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Share Me – Ker Dukey & K Webster

From international bestselling authorsKer Dukey and K Webstercomes a steamy reverse harem standalone story from their KKinky Reads collection! 
They have one job.
Keep me safe.
But none of us are safe against the allure we have when we’re together.
Control and professionalism used to be something they prided themselves on.
But now that we’re secluded and alone, lines blur and control quickly loses to need.
Someone is trying to snuff out my life, but they may not get the chance if I’m devoured whole by my saviors first

I’d like to thank IndieSage PR for sending me an e-arc of this book it is much appreciated! I love their books and together both of these authors are amazing and I cannot wait to see what they have in store now!

Clove, I like her. I feel like she’s a bit of a people pleaser when it comes to her dad or her tool of a boyfriend. They all want to possess her rather than be with her, she needs to take a stand. She is cute and innocent and I love it!

Ford (the weapons specialist) , Leo (the open source intelligence agent) , Sebastian (he person who started it) and Zac (electronic security agent) my these four boys are immediately interesting and they definetely get your attention the way they work as a team. You can tell they trust each other with their life. I love how they each have their own little bond with her.

Sebastian finding Clove’s toy was hilarious. I love that she was embarrassed and he was so causal about it saying we all have needs. Leo is hilarious describing how they all lust over Clove it made me laugh out loud.

Holy shit that one from 0 to a 100 real fast! The action and the pace of this novel is fantastic! This story is intense, the connection between Clove and all of them is intense. You can practically feel it coming off the page! The sexual tension is real hot.

I love how the chapters are separated into the separate POVs but also that we know exactly what each of the men do if we forget.

Interesting that Leo and Seb also Zac have shared women before being Seb’s ex-fiancee. Seems they do it quite regularly. Rachel is a bitch, honestly there is kind of no need for the other women drama. I also don’t like how she’s slut shaming Clove. I did like that in the end they do become friends and that’s kind of cute I suppose. But yeah she was totally not necessary to appear in the plot.

Holy shit did not see that plot twist coming! The story went from 0 to a 100 real fast again by the end with that action. It was fantastic. The sex was written very well, hot sexy and kinky! I loved how they each had their own way of being with Clove and yet when they were all together they managed to work perfectly in sync with each other.

I love the happy ever after they got and it made my heart melt as well has the really hot sex of course. I really enjoyed reading this story and I can’t wait to see what Ker Dukey & K Webster come up with next but I know I’ll be reading it!

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