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Ashton Morgan Apartment 17B – Aly Stiles

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An angsty and emotional new adult romance that can be read as a standalone.

Ashton Morgan doesn’t have a chance.

With a young brother and an immature mother to support, he had no choice but to drop out of college to keep his family afloat. But the day his future came crashing down was just the beginning of a tortured journey that won’t let him up for air.

College student Iris Alexander has everything—except the person who’s captured her heart. As the daughter of a billionaire, she understands why the captivating young landscaper is wary of her and her lifestyle. But the harder she tries, the harder he resists. If only she can convince him that he’s the only real treasure in her flashy world.

She needs a purpose.
He needs a lifeline.

They’ll both need each other to survive the present and fight for a future.

I’d like to thank Aly Stiles and her PA for sending me an arc of this book it is very much appreciated. This is the first book I have read by this author and boy it did not disappoint. I was destroyed by this book emotionally and not even half way through did I start crying. Being New Adult you expect a certain amount of light heartedness and not generally hard hitting emotional stories, the kind where it hits you right in the feels.

From the moment we’re introduced to Ashton I felt so bad for him having to give up school to deal with his mother just so he can care for his brother after discovering she is up to her eyeballs in debt. Since that moment Ashton has worked as much as possible to help provide for his brother. Ashton is responsible, he’s a hard worker, he doesn’t let himself hope after having it taken away once already.

Iris is carefree she is the complete opposite to Ashton, her father is a billionaire and she doesn’t have to worry about much other than her university. She instantly lays her eyes on Ashton and she’s determined to get him, even if it means pushing herself into his life and not stopping until she’s got his attention. Iris is so kind and lovely and honestly I loved her character she was strong willed and feisty.

I really loved how strong willed Iris was and how much she was not willing to give up. I loved the connection between Ashton and Iris the banter these two had with each I loved it. They made me laugh quite a few times. I loved how their relationship developed and the moment Ashton finally stops pushing Iris away and they have their first kiss is spectacular it’s like hallelujah finally.

Many times through this book I was crying, this book hit me in the feels it was so emotional and so many times through this book I just wanted to give Ashton a hug and never let him go.

I really enjoyed the relationship that Iris and her dad had the honesty and the way he treated Ashton was also so lovely. I really liked the relationship that her dad, Kyle, and Ashton grow to have throughout the book. I loved that he was willing to champion for him and believe him and give him options when he really thought he was out of options.

Ashton’s mum and Iris are scum and I do not like them and they deserve to be hit by buses. Iris especially. What she does just made me really angry and honestly she deserved so much worse to happen to her.

I really enjoyed this book I will definitely be reading more from Aly Stiles I really liked her writing and the way she writes her books and her characters making me fall in love with them and I just I loved this book so much.

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