my heart through this book all the damn time. Her scenes made my heart break and she was killing me.

Poor Colby, I remember reading his book and god my heart broke for him there and I really love that we got to see how excited Kat was about everything when it came to Colby and how she helped him heal.

Many times through this book all I could think was Josh is a moron and his father really fucked him. His father did one on both him and Jonas but weirdly it felt like it affected Josh more than Jonas and I think it showed when he found out Kat was pregnant at the hospital.

Josh listening to the baby’s heartbeat and figuring out he loves her made me cry, that scene by itself was so powerful and emotional. As soon as Josh got over the initial shock and anger he was the perfect dad to be and I loved it.

One of my favourite scenes in this book is when Josh and Jonas are playing pool and talking about how Josh proposed to Kat at the hospital. I loved that even Jonas figured out how bad Josh fucked up before Josh it seems so strange how the roles were reversed in this but I bloody loved it and it made me laugh.

Morgan family! I’ve missed them and I loved them. I loved them meeting Josh for the first time then of course Kat saying immediately she was pregnant, it was a well written scene.

The proposal was the best, well the 2nd proposal was the best and I love how Josh finally and most importantly stamped out Kat’s insecurity when it came to her past. This was my favourite proposal I think I’ve ever read.

The book was amazing, I am sad their story is over I think I could just read Sarah, Kat, Josh and Jonas just living day to day life and I’d be okay with that. I loved this book and it’s series.

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The Revelation: Josh and Kat Part II – Lauren Rowe


Josh Faraday is used to getting what he wants. And what he wants is her.

The Playboy and The Party Girl – Josh and Kat from the bestselling The Club series, tell their love story in three books: The Infatuation, The Revelation, and The Consummation. Whoever said love is patient and kind has never met hell-on-wheels, Kat Morgan.

The Revelation continues the story immediately from The Infatuation. Finally, deep, dark secrets are revealed–but will they bring the explosive Josh and Kat closer together . . . or push them apart?

So I started this series by reading the Morgan brothers (HeroCaptainBall Peen Hammer and Mister Bodyguard) first which led me to this series and I have already read The ClubThe ReclamationThe Redemption and The Culmination and my god I was blown away. I then started The Infatuation which is the first from Kat and Josh’s story and I bloody loved it! I was blown away and I am so excited for this story.

So knew that Kat couldn’t resist having a snoop through a folder that is called “sick fuck” I love how inquisitive is. I also love how she can read Josh so easily.

Josh. My baby. I love him. His application was nowhere as bad as he thought it was and my god he was a little over the top about it. But his ex was a real bitch.

These two are falling in love with each other and they don’t even realise it and it’s honestly perfect. The relationship and bond they have it actually really cute to the point they each don’t want to clarify what they are because they are scared of the wrong answer.

I loved seeing the Vegas trip from Kat and Josh’s point of view especially with the walking into banks and pretending to be the baddy.

This book is so well written especially the sex, but you can feel the emotional connection both of these characters have with each other and I just feel all the emotions.

I love Dax! I was waiting for a visit from her brothers and this did not disappoint! I absolutely love the bond between these two! You can totally see that both Dax and Kat love each other and that sibling bond is amazing between them.

Wow the fantasies part of this book it was so well written and I loved that they had a safe word for it and they both felt comfortable enough to use it when they needed to.

This book broke my heart, I think this book has hit me more in the feelings than any of the other Club books. The ending really killed me, how Kat was feeling broke my heart and yet how Josh was feeling also broke my heart. Both my babies hurting. Honestly it made me cry a little bit. The ending was just so pain filled that it felt like a little bit of my heart was breaking.

Also that little cliffhanger, you know I’m going to read the next book straight away. The writing was perfect and the characters are growing in the book and I love it. This is truly an amazing series and I am in love with these characters.

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The Infatuation: Josh and Kat Part I – Lauren Rowe

Josh Faraday is used to getting what he wants. And what he wants is her.

The Playboy and The Party Girl – Josh and Kat from the bestselling The Club series, tell their love story in a scorching new trilogy: The Infatuation, The Revelation, and The Consummation. Whoever said love is patient and kind has never met hell-on-wheels, Kat Morgan. 

