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Watch Me – Ker Dukey & K Webster

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From international bestselling authors, Ker Dukey and K Webster, comes a fast-paced, hot, insta-love standalone lunchtime readfrom their KKinky Reads collection!

I like to watch.

It’s a compulsion I can’t stop. 
Now, my desire is centered around one woman.
My obsession borders on stalking, but the glass wall keeps me in check. 

She can’t see my face, yet she dances in an intensely erotic and intimate way that feels designed just for me. 
She likes when I watch her.

But things are about to change when she waltzes out of that room and into my tattoo parlor, turning my world completely upside down. 

There’s no glass wall this time. 

This is a steamy, kinky romance sure to make you blush! A perfect combination of sweet and sexy you can devour in one sitting! You’ll get a happy ending that’ll make you swoon!

This is not a dark romance.

I’d like to thank the authors and Terrie the PA for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. I have read Share Me which I loved. I then read Choke Me and Daddy Me and they were mediocre for me, and this one. This brought it back!

I finally know what the other books were missing that this one had! It’s the connection between the characters as well as the angst! I love a book with some good angst in! The angst I was dying for, you could feel the characters pain and the love they felt for each other. I loved it.

I really liked seeing Lucca getting his happy ending, especially because now we sort of know that he didn’t mean to clip Sofina’s wings. I loved his character, it also made me chuckle that he didn’t recognise his dream girl as his ex-girlfriend.

There’s something that is revealed later in the book, I don’t want to go into much detail because spoilers. I loved that we got to see a different side to Lucca but we also know why Autumn was working where she was.

The story was hot, steamy and short. I loved this book so much more than the past two!

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