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High Society – Casey L. Bond

Eve thought landing in the year 1717, in a time of piracy and open sea battle was brutal, but 1777 was far worse. The American colonies may have declared their independence over a year ago, but the Redcoats stubbornly refused to accept defeat. The war continued to rage on, and the battles fought were as acrimonious as they were destructive. Unsurprisingly, Enoch and his siblings were in the thick of it all, siring vampire militias to bolster the Continentals in their quest for true freedom. 
To Eve, it quickly became clear that there were more schemes in play off the battlefields than on them, and as usual, she managed to insert herself in the center of the drama. Trouble, she learned, was the one thing that targeted her regardless of time or place. 
Even though Eve was built for maximum destruction, trouble might be the one thing she couldn’t outrun – no matter how fast she was.

I’d like to thank Casey L. Bond and Lady Amber’s Tours for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. I read High Stakes and High Seas which was book 1 and 2 and I loved both of them books and I have been waiting for this book. Both of those books kept me on the edge of my seat and I can’t wait to start the third book. You also definetely shouldn’t read this review if you hadn’t read the first one or even the second one as there will be spoilers for the first two books in this one.

High Society started straight where High Seas ended and we were straight back into the action of where Maru had been wanted for treason.

We saw more of Asa this time around, more so than the other two novels and he was a very interesting character. He was quite funny yet also something we didn’t see in the other novels. I like the bluntness of his character. We saw an interesting dynamic when it came to Asa, Eve, Titus and Terah especially as Enoch was not around until half way into the novel it was interesting to see how they behave.

I loved the bargain between Asa and Eve it made for a very interesting conversations between them. Especially as she also had to act like a clone.

I loved the friendship between Titus and Eve their friendships grows so much stronger and I love how they are always defending each other as well as working with each other.

Victor and Kael this is getting more interesting. I can’t see where this plot is going but damn it’s good. With every book it builds more and more and I can’t work out where it’s going. But I am living for it!

Eve has been through a lot. Eve has been through so much and everything she went through is so inhumane and it’s so sad that she had to go through that. Even worse that she is living through it now that she is remembering what has happened to her. She’s also unlocking the truth for Titus and they are both questioning their time as an asset.

The story is so much more interesting now that Victor and Kael are the bad ones, and that Enoch, Terah and Asa are in fact the good ones and that they have been building a little safe haven. I really love that it’s been tipped on it’s head.

Maru going back in time to Eve is very interesting this is going to put it all on it’s head and I am there for it! I am living for it..

The mystery of this book just keeps getting bigger, it keeps me hooked and gripped reading on and each page. I was shocked by the cliffhanger and it just makes me want to read the next book. Casey’s writing gets better with each book and I can’t wait to see where she takes the series next.

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High Seas – Casey L. Bond

They told her jumping would bring her home. Either they lied, or something is very wrong with Eve. She jumped to save her friend. She jumped to prevent Enoch from becoming the monster she knew from the future. But she didn’t land there. She landed in 1717. In the middle of the ocean, no less. And for a girl who couldn’t swim? That was the worst place in the world. 

After being saved by a pirate who calls himself Blackbeard, Eve desperately needed to find Enoch, but when she did, she learned that not making it home was the least of her worries. Victor did the unthinkable and used her to accomplish his cruel attack, and she isn’t sure if Enoch will ever forgive her – or if he should. 

Maybe the monster was never him. 

Maybe it’s been her all along. Perfect for fans of The Hunger Games, lovers of pirates, dystopian novels, paranormal romance, science fiction fantasy and time travel stories! 

High Seas is part of The High Stakes Saga. The series should be read in this order: High Stakes, High Seas, High Society, High Noon and High Treason. 

I’d like to thank Lady Amber Tours and Casey L. Bond for an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated! I fell in love with High Stakes which is the first book in this series and I loved it. So I was highly anticipating the second one and it lived up to my expectations. As always I loved Casey’s writing, I love how she can make me feel all the emotions and it’s honestly I love writing that can make me really feel something in their writing.

I loved Eve and Enoch all though time had passed it felt like they were still the same. Except especially Enoch you could tell what happened in 1348 had a big effect on him and his siblings. Their first conversation back together was so hard and stressful and the scene was intense, you could tell that both these characters were hurting and it was such a beautiful scene. I also loved that even after both Eve and Enoch can still have banter with each other. They had a brilliant connection with each other, and you could see how much both of these characters mean to each other.