In the Infatuation, Josh Faraday meets Kat Morgan for the first time . . . and his life will never be the same. Want to know what Josh and Kat were doing while the “Ocean’s Eleven” crew were in Las Vegas to “save the world”? Well, in THE INFATUATION you’ll find out. And it will blow . . . your . . . mind.

Readers are advised to read the prior bestselling books of The Club Series in order before reading Josh and Kat’s books (Books 5-7).

So I started this series by reading the Morgan brothers (HeroCaptainBall Peen Hammer and Mister Bodyguard) first which led me to this series and I have already read The ClubThe Reclamation, The Redemption and The Culmination and my god I was blown away.

I cannot wait for Josh and Kat I have been wanting to read their story since we first met them, well I have loved Kat since the Morgan Brothers series and I just am so excited to now read her book! I also loved Josh from the earlier books in this series so I am excited and there for this!

It’s very interesting reading the events from The Club is Josh and Kat’s point of view especially when Jonas was spiralling and Josh didn’t want to have to deal with it again or when Kat was at the hospital when Sarah was stabbed. The story with the events leading in vegas it’s so interesting seeing it from them.

Oh my god. Josh and Kat are actually hilarious! I love jealous Kat. I also love angry and annoyed Josh seeing them both sexually pent up is hilarious. These two are sending me into a spin they both want each other so much and yet they are both hurting each other.

Oh my god Kat’s application to the Josh Faraday club when she was going through her ex’s man it broke my heart. I love the fact she mentions her brothers you can see how much she loves them.

Josh is completely in awe of Kat and you can see that! But it’s also Kat is completely in awe of Josh. I loved the reaction from Josh when he read Kat’s application and the ending honestly just makes me wonder what Josh put in his that he’s so ashamed and doesn’t want Kat to read.

I also love how with Josh we are getting the other side of what happened with Jonas and how he feels about his mum and dad being dead. I loved reading it and knowing he felt about it all.

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The Culmination – Lauren Rowe

They thought they’d reached the highest peak. They were wrong.
Jonas and Sarah’s white-hot passion and unwavering love reach brand new heights in this epic continuation of their scorching hot, hilarious, and enduring love story.

“Our love is the joy of the good, the wonder of the wise, the amazement of the gods. We’re the envy of the gods, baby–the culmination of human possibility.” 

*The Culmination is a full-length novel to be read after The Club Trilogy. Note that the trilogy ends as a complete story without cliffhanger. This fourth installment continues the story of Jonas and Sarah (and Josh, Kat and Henn) and also contains a complete story without a cliffhanger.

**Readers 18+ only due to extremely graphic (and scorching hot) adult situations and explicit language.

So I started this series by reading the Morgan brothers (HeroCaptainBall Peen Hammer and Mister Bodyguard) first which led me to this series and I have already read The Club, The Reclamation and The Redemption and my god I was blown away.

Worried Jonas is so cute, especially how much of a worrier it is when it comes to the twins.

The babies are so adorable I love daddy Jonas and Uncle Josh it is so adorable and cute and I am actually loving all this just nice and easy story.

I am loving Jonas without sex it’s kind of funny. Especially seeing how worked up he is over not being allowed to have sex for 6-8 weeks. I think most of the earlier chapters were hilarious for this.

I really love Jonas and Sarah’s relationship it is cute. To see how far they’ve come from the beginning where they were struggling to trust each other to them having babies! It’s such a beautiful love story for them.

I really like seeing more Henn and Hannah together.

After the trilogy this is actually perfect just to see Jonas and Sarah being normal together. It’s everything I could have wanted. It was perfect. I do believe this review may just be a gush. I can’t really say anything happened plot wise other than a hell of a lot of sex and Sarah having babies.

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The Redemption – Lauren Rowe

“There’s never been a love like ours and there never will be again. We’re the greatest love story ever told. Our love is so pure and true, we’re the amazement of the gods.” – Jonas Faraday

In this heart-racing installment of THE CLUB SERIES Jonas Faraday continues his quest to overcome his demons. But is he fated for a lifetime of heartbreak and tragedy—or will he finally find his redemption?

So I started this series by reading the Morgan brothers (HeroCaptainBall Peen Hammer and Mister Bodyguard) first which led me to this series and I have already read The Club and The Reclamation and my god I was blown away.

So we carry on straight where we left off (me trying to be the vaguest). I am kind of glad I can just read this book straight away because I don’t think I could have coped on the cliff hanger for the last book.

