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Walk Me Home – Alison Mello *Release Blitz*

Title: Walk Me Home
Author: Alison Mello
Genre: Friends-to-Lovers Dance Romance
Release Date: August 13, 2020


Can Jade overcome the hurt from her past for the one man she now sees as more than a friend, the man who makes her pulse race?

They may be friends, but she has no idea that he’s been mesmerized by her over the last few years. The way she moves on the dance floor… her grace… her beauty. He’s wanted nothing more than to make her his, but there’s one problem. She’s with a man who has very little respect for her, and she’s blind to it. 

Her ex broke her heart into a million pieces, leaving her shattered and wondering if she could ever retake the stage. Now, it’s time to go back, but she’ll never dance with a partner again. That is until she’s told she’ll be dancing her friend Bentley. Despite her wishes, she’s pushed into another partner routine. Her instructor told her it’s for her own good, but she doesn’t believe it. 

Bentley and Jade are magic together on the dance floor, and she knows it. Their magic leads to a connection she never thought possible. She’s only just left the man, she thought she’d love forever. Can she move on? Can she admit the feelings she has for Bentley? Will they finish this dance? 

Download this romance to experience a story of friendship, healing, and passion! 

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“What were you and the guys talking about?” 
Ah, so she was watching me. I wonder what is going through that pretty little head of hers. “Nothing much. Aaron was thanking us for offering to work with him and Julie. He’s nervous. If we can’t help them loosen up, he’ll lose his seat on the team.” 
“He’ll be fine.” She brushes it off. 
“I agree, and that’s what I told him.” We continue to move to the music, but our movements are a bit off as we get lost in our conversation. 
“What were you girls talking about?” I stare into her eyes, hoping to get a glimpse of that interest Aaron was referring to. 
She laughs. “You.” She pokes me in the chest.
“Me?” That surprised me but thrills me at the same time. 
She nods. “You.” She spins around. 
“Dare I ask what about?” 
She stops dancing and fans her face. “I’m hot, wanna get a drink?” I guess I’m not going to hear what she was talking about.
“Sure.” We walk back toward the house together to grab something to drink. Destiny stocks the coolers with tons of liquor options. She has mini bottles of wine, wine coolers, beer, hard tea, and so on. We’ve all tried to kick in for the parties, but she never allows us too. She hasn’t come out and said it but has hinted that her parents left her very well off. 
“I’ll grab us drinks. You grab us some seats.” She offers. 
I walk over to a quieter area and grab us two empty chairs. I’m really hoping to get her to open up. Jade and I have known each other a while, but Jade is not one to talk freely with anyone anymore. 
“Here.” She hands me a beer. “You know, if you keep drinking beer, your six-pack abs are going to disappear,” she says with amusement. 
I laugh. “You’ve noticed my abs?” 
She rolls her eyes and takes the seat next to me. “Bentley, let’s be real, I’m not dead. I still see men.” She takes a sip of her drink. 
“It’s the part about you seeing me that I’m interested in.” I take a pull from my beer. I work out hard for my abs. Between dance and my community gym, there’s no way I’m losing my abs to a couple of beers. 
She leans back in her lounge chair, crossing her long, lean legs at her ankles as she sips on her spiked seltzer. I never realized how much I noticed her until she became single, and I made it my mission to make her mine. 
“Bentley, I want to move on, but when you’ve been hurt the way I have, it’s hard to trust.” She glances over at me. 
I inch our chairs a bit closer to keep our conversation private. Leaning forward, I rest my elbows on my knees. “I’m sure it is, but what if I told you I was willing to earn that trust?” 
She sighs. “I’d say, I need to think about it.” She glances over at me. “I swore off dancers five months ago and now…” 
“Jade,” I say her name, stopping her from going further. “It’s not dancers you have to watch for, some men just suck. They are pussies and can’t admit when things aren’t working out for them.” 
She nods, watching the waves crash upon the shore. “It’s all over the studio that we’re going to end up a couple because of the connection we have when we dance.” There’s uncertainty in her voice. 
“Do you deny the connection?” I’m not sure she can. It’s obvious. 
She grins. “No, there’s no denying that.” She sits up and turns in her chair, our legs intertwined, and she looks me in the eye. “The problem is dancing is my escape. I leave everything out on that dance floor, my heart, and soul.” She shakes her head. “I’m not sure I can handle being hurt by another dance partner.” 

