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Target – L.P. Dover

An assassin . . . that’s what I am. 
I’m Wade Chandler by day and a killer at night. I get the job done no matter the cost. Not only do I hunt people for the FBI, but I’m also the owner of Chandler Enterprises, one of the top companies in the southeast. 
When Brina Carmichael – daughter of the former president – wants my business advice, it’s hard to resist her long legs and seductive smile. One thing leads to another and now I’m in too deep. 
I can’t let her know what I am, but I’ve never wanted a woman the way I want her. 
However, harboring secrets comes at a price and I have a feeling she’s keeping some of her own. Especially, when my next mission leads me straight to her. 
Turns out she’s not who I thought she was.

So I have read this series out of order, although I don’t think we are surprised. I read Aim first and then I read Trigger and now I am finally on Target! Should be interesting! I am really hooked on these books and I have very high expectations for them.

I really liked Brina she was very sassy and very strong minded and I loved that about her, also that she was so stubborn as they all kept saying. I really liked her plot twist I did not see that coming but I don’t want to say much more because of spoilers! Either way I loved her even more after that.

Wade he made me chuckle a lot through this novel especially how he got annoyed at his father for being protective of Brina I also love how he was willing to help her with her business and I really loved that aspect of this novel and that we saw him in that environment as well as his job. So Wade also doubles as an FBI agent and damn that man is hot when he flips I love how the author describes the fire in his eyes and everything.

The beginning of this book was so dramatic it went from 0 to 100 real fast and it stayed relevant all the way through especially as when her dad was president to her brother being president it was an interesting family dynamic.

I loved the plot, I really want to talk about the twist but I can’t talk about the twist because you all need to be as blown away as I was because I did not expect this twist and it blew me away, I reread like 4 times to make sure what I was reading was right but honestly it blew my mind. I didn’t see it coming. It just made Wade and Brina’s connection all that stronger and I loved it.

The story kept me hooked and turning the pages, I read this in one sitting I absolutely loved it. I really enjoyed the characters and the book was written very well. I am so in love with these characters and they are literally perfect. I don’t want to say too much more because honestly you need to read this story without knowing much.

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