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Writing Dirty -Alley Ciz

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“I’ve always been her shelter in the storm.”

Hockey players.
MMA fighters. 
Rock stars. 
The boys in blue. 
Even sexy SEALs have all offered to slay my dragon—or in my case, my stalker. 

Why can’t they get it through their thick, stubborn heads that I can take care of myself? 
I’m no damsel!
What if the real villain in this story is me?

Now the one person I’ve never been able to resist has appointed himself as my protector. 

I don’t know what’s more at risk—my life or my heart.

WRITING DIRTY is an interconnected stand-alone of the BTU Alumni squad with scenes steamy enough to inspire this romance writing Covenette. This laugh out loud rom-com features a cast of characters who don’t know how to stay in their lane, a heroine who refuses to be a damsel, and a hero determined to prove he can deliver one hell of a happily ever after. 

I’d like to thank Give Me book promotions for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated this is book number 5 in the BTU Alumni series and I love this world so much and it’s one of my favourites. I read Power Play, Tap Out, Sweet Victory and Puck Performance. I love this world and it will always be one of my favourites to dive back into this world. I love how as always we get all the names from the text chain at the beginning it’s definitely one of my favourite things.

So I have loved Maddey since we first met her all those books again, I was so happy to know that our Queen of Smut was finally getting her ending because she definitely deserved it. I was hoping it would be with Ryan but it did not turn out to be him it turns out she denied his proposal and they broke up but are still really good friends. I was sad about that but I definitely was not disappointed with who her hero actually was.

Dex. He was definitely a different character one who wouldn’t bend to what Maddey wanted or be took control of when it came to her protection. I loved him and how much he cared for her and trying to not fall for her or let anybody know how he felt which obviously doesn’t happen.

So we first start this book with when Dex gets there Maddey does no more than tasers him in the balls. It was so funny and I was dying of laughter. One thing this couple did was keep me on my toes and I loved it, I loved how their relationship slowly grew into what it was and the connection these two had as well as the sexual tension between them both was off the charts.

I did not expect who the stalker was it came as a complete surprise to me and I did not see it coming! I still can’t believe he used the poor doggos as a distraction like what a bastard. I mean I know stalking is bad but you know those poor doggies. Thankfully they survived what he did. My priorities are weird there aren’t they?

So one of my favourite moments in this book is when Maddey’s brothers find out she and Dex are together. Their reactions are hilarious and the fact they were betting on how long it would take them to get together is even more funny. I loved that they just basically knew Dex was the right person for Maddey and they were just waiting for them two to see it.

I love the text chains and I love how they all react to her stories I love the supportive friends and it’s so good! I’m glad Maddey finally got her happy ending and I loved it!

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