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The Fourth Time Charm – Maya Hughes

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“Are you sleeping with my daughter?”

Not a question I want to hear from my coach. The man holding my pro future in the palm of his hand.

The answer: No.

The real answer: I’d sure as hell like to be.

Marisa’s been my best friend since third grade. And now she needs my help—and a place to stay. Senior year was supposed to be the year to keep some distance until the season finished and my draft prospects were safe.

But resisting her is becoming impossible. Movie Thursdays under the blankets. Study sessions on my bed. Wild party nights where I kept any guy interested at bay with a single glare.

Her dad can bench my ass for the entire season, so she’s off limits—for now.

She’s the only woman I’ve ever loved. And one heated night, I can’t stop fighting every cell in my body and can’t stop myself from sampling her sexy smile, her sweet smell, and her sultry curves.

We’re walking a tightrope with my future on the line. Let’s just make sure Coach doesn’t find out… 

So this is the fourth book in the Fulton U series it started with The Perfect First, The Second We Met, and The Third Best Thing and now this book. I had high expectations for this book being that we’ve been dangled this relationship all the way through the other books and it didn’t disappoint.

LJ and Marisa’s friendship is special, I love the bond they have with each other but obviously they both have feelings for each other that they think are unrequited and honestly the dance that these two do around their feelings. It made me laugh the fact they both wouldn’t admit to having their feelings in case it ruined the friendship when in fact not telling each other is usually what can ruin these things.

LJ is really cute and protective, I love how much of a family man he is. I also love that he takes everything on his shoulders but that can also be a really bad thing as he takes too much on sometimes.

Marisa has had it rough, not really knowing a positive or good family she feels like she has nobody other than LJ and she doesn’t want to ruin that. I felt really bad for her when it’s revealed her mum was an alcoholic and her dad left when she was a little. She’s had it rough.

I love that Marisa not cooking is so heavy in this book and we realise how much of a bad cook she actually is. But it’s still funny especially LJ trying to not hurt her feelings I just love it. So precious.

For the majority of this book it was a 4 star read and then something happened that spun this book around and made it a 5 star book. We have Marisa’s dad who is also the coach trying to repair his relationship with her. Which doesn’t happen until the end of the book when they reach a more mutual understanding and honestly when it happens in the book if you’ve read it you know what I mean. I cried. I sobbed my heart out when I was reading the emails. That is what turned this book from a 4 to a 5 for me.

I really loved LJ and Marisa’s relationship and they were perfect for each other I loved their story so much and I’m kind of sad Fulton U is over for now but I feel like Keyton really deserves book.

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