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Redemption – Wendy Million

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Finn Donaghey turned himself into the FBI to protect Carys Van de Berg, the love of his life. Now serving multiple life sentences, he can’t save her from the dangers lurking outside. 

Carys won’t accept a life without Finn in it. While she plots to break him out of jail, other shadowy figures seek ways to take them down.

After Carys is injured in an explosion, Finn teams up with unlikely allies to hunt down the perpetrators.

In pursuing retribution, can he finally find redemption?

I’d like to thank Wendy Million for sending me an e-arc of this book. This is the third book in the Donaghey Brothers and Retribution was book one, and Resurrection was book two, I recommend not reading this review if you haven’t read the other two because there will be spoilers for them as this is obviously the third book.

I had some hopes for this book which lets recap what they were just for the context of this review:

  1. I’d like to see Lorcan in this book but didn’t know if it was possible without getting the FBI and CIA involved and we didn’t want that.
  2. Carys, Lucas and Finn to be happy and living happily with Jay and Sofia and Lena.

So those were my two hopes for this book and I got them both sort of. In a way.

Finn. This man sent me in a spin so much I remember when I read Resurrection that my reaction was this is why you don’t fall in love with the criminal characters because realistically they never get their happy ending and I get attached and I spent way too much time in the 2nd book crying. I’m happy to report there was minimal crying for this one. I loved Finn, I mean I loved him before but I loved him even more. Especially when he stopped pushing Carys away and accepted that he needed her in his life. I love how much character development we get from Finn in this book and we see him actively wanting to do better and I loved that. I also loved that we got to see more criminal Finn too.

Carys. This girl surprised me in this book, not the whole loving Finn thing but I didn’t actually think she’d make a plan to try and break him out of prison. Like honestly this girl just radiates power and doesn’t take shit from anyone. I love that for her. But she also has weak spots which is her family which in the end is what leaves her exposed.

I loved seeing these two characters together again, their bond, their relationship I just loved it so much. Both of them together they are perfect for each other so many times through this book I was like no don’t set your heart on happy ending it will get crushed. I’m happy to report I was deadly wrong about that.

Lorcan. So surprisingly, he was in this book with Kim. I didn’t think we’d be seeing them again and it was a nice surprise especially when it helped Finn get his deal and his sentence changed. I loved how much Finn and Lorcan’s relationship grew during this and we see how much Finn does want his brother despite everything that has happened. I loved that we got to see them make amends and actually got closer to each other.

I loved that even surprising Finn and Kim managed to get on the same page let’s say and although she couldn’t forgive him for murdering her brother they managed to find some common ground when it came to Carys and Lorcan and I really liked that.

In a weird way by the end of it we got them all back together and learning that family isn’t just blood. Family is who is there for you. I loved that message from the book it was one of my favourite.

This book was so much more than I thought it would be, the twists, the turns I didn’t see what was coming until it hit you in the face. Wendy Million is very good at writing her books in a way that you get the information when you need it but in a way that it’s not written obvious. I love the way the clues are written into this book. I was open mouthed so much through this book. I am really sad this series is over because I could just read books of them living the normal life and I would be happy.

I don’t want to go into the plot too much but just know the stakes are high and the twists and turns just keep coming. You are so much better going into this book not having a clue, actually it’s the best way to go into the series not having a clue. I loved it. The story and the characters are ones that are going to stay in my heart for a long time.

Before I end this review I just want to say thank you to Wendy Million, when I got to the end of this book I noticed that my name was in the acknowledgments as thank you to all your first reviewers from Resurrection. I did shed a little tear when I saw my name, and thank you very much. Mainly Wendy thank you for writing the Donaghey Brothers and their stories.

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