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Mayhem's King – Lindsay Cross

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They call him the quiet one.
But they don’t know him.
They only know him as the King of mayhem. The elite of the elite. The man his team relied on to save the unsaveable. Kingston Kenrich could save anyone…except those who he’d loved most. King thought he’d survived the worst, until his own teammate’s betrayal left him blind in one eye. Before, he lived for pain, now he lives for revenge.
Her compassion knew no bounds.
From the moment Laura Dawson’s daredevil brother, John, signed up for the Special Forces, she’d known one day she’d get the call that he’d been killed in action. But she’d never expected to be the one raising his young daughter. After a year as a stand in mother, she got an even bigger shock – John was alive. But he wasn’t the same.
When his old teammate, King, appeared in her house looking for John, Laura kept quiet. But something about the tall, dark stranger tugged at her soul.
King takes one look at Laura and feels his heart beat again. How could his betrayer’s sister evoke anything other than hate?
Fate throws them together into a turbulent world of adventure and pain. Laura fights to remain loyal to her brother while falling for the man who wants to see him dead. King is determined to make her see the twisted man her brother has become, all the while losing his heart to her more each day.
Will Laura and King choose love or loyalty? Or will fate take the decision out of their hands?
This incredibly emotional romance will take you through the highs and lows of new love, the treachery of betrayal and the uncertainty of danger in a heart pounding journey of discovery.

So if you followed my blog you will know I went down a whole of Lindsay Cross and I love her books especially her Men of Mercy series and the Operation Mayhem series. They include: Redemption River (Men of Mercy #1)Resurrection River (Men of Mercy #2)Reckless River (Men Of Mercy #3)Ravaged River (Men of Mercy #4)Rebellious River (Men of Mercy #5)Ravished River (Men of Mercy #6)Revenge River (Men Of Mercy #7)Mercy and Mayhem (Men of Mercy #8)(Operation Mayhem 0.5)Mayhem’s Warrior (Operation Mayhem #1)Mayhem’s Desire (Operation Mayhem #2) and Mayhem’s Hero (Operation Mayhem #3). So now I have to be waiting patiently for the new books to come out…

I’d like to thank Lindsay for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. I had high hopes for this book and of course it did not let me down!

Oh my god poor King loosing his wife and daughter, that was heartbreaking! It hits you as soon as you open this book, you’re hit with King loosing his family and it was honestly heartbreaking. Like it hits you in the feels immediately. Then obviously after Operation Mayhem it changed him a lot into somebody who is untrusting and only has one thing on his mind and that is revenge after Dawson shot him in the eye.

I really like Laura, stubborn and yet smart (ish) in a way, after King turned up she kind of was more switched onto the fact that Dawson wasn’t telling the whole truth to her. I loved how caring and protective she was of Faith and that she was willing to look after her like she was her own child.

Faith is the cutest little human ever. I loved her, I also loved how the guys take both of them in and are willing to help them no matter what. Also the fact she has a hearing aid I also think was very interesting and I liked how that was represented and it was very interesting.

I love the connection between King and Laura, the way it just built between them before it became a sexual attraction between them. Especially as he fills her in on what happened with Dawson who is her brother and Operation Mayhem as a whole. I also think it was very interesting that she managed to be able to convince King to let her revenge go and not kill him but instead try to help him and I thought that was very interesting.

King and Faith had a very interesting relationship and it was so cute. I really don’t know what it is about characters and kids that aren’t theirs that the relationship between them just becomes more special and more cute especially as you see the bond between them create and I just think that’s precious and sweet. So all three of them together is also the cutest thing ever.

Holy shit what a ride. I can’t believe they’ve managed to capture Dawson and even that instead of killing him are willing to help him and protect him. I guess deep down for them he’s still part of their team and they are starting to live normal lives so he should too. I just think it was interesting ending and one I totally wasn’t expecting.

Can’t wait for the next book! These books keep me hooked and Lindsay put a post up the other day saying we are expecting the next one out in 2020 so I have a bit to wait but it will be worth it!

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