Oh god the scenes with his mum and the past from Josh and his dad my heart is literally breaking.

I am loving seeing Henn, Josh, Kat, Sarah and Jonas all working together to bring down the club it is a very interesting dynamic.

I really love their relationship it’s so pure and I love how much Jonas is willing to sacrifice for her. It was so perfect I loved the bond between these two.

The plot is making me sit on the edge of my seat. I really have no idea how it’s going to end but it’s going to go down!

This story blew me away. Actually the trilogy on a whole blew me away I did not expect the book to turn out like it did. So many twists and turns I didn’t expect and the story blew me away.

I loved how Sarah was not even bothered about Jonas and his lunacy period as him and Josh call it. I loved the fact that they both got their secrets out and there was nothing between them. (I must admit I would like to know what he said in the meeting with all the agencies).

This story was brilliant it made me feel all the emotions and I couldn’t stop reading. The characters grew so much since the first book as did their relationship and I loved it. This was an amazing book and I cannot wait to read the next book!

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The Reclamation – Lauren Rowe

Sarah: “My entire life has spiraled into chaos—and yet, all I can think about is my raging, thumping, insatiable addiction to Jonas’ magical touch. He’s unleashed an all-consuming hunger inside me that can only be satisfied when Jonas finally surrenders to me the same way I’ve surrendered to him—mind, body and soul.” 

Jonas and Sarah’s addictive love story picks up right where the first book left off, hurtling to a heart-stopping conclusion that will leave readers breathless and screaming for the unforgettable final installment of The Club Trilogy. 

Readers 18+ only due to graphic adult content and explicit language.

So I started this series by reading the Morgan brothers (HeroCaptainBall Peen Hammer and Mister Bodyguard) first which led me to this series and I have already read The Club and I loved it! So I am very excited to start this one.

I love Jonas and Sarah together it’s nice that they’ve finally gotten over the initial bullshit that they were going through with the trust issues. I love them together, they are perfect. Oh my you can tell Jonas hasn’t had a girlfriend before or when he cares about, I love that Josh is trying to make him see a tiny bit of sense.

I feel so sad for Jonas and the fact he still thinks there’s something wrong with him just because he can’t say I love you. Well he thinks he can’t say it. My heart breaks for him, like he’s so damaged and he just thinks he can’t be saved.

Sarah has grown so much since the last novel and continues to grow in this novel and I really like seeing that. Sarah is still so stubborn although she has come on so much it would be so easy for her to backtrack and not trust again.

I love Kat. I’ve always loved Kat. I am loving the banter between Josh and Kat at the minute very interesting.

I love Jonas and Josh and how they are always there for each other! But bless them they didn’t half get a load of shit between them.

This plot is sending me all over. I need to know more. Holy shit the bloody plot sent me in a spin! This book is giving me all the emotions and sending me all over the place it is so bloody intense! This book gives me so many emotions it’s not even funny. I did not see where this plot is going and I have no idea how it’s going to end. All I know is I want more of this, so I am going to go read the next book right now.

That cliffhanger slapped me in the face I was not expecting it at all.

Also he finally said I love you I mean tad late when she’s bleeding out on the floor… But he finally said it!!

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The Club – Lauren Rowe

When playboy businessman Jonas Faraday receives a private note from the anonymous intake agent assigned to process his online application to an exclusive club, he becomes obsessed with finding her and giving her the satisfaction she claims has always eluded her, in order to fulfill his own desperate need for redemption.

Sarah: “When I read Jonas Faraday’s brutally honest personal message on his application to The Club—I practically climaxed at my desk. I’m an idiot to risk losing my job but I couldn’t resist contacting him. I knew my confession would be like dangling an irresistible carrot in front of his nose—but never in a million years did I think he’d actually hunt me down.”

Jonas: “I was shocked to get my intake agent’s email—I’d attached that note to my application on a whim, never expecting a reply from an actual person, let alone a reply as mind blowing as that. Her message was so alluring, so irresistible, I’ve been spiraling into a full-blown obsession ever since I got it. What’s her name? What does she look like? Finding her is my top priority.”

In The Club, what starts out as an innocent exploration of attraction quickly spirals into a steamy story of unbridled passion, obsession, heartbreak, and, ultimately, redemption.