So Maru I didn’t think he was that important in the first book other than being Eve’s trainer but he became more important during this book. One of the questions he asked honestly blew my mind. I did not even think of that, but I actually can’t say what it was because it will spoil you for this book and I really don’t want that. But it blew my mind along with this whole upgrade business that is going off, it was a wow! Like I can’t believe that they got so many upgrades.

I love Titus, I love the bond between him and Eve they are like siblings, they tease each other and yet they defend each other to their last breath and I love that. Abram the third partner in this little trio he is a monster. It really is irony that he turned into a monster he was trying to stop.

I really could not guess where this story was going, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. The story was gripping and kept me hooked, I cannot wait for the next book in this series. I only wonder where this series can go next and I honestly can’t wait!

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High Stakes – Casey L. Bond

Her name is Eve, and she was aptly named. The first female accepted into the Asset program, she was the first to rise to the top. She would also be the first woman to travel back in time, assigned with one target in mind: Enoch – one of the first vampires to walk the earth. Her mission was simple: Land, shove her stake through Enoch’s black heart, run to safety, and jump off something really high so she could warp back home and carve out the life she’s always wanted. 

The only problem was that time travel was more complicated than anyone realized. She was supposed to travel back seven days, but instead, landed in the middle of England in the year 1348, during the time of the Black Plague. 

Enoch never kept his true nature a secret. As a wealthy landowner, he protected and provided for the people under his care, and in exchange, they were more than willing to provide the scant amounts of blood he needed to survive. When a strange young woman showed up at his gate in the midst of the plague and then fell ill, he nursed her back to health. 

He’d never met anyone like Eve. She was intelligent and witty, and the most beautiful creature he’d ever laid eyes upon. And, he learned, the most dangerous.

I’d like to thank Lady Amber Tours and PR for sending me an e-arc of this it is very much appreciated. Over the past year, I have fallen in love with Casey Bond’s writing and stories and this one was no exception.

I loved Eve she was fierce and feisty and strong, I really liked that she was willing to take a moment to think and give a chance rather than attacking right away. I loved despite the fact she had lost someone she still had compassion in her!

I loved the friendship she had with Maru and Titus and I loved the little added humour both of these characters brought to the book as well as Maru being overprotective of her.

I hated Victor I did not trust him and I turned out to be right, I also hated Abrahm so he sucked.

I love the action in this book and how Eve was solely focused on the mission before she travelled and how we saw both sides of her personality when it came to the mission. The tension in this book was high! I felt the tension all the way through, you kind of knew what was on the line when and it was good.

Enoch was very charming, I really loved his character I mean if we ignore what happens in Eve’s present he’s a charmer. I really loved how sweet he was to the people he was letting reside in his manor keeping them safe. I also loved how he cared for Eve when she first landed in the past.

I really don’t want to say too much about the plot but in a nutshell Eve, Abrahm and Titus are sent back in time to kill the first original vampires and they land somewhere they weren’t expecting. Things happen I don’t want to say because you’re better off going into this not knowing much!

I really enjoyed the plot, characters and writing in this book. I did not see the end of this book coming and I really cannot wait for the sequel!

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Brutal Curse – Casey L. Bond

Prince Carden of Tierney lost his home, family, and claim to the throne in one fell swoop when he rebelled against his father for a cause he knew was right. Instead of wallowing in despair, he embarks on a new journey, starting a new life on the Southern Isle. When he finds himself caught in a web woven by the famously ruthless fae queen, Coeur, he insults her and she vows to teach him the most difficult and heart-breaking lesson he will ever learn: that humans are incapable of love, and that hearts are beastly things. 
Arabella wasn’t really living, she was existing and surviving as best she could. A chance encounter with Carden changes everything for her, but the deadly game he’s dragged her into might cost her life. 
Still, she agrees to play. The rules the fae queen gives them are vague, and it’s obvious there are things Queen Coeur isn’t telling them. She’s sure of it. But what she does know is that together, she and Carden must pass a series of tests and trials. If they fail, game over. But if they succeed, she just might be able to restore her family and carve out the life she’s always envisioned.

I’d like to thank Lady Amber’s Tours and Casey L. Bond for sending me an e-arc of this it is very much appreciated. So I am obsessed with this series! This is not the first book I’ve read of hers, I read Riches to RagsSavage BeautyGlamour of Midnight, and Unlocked. I loved all of them so I had very high hopes for this one and they were met!

