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Aim – L.P. Dover

When someone asks what I do for a living, I answer it plain and simple . . . I’m a hunter. I hunt the dregs of society and I’m very damn good at it.
Do I like to kill people? No, but it’s part of my job.
I’m Ian Chandler, FBI agent and a member of the Circle of Justice, an organization of justice seeking vigilantes. My mission is to solve a string of ‘accidental’ hiking deaths occurring around my Wyoming town. When Grace Myers –a woman who’s been missing for days –shows up on my land, it turns out she’s the key to it all. Someone is hunting her, and I make it my duty to keep her safe.
However, the deeper I get into the case, the more dangerous it becomes; especially, now that I’ve fallen for the woman I have to protect. If hunting is the game, I won’t fail. I always hit my mark.

So I would like to thank give me books promotions for sending me an arc of this book! I loved this I signed up for the blitz because the description sounded fabulous! And that was exactly what I got. The beginning of this story reminded me of an episode of Criminal Minds and Sea patrol and I absolutely loved it! It was action packed from the beginning and it was fantastic it didn’t slow down. Everything felt urgent, life or death and I loved it.

The writing was amazing I could really feel the emotions as well as the stakes, you could feel the fear and when she felt safe and you could even feel how both Ian and Grace felt about each other as well as family and friends. I loved feeling those things from the writing, it’s been a while since I have managed to feel that from a book so it was amazing.

I really liked that Grace and Ian already knew each other and had that connection and or they had to do was act on it, from both of the characters you could tell that there was a bond there and I loved it.

I also loved the FBI side of the story especially Ian being a killer/hunter although probably vigilante would be a better word, especially as he kills bad people and scum of the earth. I loved how all of his family was involved with the FBI too and I enjoyed the family aspect from Reed, Ian and Bryce. I loved Reed and Grace’s friendship and how they bonded when Ian was out getting information on who wanted Grace dead. I loved how Grace and Bryce meet for the first time, she does not expect Ian to be an identical twin and that was one of my favourite parts of this book. It made me laugh so much and I really did love it. I really liked how Grace was not scared of the job they do and understand that it is necessary for them to keep evil out the world.

The plot kept me hooked the romance did not overtake the story, there were no plot holes and everything for me fitted correctly nothing seemed out of place. I felt the reasons for wanting people dead in this novel were pretty pathetic but then again they were pretty pathetic people.

Grace is a very strong willed character and knows how to take care of herself and it shows when she quits her job and when it came to paying her rent for the apartment when she was “Dead.” There were great characters and great story! I would love to read the others in the series because if it is anything like this it’s fantastic!

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