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Mayhem's Hero – Lindsay Cross

He needs someone to tell him he’s worth saving. 

Diggs never mattered— not in his family. Project Mayhem left him with nothing but questions about who he is and confirmation that he can’t contribute to the team. He’s tired of being overshadowed by his brothers; Diggs needs something more… someone more. 

She’s about to fall for the man who could hurt her more than anyone. 

When Audra receives a cryptic message from her military brother that was filmed the day before he was killed in action, she knows he was involved in a secret operation gone wrong. His K-9 bomb sniffing dog, Trigger, has been left in their abusive father’s care. Audra races against time to save Trigger, and claim the one piece of her brother she has left. 

A chance meeting. Diggs helps Audra save Trigger… but he’s the one who needs her the most. 

Audra hates the military for taking her brother away, so loving Diggs isn’t an option. She can’t stand to get hurt again, yet Diggs is the only person who can help her piece together what happened to her brother. As they investigate the mystery, the chemistry between them grows even more intense until it erupts into steamy situations and longing professions of romance. 

Diggs is Audra’s hero. But can she be his? 

If you’d like to read my other reviews for her books click on the title they are linked here: Redemption River (Men of Mercy #1)Resurrection River (Men of Mercy #2)Reckless River (Men Of Mercy #3)Ravaged River (Men of Mercy #4)Rebellious River (Men of Mercy #5)Ravished River (Men of Mercy #6)Revenge River (Men Of Mercy #7)Mercy and Mayhem (Men of Mercy #8)(Operation Mayhem 0.5)Mayhem’s Warrior (Operation Mayhem #1), and Mayhem’s Desire (Operation Mayhem #2) I loved all of the books and they got me really hooked. I think this is the fastest I have ever binge read a series and now two series. I am going to be so sad when I run out of her books to read. Okay it kind of happened I ran out of her books to read but it’s okay another one is coming out in January so I can wait until then…

I loved this series so much and I was so interested to read Diggs’ story and it was a very interesting one. I felt so bad for him and the guilt he carried around over the participation in Project Mayhem when it came to the other members of his team he felt immense guilt and gosh it hit me so much in the feels. I loved how he was willing to risk everything to protect the service dog Trigger from being attacked. I really loved that we saw a more human side of them especially because they are super soldiers.

Audra bless her I felt so bad for her loosing her brother and then the fear of loosing her brother’s service dog to her abusive father. Then fearing the military, she was so untrusting but I could totally see why throughout this novel. I loved the connection she had with the dog.

Audra and Diggs building their relationship it was so cute and she knew she needed him to save the dog. Although their connection was good and I liked how their relationship builds over Trigger it was sweet.

Audra did make some stupid decisions though but I don’t want to say what because of spoilers! I totally guessed that somebody was alive when they were meant to be dead, I thought it from the moment I read the first book in the project Mayhem series just because it happened in the Men of Mercy series! So I kind of guessed he wasn’t going to be dead and really alive. Also, I can’t tell you the character because it’ll spoil.

The ending was really cute. I really enjoyed this series and I can’t wait for the next instalment. I am so glad I found this author and her stories because I am totally in love with them. 

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