So we first met Carden in Riches to Rags, and we get his backstory he left his Kingdom because he didn’t agree with his father’s actions and leaving was easier than staying. I loved his character, he was so funny and caring although he got mega jealous when it came to Arabella and Rule at any point. I felt so bad for him when Queen Coeur was playing all her tricks on him and Arabella. Although it made for an interesting story!

Arabella, I felt so bad for her having to deal with her father than her brother practically not wanting her around all the time. She was so caring and kind of stupidly trusting as well. I enjoyed her character.

Queen Coeur and Rule, they were an interesting pair, she basically wanted her son to be obsessed with her. It was a very interesting dynamic and I loved it! The way they both would be trying to play each other to get what they want. It was actually very entertaining to see Rule piss his mother off all the time.

I loved all the banter. The story was told from mostly Carden and Arabella’s point of view but it did have the odd Rule point of view thrown in there when it was needed. I really enjoyed reading from their point of view.

The heartmate business within this story was very interesting and the fact you could have kind of more than one connection. I would love to read more about the heartmate any couple. This is where we see Esmeralda who is Rule’s heartmate being hidden from the Queen, as she is jealous and wants Rule’s world to start and end with her. As well as the tethered business, it was really interesting. The story actually had many interesting things including the unseen and cursed I loved them and especially Brave. I wanted to know more and more about this world like we got given enough it was built amazingly and fleshed out. I think I just want to know more it never feels like enough maybe because there is so much to soak up and learn.

The story was so cute and I loved the ending it was unbelievably sweet, I fell in love with all of the characters in the book and I wanted more I could have read anything to do with these. I loved the plot, the characters and the story. It was very intense and fast paced and I loved it.

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Unlocked – Casey L. Bond

Princess Raya of Paruth lived alone on a deserted island in a towering lighthouse, forgotten by time. With only a loyal albatross as a friend, she had little hope or joy in her life until he washed up on her shore in the middle of a raging winter storm.
Prince Trevor of Galder left his father and kingdom behind to travel north in search of a wife. It was time to settle down and forget Ella Carina, the woman who chose to love a peasant and follow her heart instead of choosing Trevor and fulfilling her duty to her people. He didn’t heed the warnings about the North Sea in winter, and his ship, crew, and captain paid the price.Raya and Trevor must work together to find a way off the island, or risk being trapped there for the rest of their lives. But sometimes the simplest lessons are the hardest, and each will have to learn that the only thing that can truly set you free is love. 

I’d like to thank Lady Amber’s Tours & PR as well as Casey L. Bond for sending me an earc of this book, of course, this is not the first book of hers I’ve read! I’ve read Riches to RagsSavage Beauty & Glamour of Midnight and I loved all of them and I had very high expectations for this one! Of course, they were met! I am hooked on these stories they put a completely different spin on the fairytales we know and I love them! I can never tell where these stories are going to go and I love that about Casey L. Bond’s work! I’m not sure how coherent this is going to be, I’ve been trying to get my feelings into sentences and I don’t know how well that went!

Trevor! How I missed Trevor! I love the fact we got a book with him, although I loved Ella and Asher Trevor did have a place in my heart! I love his character so much! Raya really did make me laugh, when she first met Trevor and was getting him up the tower, the way she kept saying sorry was hilarious and I loved it. The way they both met was so funny! I love them together so much I do believe this is gushing but I don’t even care! It’s bloody amazing!

Trevor and Raya really made my heart melt, I loved how they built their friendship and their bond in the first few days. Trevor is honestly a sweetheart just wanting the best for her when they get off the small island place. The unrequited love Trevor feels for Ella aw it hurts my heart whenever he thinks about her. The protectiveness that Trevor feels for Raya ahhh so cute and adorable!!!

It was an absolutely beautiful story! I fell in love with both of them honestly I don’t think is a review but more of a gush. It gave me all warm and cute feelings. I loved it. I loved the plot and the romance. Casey L. Bond is such an amazing writer! I can’t wait to see what fairytale she may tackle next!

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Glamour of Midnight – Casey L. Bond

Nineteen-year-old Karis has been blind since birth, but for some reason, she can see through the wall of smoke that separates the human lands from those of the Faeries that rule in grand courts on the other side. Most of the time, the only thing she can see on the other side of the wall is the swipe of a tail or the trailing of a bony hand along the surface. But one day, a handsome faerie appears and sweeps her away into his world—a world that is being ravaged by an evil so dark and deadly, she fears she may never see her home again.
Loftin is a bounty hunter and he has been searching for Karis since she went missing from the Court of Ash. He needs to return her and collect the ransom. But the longer they travel together and the more he teaches her about what she is now able to see, the more difficult he finds the thought of letting her go. A fiery passion ignites between them, but with a monster tracking their every move, they must find a way to reach the Court of Ash before it kills them both. 