Author Bio

Alison is a full-time author. She was born and raised in Massachusetts where she met her husband while serving in the Massachusetts Army National Guard. Now that he has retired from the military, they’re living in sunny Florida with their son. 

Alison has a love for reading, writing and Taekwondo. After a few years of taking class, her son asked her to join with him and so she did. They take class and compete in tournaments together. This is the only place he out ranks her. 

Though Alison has written many stories, she is most known for her Club Thrive series, Shattered Souls and A Coach’s Love. She has a love for writing strong females and close friends. She’s also known for intertwining her characters throughout a series. 

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Club Thrive: Predator (Club Thrive #5) – Alison Mello



I had to run. I had to take my son and start over, somewhere his father would never find us. There’s not a chance in hell I’ll ever let him lay another hand on my son again. For a while I thought we were safe, I thought we managed to get away…but I was wrong.


I had a rough start in life, and it had the potential to ruin my future. But I was lucky. I had someone who taught me not to let my past define me. To take the bad and turn it into something good. Now, when I look at Shelly and her son, knowing their past, I realize I have to protect them. There’s a predator out there, lurking in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

But here’s the thing—the only way he’ll be able to get them…is if he kills me first.

So I love this series so much, you don’t have to read the other books to know the characters in this one but I would recommend it. The first book is Club Thrive: Compulsion, Club Thrive: Vendetta, Club Thrive: Agenda and Club Thrive: Deception and I loved all of those stories. I finally got around to reading the 5th book in this series and I had very high hopes! And they were of course met.

I love that Shelly got her happy ending especially after seeing how she was treated in Vixen in Club Thrive: Deception. I loved her story and I loved Ryker her little boy he was so adorable and cute! She was so strong and I loved how independent she wanted to be and that she was training to be a doctor. Mikey first appeared in Club Thrive: Compulsion and I was so happy when he got his story! I love his character! I loved how much he loved Shelly as well as Ryker her son. The moments of Mikey and Ryker were so adorable.

I loved the big family that we have through this and we get to see all the other characters. I loved that they are there and still so supportive and everything. It was great. Also the fact that the characters from there began to protect Shelly when they needed to, I loved it.

Eli is a right wanker. Hated him. That’s all I will say on him.

Overall it was a great story and a great plot, I really hope this isn’t the last story out of this series because I love them so much. I love the writing too.

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Club Thrive: Deception – Alison Mello


I should start trusting my gut instincts more often. Maybe then I wouldn’t have wasted so much time on Noah, the lying SOB who had the honor of calling himself my boyfriend for way too long.

Now I no longer have to feel guilty about sneaking stolen glances at Club Thrive’s family bodyguard. Slade manages to make my body react in the most sinful ways just by being near me, and now that I’m fair game…I’m starting to suspect he might feel the same way.


I’ve been hired to protect the Club Thrive family, and that includes protecting Kara from low-life scumbags like her ex-boyfriend. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is the last we’ve seen of Noah. He’s got bad news stamped all over his forehead, and if my instincts are anything to go by, he’s not going to let Kara go that easily.

But I’ve waited too damn long for the chance to make Kara mine. Nothing and no one will stop me from keeping her safe…not even the Devil himself.

I would like to thank Give Me Books promotions for sending me an earc of this it was very much appreciated, they have definitely gotten me hooked on this author and the club thrive series because I am addicted to these characters.

This book was based off Kara who is Katie’s sister and we meet her in Vendetta, we see her in a relationship with Noah and they break up and she begins to date Slade. I loved Kara and Slade’s relationship and how it was built. I fell in love with them both very fast (I wonder if people who read my reviews one after another are like I wish she’d stop saying that?) I loved Kara and how she wanted to be in terms of what Noah was doing to her and I was so glad when she told him where to go I was like yes! I also wish we knew a bit more about Slade and his army days because the small part we did get I really really loved.

I also loved how the plot for this linked to Miranda and Stone’s story in Agenda so I would recommend reading that story before this one because it would make a bit more sense but I really liked how it did link and how in this story we get a resolution for some of the events that happened in Agenda.

Noah’s excuses were shit, like to hide his dodginess but they were really terrible excuses some of them were very laughable, Noah was just so shit. That’s all I can describe but he was horrible. I did not like him.