Readers 18+ only due to graphic sexual content and explicit language

So I sort of started these series backwards I read the Morgan Brothers (Hero, Captain, Ball Peen Hammer and Mister Bodyguard) first and fell in love with them. Then I found out Kat had a story and then it led me to the Club and here I am… Addicted yet again.

Jonas is very cocky. Still cocky but I love this whole chase business we have going on. I really enjoy his character and how he’s gotten so attached to this girl. His backstory broke my heart I felt horrible for him and he’s honestly perfect despite him thinking he’s fucked up.

Sarah I can’t decide my first thoughts other than brace for sending that email in the first place! I really like her. She’s so smart! I love the way she just wants Jonas to know he’s not fucked up. I love the way she cares for him.

The start of this story is very interesting and I am very intrigued. The sexual tension in this story is high! My god these two together over email are the flipping best the intensity.

These two are sending me emotions all over the place. I am rooting for them so much! I love these characters and the honesty that they both have for each other. I love how Sarah wants to turn the tables on him. It’s very interesting! The bond they have is amazing. I loved that they finally began to trust each other by the end of this book because they really are perfect together.

Being that I know of Kat from the other novels that Lauren Rowe has written. I bloody love her! I love the amazing friendship that Sarah and Kat have going on.

This book sent me an absolute spin! I had no idea where this was heading, I thought this was just going to be you know a nice falling in love story and then bam it hits you in the face with The Club. I did not expect it! I mean I did but not to the extent it happened. Like I am wowed by this book. It was perfect. The plot just full on smacked me in the face.

I am in total gush mode, I loved the story, plot and characters! It was amazing!

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Mister Bodyguard – Lauren Rowe

A bodyguard, a beauty, and a bet.

“I’m hiring you to do more than guard her, Zander,” my new boss explained. “You’re gonna be her rock. Her human Valium. Her trusted friend. And she’s gonna be your mission from God.”
“So I’m her babysitter?”
“Her babysitter, her bodyguard, her f*cking service doggie. Whatever she needs or wants, that’s what you’ll be. Anything except her booty call.” The vein in my new boss’s neck bulged. “Touch her and I’ll do more than fire your ass, Zander. I’ll rip off your balls.”

My buddies laughed when I told them about my ridiculous new job. They said, “Three months on a tour with a world famous beauty, glued to her hip, catering to her every whim? A hundred bucks says you’re gonna break down and bang her within the first month.”
But I said nope. No way. Never. “I’m a professional,” I said. “Plus, she’s not even my type. And I’m just getting over a broken heart. It’s never gonna happen.”
So I put my money where my mouth was, figuring I’d laugh all the way to the bank. I never thought I’d actually fall in love with the girl. Or that she’d become my reason for breathing.

The job, the bet, the girl. It was nothing but fun and games . . . until it became dead serious.

MISTER BODYGUARD is a standalone, friends to lovers contemporary romance in the MORGAN BROTHERS SERIES from USA Today Bestselling Author Lauren Rowe. The story of Zander Shaw—Keane Morgan’s devoted best friend who is an honorary Morgan Brother—and the pop star who brings him to his knees.

So I have gone down a deep road of Lauren Rowe, I first read Hero, Captain and then Ball Peen Hammer and now I’ve started this one. I am in so deep with these books and I love it.

Aloha was such an interesting character, I felt so bad for her when we found out that her mother was so shit. The struggles she went through, I loved her humour. I enjoyed seeing her self-confidence grow throughout the story. She was such a likeable character. I think the best way to describe Aloha is she’s the female Keane.

Zander obviously we all know Zander from the other Morgan brothers books and I love him. He’s so hilarious, I really loved how sweet, flirty and protective he was.

This couple literally made my heart melt, the flirting between them before they even met and even continuing their banter and you could see the connection between them and that the first meeting. I loved the bond they had with each other and how Zander was always trying to make Aloha feel better and to reach her full potential and supports her trying to write her own songs. I loved the relationship between them.

I love Keane and Zander’s friendship. One thing that I thought was great was the fact that Keane basically did to Zander what he did to him. I hoped that made sense, but basically, Keane pushes Zander to admit his feelings for Aloha.

I also love the bet that they have going on that Zander will fall in love with Aloha whilst on tour with her I loved the fact that everyone Zander knew bet. I loved seeing the whole Morgan family in this and supporting Zander and Aloha I love how supportive they are

I fell in love with this couple and story it was so sweet and I loved the bond between this couple. The texting Aloha and Zander did were so cute and I really liked it concreted their friendship as well as their sexual attraction to each other.