I’d like to thank Lady Amber Tours for sending me an e-arc of this book also for contacting me because I read the other two books, (Riches To Rags and Savage Beauty) which I am so glad for because I almost missed the sign up for this and that would have been a shame because this book was absolutely amazing! I have no faults with this book so we might as well call this a gush.

To start with the writing was amazing, it is very easy to read, her writing is very magical it immerses you in the story. You get lost in the story and it is honestly perfect. I love the plot it was so different and it brought a whole new spin on the Snow White fairytale that we all know and love. It also brings Fae in and I always like when Casey L. Bond plays around with Fae because I haven’t read many good fae books, I mean I’ve read Sarah J Maas and that’s about it! So I love reading more fae books!

The plot twists in this book I did not see coming, just when I thought I had everything figured out, bam something else would happen that would just throw me. I loved not being able to tell where this story was going, it kept me on the edge of my seat. It was a brilliant plot. I loved it.

Karis was a very interesting character and I did love her, although she believes she is blind at the start of the novel she soon realises she isn’t and was glamoured. How she navigates when she doesn’t have her sight it is amazing, I always love reading about characters who do not have sight because I find it so interesting. Like I’m so intrigued how they know things, I’m amazed by it. Anyway, she is really funny and although at times I thought she was too trusting it turns out she knew she what she was doing. I also loved that despite the fact she found out about Loftin she was still willing to protect him from the vampires.  I loved Karis and her kindness. She was so curious and extremely perceptive for someone who could not see. I loved how she transformed from a shy, meek girl to a powerful, fierce woman. She was truly the heart and soul of the story, and of the fae world, and had that “Snow White” effect on everything she touched, enchanting everyone around her.

Loftin if we were ever meant to see him as an enemy character turned good, it didn’t work because from the moment we were in his point of view it didn’t feel like that at all. Unless we were meant to see him as always good then it worked because I did. Despite him having to do the bounty work from of the Queen it still didn’t feel like he was evil and he wasn’t. I loved his character that after getting to know her he couldn’t lead her back to the Queen, and was trying to protect her from the moment he saw her. I loved the protectiveness. It was cute. Also the fact he was willing to fight anything that came their way.

I loved Iric we don’t see much of him this book because he’s missing but the parts we got to see him. I loved his friendship with Karis and that he from the moment he met her just took her on as a friend and allowed her to live with him. It was so great to see them as friends and how protective of her he was due to her blindness. He was such a great character.

I loved everything about this novel and it did not disappoint at all! I can’t wait to read more of her fairytale retellings! 

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Savage Beauty – Casey L. Bond

Once upon a time, a beautiful queen was cursed by a dark faery. That curse, inherited by twin princesses, Aura and Luna, binds their lives in the strangest of ways. At an early age, the girls were more than sisters. They were the strongest of allies until a combination of jealousy, anger and dark magic tore their relationship to shreds.
Aura took everything from Luna: her home, her family, and her love by murdering the prince who’d chosen her instead of Aura.
Luna wants revenge, but she’s running out of time. She must sever the magical bond tying her life to Aura’s before their eighteenth birthday or be bound to her forever. In desperation, she seeks help from a dark fae prince, but the price is steep – a piece of her soul.
Fate is a real witch. Luna was willing to give up anything to stop her sister, until Prince Phillip of Grithim, the brother of the only man she’s ever loved, falls into her life. Neither of them can fight their attraction, despite their guilt.
With Aura hell-bent on destroying everything she holds dear, Luna must decide whether she wants revenge or Phillip. She can’t have both, and in the end, this may be a battle both sisters lose.
**Savage Beauty is a fairy tale retelling of Sleeping Beauty… with fae witches.

I’d like to thank Lady Amber Tours for sending me an e-arc of this book! I have read from this author before I read Riches to Rags which was the Cinderella retelling so when I saw she was doing a sleeping beauty one. I was straight there. I knew I was going to be in for one hell of a ride. And boy was I in for a ride!