I also loved the family aspect this is one of the main reasons I keep coming back to these novels because of the family, we have Skylar and Logan, Katie and Shane, Miranda and Stone, and now Slade and Kara. I also loved seeing Kara’s parents because that was nice.

I have to say for the first time in the whole of this series it is finally the guy that is seriously hurt instead of the females. It was so nice, I mean horrible, but nice that it was finally a man that was hurt because I just liked how she wanted to be with him when he was in hospital and take care of him. It was nice the man being hurt for a chance. I loved Slade. Did I mention that? If not I love Slade.

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Club Thrive: Agenda – Alison Mello


I’ve worked hard to build my reputation at Millennium Marketing Firm, and I’m thrilled when a client finally requests me by name. 

But it doesn’t take long for me to realize there’s something fishy about this job. It’s not just that the client is a pompous blowhard who makes my life miserable. There’s something else going on, and I can’t quite put my finger on it. 


I think Miranda is The One. We’ve been dating for a while, and when I get my promotion to head bouncer at Club Heat, the timing couldn’t be better. 

The first time he puts his hands on her…I was there to save her, but the guy who attacked her is still out there. 

I can’t stand the thought of her getting hurt again. I won’t let her out of my sight. I’ll lay my life on the line to protect her. 

But I’m only one man, and I may not be prepared for the heat that’s coming down on my club…and my girl.

I’d like to thank Give Me Book promotions for sending me an earc of this book it is very much appreciated. I really really enjoyed this! It was just as good as the first and second one. This one is based around Miranda and Stone and they do appear in the other Club Thrive novels so we already knew something about them.

I loved Miranda and Stone’s banter quite a few times it got me laughing and I just liked how they interacted with each other. I loved them as a couple and the insecurities that they sometimes had were very cute! I loved how they dealt with the issues that arose in their relationship especially in terms of safety and protection I loved how they handled it between them. Stone is so lovely and sweet and I honestly just fell in love with him how protective he was of Miranda it made my heart melt!

I loved how we got the family aspect again in this seeing, Katie and Shane, Skylar and Logan it was just nice to see them all appear and how supportive it was.

The plot I loved, it was a weird one and the bad guy was definitely a creep and I loved how professional they all were in dealing with his business and that she just tried to carry on even though he was threatening her. She didn’t want her job to be at risk or the company to be bad mouthed. So I loved how professional she was during all of it.

The sex scenes were written very well I think this is the first time I’ve mentioned that lol they are written very well and I enjoyed reading them. I so want to go into way more detail but you should all just go and read this yourself!

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Club Thrive: Vendetta – Alison Mello

My heart was shattered a year ago, and it feels like I’ll never be whole again.

All I have to distract me is my job, so I throw myself into my work, hoping success will make the pain easier to bear.

That is until I meet a sexy, green-eyed man…that’s the day my numb heart starts to beat again. 

I work hard to get ahead. I’m a trainer by day and a club manager at night, but there’s something missing in my life, and I’m not quite sure what it is.

Until I meet Katie. She’s sweet, smart, and beautiful, and I’d do anything for her.

My devotion is truly put to the test, though, when I have to risk my life to save hers.

So this is the second book in the Club Thrive series, you don’t have to read the first one to understand what is happening in this one! I’d like to thank give me books promotions for sending me an earc of this book!.

I loved Katie and Shane, I loved them as people I fell in love with them and I loved their relationship it felt so honest and pure. When they had problems they sorted it out like adults it didn’t seem childish, like they couldn’t cope being in that relationship. It worked. I felt like with what Katie had already been through with her other boyfriend it made her a lot stronger for this relationship.

I loved loved the plot, it was so different from what happened in book 1, and it felt more different too, this was to do with a serial rapist stalking her because her father put him away and he got out on a technicality. The plot kept me hooked and I wanted to read more, I mean Katie and Shane helped too. But the plot was great.

Katie, I loved her work ethic when she was working with Club Thrive and setting up some promotional aspects for the club. But how hard working I loved that it didn’t affect her job and she just kept trying to keep herself busy.

I loved how we got to see more of the family aspect in Club Thrive seeing Skylar and Logan if you’ve read my review of the first one you’ll know that I only started falling in love with these characters in this story rather than their own. I also loved how we got to see Katie with her family, I was big on seeing the family aspect in this it’s a big thing in the novels and it was definitely one of the things I loved about these novels. Speaking of Skylar she seemed so much more compassionate in this novel than in her own, I can’t really tell you why but that’s what I thought.