The end of this was crazy, I don’t want to say too much because it spoils the plot and I also don’t want to say too much about the plot because it’s so much better not knowing much about this story. If there’s one thing that would draw anyone into this story I think it should be the family aspect because it’s great.

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Ball Peen Hammer – Lauren Rowe

From the USA Today and Internationally bestselling author of The Club Series, Hero, and Captain, Lauren Rowe, comes a sexy standalone romantic comedy about Keane Morgan: Ball Peen Hammer.

Keane Morgan wouldn’t return any of my calls or texts, and I was pissed as hell about it. I didn’t want to drive from Seattle to L.A. with the guy any more than he wanted to drive with me, but I had no frickin’ choice in the matter–at least, not if I wanted to use his brother Dax’s coveted parking spot at UCLA. 

Okay, so it turned out Keane was objectively gorgeous, and, fine, pretty funny, too. But did he have to be so damned in love with himself? I mean, jeez, the cocky way he flashed those dimples was just so orchestrated. And, honestly, what kind of guy uses the phrase “baby doll” with a straight face? Oh, that’s right: the kind of guy who’s a male stripper. 

Yup, the cocky jerk turned out to be Seattle’s answer to Magic Mike, a stripper known as “Ball Peen Hammer”–which meant Keane Morgan was emphatically not the kind of guy I’d ever fall for. 

Not. At. All.

No freakin’ way.

Well, until Keane convinced me to fall for him, that is. 

Which I did.


Ball Peen Hammer is a full-length, standalone sexy romantic comedy about Keane Morgan (one of four Morgan brothers introduced in The Club Series) and Maddy Milliken (the little sister of Hannah Banana Montana Milliken). This book is a standalone book in The Morgan Brothers Series, a spin-off of THE CLUB SERIES, and can be read as a complete standalone. The Morgan Brothers books are intended to be read in any order. 

Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

I have gone down a deep hole when it comes to reading these books not only am I reading the Morgan Brothers I plan to read Kat and Josh’s story too! On with that I have read Hero and Captain and I have loved them so I have really high expectations with these books and they met my expectations.

So first thing is first when I started this book I had to admit the language threw me off at first Keane talks so weird and so does Zander but once you get used to how they speak it’s fine and you really do need to be okay with that because he talks like it all the way through and Maddy even picks up on some of his lingo. As I say it throws you off but as soon as you get used to it, it’s all good.

Keane, he was hilarious, and very much a charmer. You could tell his stripper persona to how he was normal and I was glad that we could have that distinction. I loved some of the shit he said it was hilarious and I loved his relationship with Zander. That in itself is just hilarious.

Maddy, I love her the texts she sent to Keane first off was hilarious. I also loved how shy she can become and yet with Keane she managed to feel so comfortable around him and that was nice. She was an interesting character I loved her whole thing of she needed an emotional as well as a physical connection to have sex with someone and I loved it. I also loved that she was super smart and was a video and marketing expert.

I loved Maddy and Hannah’s relationship I love how much Hannah cares for her sister and is just willing to do what it takes to protect her.

I loved the Morgan family and I think this book just made me love Ryan all that more. But I think him and Keane are neck and neck for being my favourite Morgan Brother. I loved the bond between the family.

These two were giving me the feels, they literally made my heart melt, I loved the connection that Maddy and Keane have. I had to admit I think I could probably pinpoint in the book when they both started to fall in love with each other without knowing it. I loved their connection, the banter and I really like for the first few days we have concrete of them building their relationship as they are on a road trip and it was amazing.

Keane’s little crisis was amusing when he finally realised he loved Maddy well without knowing he’d said it until he spoke to his mum. I also loved the ending of the book the way he flew down to L.A. to declare his love and the videos it was so cute and my heart melted.

I had to admit when Keane and Maddy had their little separation it broke my heart, they were perfect I was like no don’t do this to each other.

Zander is his own kind of special I love that from the moment he laid eyes on Maddy he basically knew that Keane and Maddy were falling for each other and I really like that he tried to make Keane see sense and I love that. Best friend ever.

I fell in love with this story and I fell in love with Keane and Maddy and I cannot wait to read more from this author.