It was very interesting to read both sister’s point of view, I don’t know who I loved reading more from Luna or Aura, they were both very interesting and they were most definitely unreliable narrators, but each of the girls brought a part of the story and by the end of the story we did have the full story.

Through the start of the book, I had more sympathy towards Luna then I did Aura, I mean that changed when it got to the end then it all made sense but Aura was made to seem very unlikeable by the author until a certain point. I think it’s safe to say though I didn’t like either of the girls, just something about them I couldn’t connect to them.

The story has so much mindfuckery in it, so many times through the story I thought I had it all figured out there would be another twist or turn that throws me completely off guard and then I still don’t know where I stand with this book. It was one of the things I loved about it though. The story had me so confused and conflicted about who I was with and who I wanted to believe.

One thing was for sure in this story, I did not like Malex I thought he was dodgy from the start and I was glad it did, in fact, turn out true that he was dodgy. I loved that Aura protected her sister from the last moment even when she was mad at her, she was still willing to sacrifice herself for her. I loved that about Aura, it was nice to see by the end that both of these sisters had redeeming features about them.

I really loved this story and I loved the writing, if Casey L. Bond does any more fairy tale retellings, I shall for sure be picking them up. 

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Riches to Rags – Casey L. Bond

Most girls dream of being princesses, but one princess just wants to be a normal girl.
Ella Carina, crown princess of Aelawyn, knows brutality and lies—she’s seen the way her father rules. Princess. Possession. To her father, the words had the same meaning. She was only as valuable as the alliance formed with her betrothal. Her freedom comes from an unlikely place: an attack on the castle.
When the conquering King offers to protect her from the betrothal her father arranged for political gain, she consents. Hiding her within a peasant family is the only way to keep her and her secret safe. 
In this simpler life, Ella flourishes and catches the eye of the local Blacksmith’s son. For once, she can be herself and make her own choices, but the life of a princess—even one kept secret—was never meant to be easy. 
Trevor, crown prince of Galder has been searching for Ella, but not because of their betrothal. She is in grave danger from the very people who hid her away. His plan is to show her the truth and help her to safety. 
Nothing goes as planned. When Trevor finds her, it’s to discover she’s fallen in love with a peasant. Now he has two goals: help her regain her throne… and show her that she belongs with him.

I’d like to thank Lady Amber Tours for sending me an earc of this book to read. Just a small thing, when I first signed up for this book at the time I knew absolutely nothing, didn’t know a title or a synopsis so as it was revealed I was really excited for this and it did not disappoint! I have never read anything from this author so this is also my first book from her and it will definitely not be my last!

This is kind of a Cinderella retelling but it adds a new spin, this story was fantastic, I really enjoyed the beginning especially after Ella’s Kingdom was destroyed that we saw her settle in with the farmers before we have a time jump so I really enjoyed that and how much of a big plus it was for me!

I really enjoyed Ella’s character, all she wanted was a simple life and it showed in everything she did, I really loved how instantly she was hard working and throwing herself into the gardening and farm life. I loved her attitude to it and how much she appreciated the farmers taking in her in and giving her more than a home but a family too. Even with Millie, the daughter, being a bitch.

Asher I loved him, how he was so guarded and then he slowly let Ella into his heart and vice versa I loved how their relationship built. I loved how he made certain gifts for Ella that meant the world to her and I liked how his skills as a blacksmith were used in this novel. It was interesting to read about and how the village all worked together and helped each other out.

I loved the relationship between them and how they did grow to like each other and when they arrived at her kingdom and they were being split apart I loved how they were both fighting against it and for each other, the ending was really sweet and they did end up together which I was glad about. You’ll have to read because I won’t spoil you guys.

I loved the relationship between Matthew, the son, and Ella it was so sweet and how they cared for each other, when Asher was teaching them to sword fight I enjoyed the bond they had. The family that she stayed with I loved how they just accepted her as one of them, I loved the fact even when she had to go back to her throne she wanted to take them with her and have them by her side.

I loved the plot, I was very curious on where it was going to go and I was not disappointed, I really enjoyed how it came together and little bits where dropped that didn’t make sense until later in the novel and I really enjoyed that.

My favourite part in this novel is when Ella returns back to her Palace and enters her room and gets bad memories, the way she storms into that throne room and smashes the last thing of her fathers into pieces. I was like YAS GIRL! It was one of my favourite parts of the whole book!

The writing was amazing when it came to how she felt with her loss I could really rate and feel the pain she was feeling so that was lovely!