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In The Crossfire – L.P. Dover

I’ve gotten away with it all, but that won’t last forever.
I’m Bryce Chandler, FBI agent and member of the Circle of Justice, a covert organization that metes out retribution to those who’ve escaped the system without punishment. For the last year I’ve been deep undercover, doing unspeakable things to secure my place in the mafia world. These days I barely recognize the man in the mirror, but Anthony Corsino is finally in my crosshairs. 
He’s entrusted me with the one thing he loves most—his daughter, Layla. She was just another detail of the mission, until she was suddenly so much more. I never meant to fall for the enemy, but I couldn’t resist. I’m in too deep. My brothers are determined to get me out, but I can’t let them interfere. It’s my job to put down the target. However, when I do, I’ll lose the only woman I’ve ever loved and the only good thing left in my life. If I don’t, I’ll lose myself.

I’d like to thank Give Me Books for sending me an e-arc of this it is very much appreciated.

I have been waiting for Bryce’s story and I am so excited for his story, I loved hearing about him from the others as well as him appearing in the story. So I couldn’t wait to read his and it didn’t let me down, it was amazing. I fell in love with Bryce and his story.

I loved the set up and plot, it was very interesting. I loved the twists and turns that came with this plot. Many times during this I had the massive thought of this is not going to end well. All the way through the story I was thinking this won’t end well for Bryce or Layla. It kept me hooked and on the edge of the seat all the way through. It was amazing. I fell in love with the story and plot.

Bryce I loved him. He was amazing, scary and caring all at the same time. He was brilliant and I loved him. I loved his confidence. Layla is blunt. I love blunt characters. She is strong, sassy and and caring. I love her. The connection between these two characters was amazing, I loved the sexual tension and I loved the connection that these two built over time. I loved them together they were so cute.

The story was going to break my heart and for the most part I was right, it did break my heart but then it mended it back together and it was perfect.

I love that he told Layla his real name without her really knowing it but it was cute.

The sex is written very well during this book and it flowed nicely into the story.

One of my favourite lines in this book was “yeah I shot him” she was so casual about it and it was honestly my favourite thing. Like once you get to the part where this book you will understand this comment totally. But I love it.

Another one of my favourite lines “Smack the shit out of him for being a dick” that’s Layla’s line and I love it.

Bryce’s proposal to Layla was beautiful.

I loved the story, the plot and characters it was beautiful.

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