I fell in love with this book and these characters when I finished I just wanted more. I think it also helped I loved Katie and Shane!

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Club Thrive: Compulsion – Alison Mello


I’ve always dreamed of being a singer, and it’s time to make that dream come true.

Life is short, and I know my parents—may they rest in peace—would have wanted me to follow my heart. So I pack my bags and head to Los Angeles.

Then my world turns sideways…


I run the hottest club in L.A., where gorgeous women flock to show skin on the dance floor. But as soon as I spot her, I know she’s different. We have a connection, something more powerful than I’ve ever felt.

But I’m not the only one who notices her. She’s getting a lot of attention on the club circuit, and the way other men look at her when she’s on stage drives me crazy.

I want her for my own, but she’s not about to let me control her. And then my past returns…

This could turn into a deadly situation.

This is what I thought on my first read through! 

I’d like to thank Give Me Books promotions for sending me an earc of this book, I’d like to say I really liked this book but it wasn’t that I didn’t like it as much, it was more like not really much happened. I know that Skyler had a stalker but that took like midway through the book to happen so up until that point I was kind of like is something going to happen? It was good but up until midwayish I didn’t think much happened which is why my rating isn’t that high for this book.

Skyler was a character I was unsure about, she was kind of self-acclaimed not good in relationships and she’d kind of just ruin her relationships that is until Logan comes along. Skyler at times does try and sabotage her relationship with Logan unknowingly but she does actually stay and fix it. But erm I wasn’t bothered about the fact she didn’t feel like she’d stay in a relationship I did like how just normal it was that she just wanted sex off men so I really liked how blunt that was. I thought sometimes she should have let Logan take care of her rather than fighting with him at times (like when she got out of hospital). Other than that I thought she was just an okay character.

I loved Logan as a club owner and a boss, he was really good and I liked the way he handled things when it came to his club and I also loved the relationships he had with the people who worked out the club so the bar staff and the bouncers so I really did love that. At times I thought he was kind of possessive of Skyler like way early in the relationship and I was like well that’s a bit weird like usually, you get like that when you’ve been together for a while so I was like okay. At one point I thought he was really condescending, it was just after Skyler was attacked outside her old workplace by some drunk person and then she was home from the hospital, he was treating her like a child. He was trying to take care of her but it was more like a child rather than a partner. Other than that I really liked Logan he was a good guy, he also liked showering her in gifts I liked that he wanted to just treat her right.

I couldn’t really connect with Skyler or any of the characters actually and that was a really big problem with me the fact I didn’t really connect with the characters. I like to be able to connect with them in some way to you know care about them and I didn’t. I more cared about one of the side characters (they have a spin-off story so yay) rather than the two main characters, so that affected my rating a lot.

I’ve said before that I didn’t feel like much happened in the plot not until further into the story, but I am definitely going to read the next few books and give them a chance because although not much happened I am wanting to read the other books!

I rated this ⭐️⭐️

On my second read through! 

So as you guys know if you’ve been following my goodreads updates, I started to fall in love with Skyler and Logan in the other stories rather than in their own. I don’t know whether I maybe wasn’t in the mood for this when I first read it and I was just maybe a tad grumpy. So I gave it a second chance to see if my feelings had changed.

So this time already fell in love with Skyler and Logan and I did like them and their relationship and I did finally connect with them I think that had more to do with the other stories but I did connect with them. Which was a good idea! I did still thin that although I liked their relationship I did think some of the relationship problems they had was just for drama, it wasn’t really needed this could have stood on it’s own with the plot of Billy and Troy the relationship drama just wasn’t needed. I still didn’t like Skyler’s view on sex and relationship it just felt like she had commitment issues and that showed through the relationship problems. I loved the family aspect that they built and where the Monday lunches were born for all the other characters to come.

I understood Troy’s motive for what he did and I completely understand that and it worked with his character, I didn’t understand Billy’s motive for letting what happened happen so far. (Trying to do that without spoiling.) So I was little confused as to why Billy was doing what he did.

Other than that the plot kept me hooked this time and I actually really enjoyed the story. I have no idea whether I just wasn’t in the mood for it but much better this time around.