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Love 2 Hate U – Sophie Blue & Alexandra Silva

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Man, Kate is the definition of cat lady. She’s all work and no play, the stick up her peachy ass is lodged so far up there, she’s the star of her own muppet show. Somehow, my baby sister’s landed me a starring role. Now that we’re stuck together, I’m determined to put the fun into Kate. It’s just too bad her sense of humor sucks harder than she does. But I’m a patient guy, if I can crack code, I can crack her. And I’ll take all the pleasure in it. 

She can deny it all she wants, but I know she loves me and my jokes. 

Sebastian doesn’t take anything seriously. Life is one big dick joke to him. So when Amelia, his sister and my best friend, tells me we will be working together on an upcoming pitch… not amused. He loves to rattle me. Everything he does drives me crazy. 

He might think I love him, but I just love to hate him. 

I’d like to thank Bare Naked Words for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. I have never heard of these two authors but I choose to review this book because I loved the sound of the blurb and enemies to lovers I’m there. I love a good enemies to lovers and this one certainly didn’t disappoint.

This story focuses on Kate and Sebastian as they are forced to work together after Amelia, Kate’s best friend and Sebastian’s sister, realises that she can’t keep up her work load whilst pregnant. As you can imagine a million sparks fly and it is so good!

Kate is trying to protect her heart after her ex fiancé decided to tell her he’d been sleeping with a man. Since then she’s concentrated on working and steering clear of the dating scene. She’s a very structured person and likes to follow routine and have everything as perfect as possible which as an event planner you need to be.

Sebastian is hilarious, he likes to play jokes and annoy Kate at every possible moment. He does everything possible when it comes to his sister and is always willing to do be there for her. He’s a great friend to his friends. He’s also very geeky and nerdy and I love it!

Amelia I feel deserves a mention even though she’s a side character. (I have found out she has her own book which I’m going to go read because I am attached to these people.) I really liked Amelia and how much she was willing to push Kate to get back on the dating horse. She loves her brother and her best friend and tries everything to get them to get on. One thing I did love about Amelia is that she wasn’t mad or anything when she finds out about Sebastian and Kate being together.

Sebastian and Kate their relationship was full of fire, sexual tension and attraction and some hilarious banter. I loved the whole aspect of enemies to lovers between these two, Kate finds Sebastian unbearable and annoying and he gets under her skin, where Sebastian finds it amusing to get under her skin. I love how although they are arguing with each other and hating you can see the attraction between them. Honestly their first kiss was so sexy and full of passion which describes the whole of their relationship. The way Kate pushes Sebastian away and Sebastian pushes for them to be together.

I fell in love with these two fast and I am very attached to these two and I just love them. I think they could possibly be my new favourite couple. Just their whole journey as a couple and throughout this book is amazing and when the thing happened and how supportive instantly Sebastian was I loved it. I was very happy. It was nice that the roles were reversed for freaking out. <—- This is me not trying to spoil it.

I love how we saw the shift from both of these characters when they started to love each other rather than hate each other and I loved that we could clearly see that. Also the way Sebastian would defend Kate when it came to Amelia I loved.

The authors definitely know how to write their sex scenes there was very sexy, hot and honestly so good. The authors writing in general I really loved the way they wrote this story definitely hit me in the feels certain times.

Preston. The boy deserves a mention I love him and I honestly cannot wait for his story. This is going to be a series that I carry on reading because I am certainly hooked with these authors.

After reading A Discovery of Witches this was definitely what I didn’t realise I needed to read. I loved it so much.

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Home For Summer – J.W. Ashley

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Bestselling Author J.W. Ashley brings you a story full of heart, with the second book in her Home series, a standalone collection about returning home and finding redemption with those you left behind.

So there I was, half-naked and illegally swimming in the chancellor’s pool. 

Hi, Kleo Turner here, and you can say I’ve made quite a few crappy decisions over the last two years. But what can I say? I spent the majority of that time attempting to party away crappy memories and drink myself into blissful ignorance. 

My latest fall from grace is followed closely by my return home to run my family’s summer youth camp. However, since an alcohol-loving woman with her own baggage carousel doesn’t make for the best counselor, my father informs me that he won’t be letting me run it alone…yet.

In walks Dean Lewis, massive pain in my ass and Turner Cove’s very own golden boy. He’s been running the camp in my absence and my father has decided that in order to prove myself capable, I have to work alongside him. 

One wrong move, one bad decision, and I’ll be out of a future. 

But this is my home. My place in the world, and I’ll pry that camp from Nerdean if it’s the last thing I do. 

Sexy, broody, chip on his shoulder Dean Lewis has just become enemy number one. 

Perfect for fans of Meghan Quinn, Alessandra Torre, Harloe Rae, Lauren Landish, and Nora Roberts, Home For Summer brings you an enemies-to-lovers romance packed full of heat, heart, and humor.

I’d like to thank J.W. Ashley for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. Also very sorry this review is late. (I promise next time I’ll be better.) So this story begins very much gripping you straight away and wanting to know more from the very first page I was hooked and I read this book in one sitting and did not want to put it down.

Kleo I really loved her character at first she just seems like a party girl trying to escape her parents but then we soon learn that she was attacked and is trying to escape that. My heart broke for her and I just wanted to give her a big hug and never let her go. I do love that when she comes home she is willing to prove herself to her parents and show them that she deserves to be in charge of the camp like she should have been before she was attacked.

Dean is hilarious, I loved his character from the off you knew from them first meeting when she gets back into town it’s going to be ride. Especially as he throws her over his shoulder and takes her home. You just know it’s going to be full of fireworks. I love how hard he works and you can see how much the camp means to him and how hard he is willing to work for it.

Dean and Kleo start off enemies to lovers, and oh my god the things they do to each other when Kleo moves into the cabin at the camp, the amount of room switching they both do just because Kleo is trying to make it that she has the main bedroom. The petty arguing they do just make me smile and I actually love it. I loved how their relationship changed from the arguing to getting on and I think it has a lot to do with Dean finally understanding why Kleo disappeared two years ago and what happened to her. I also love that after he finds out about it he switches out the main bedroom and gives it to Kleo as it has a lock on. Honestly in that moment my heart melted. I loved the connection these two had with each other, and the sexual tension that began to build.

Judson was my favourite character in this I love how he stuck up for Kleo and he always had his sister’s back and he’s willing to tell her the truth the good and bad and I loved how protective they are of each other. Judson finding out Dean and Kleo were togetherish was hilarious and I loved that he gave him the if you hurt my sister speech.

I like that already Dean has a connection with Kleo’s family and they are already close as he was looking after the camp and I like that their relationship doesn’t change that at all and they got closer and I love that.

I love how fast Dean and Kleo begin to work together for the camp and how easy they fall into a routine with each other. I also love that Dean was willing to give up the camp after he knew about the attack and that Kleo deserved a second chance at running the camp as she didn’t get a first. I just love them.

Also on the first/second kisses I got legit chills. Also this author has great writing and the sex scene was written amazing. Honestly her writing drew me in and kept me hooked.

So the plot of this book besides them getting together revolved around her learning to deal with her attack, we also got a secondary plot of someone maybe after her and let me tell you. Let me tell you. This girl did not expect who it was, it hit me like a brick, I was like what?? I could not believe it, took me by complete surprise and oh my god I so just didn’t see it coming. Also I am so very glad that I did not see it coming because it was great.

I loved this story and honestly the characters, plot and everything just kept me so hooked and I love it. The whole story didn’t feel rushed and it was a perfect ending.