2021 Goals

I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year.

So this post is my 2021 goals, I don’t remember what goals I had for 2020 I just remember wanting 2019 to be over because that was a shit year. 2020 sort of follows the same thing not obviously just because corona but it’s been a hard year again. I usually don’t do that many goals but I’ve decided this year is going to be the year I begin to focus on myself again and get some things done that I wanted to do. Then at the end of 2021 we’ll recap and see how much I actually did.

Reading/Blogging Goals

  1. Read 52 Books.
    I read 150 books in 2020 but I felt so stressed trying to read it so this year I thought I would give myself a break and go for an easy year. I have no doubt that I will achieve that goal but at least I won’t be stressed.
  2. Get my Netgalley library back to 0.
    I have 49 books and 2 audiobooks to get through so my goal this year is to get that down and stop going on Netgalley requesting sprees.
  3. To be on time with ARCS
    I think this one speaks for itself in terms of me and ARCS. I already have a few to read in January and I determined to stay on top of it and not be late all the time.
  4. To remember to post at least two times a week on the blog.
  5. Interact more with the book community.

Writing Goals

So I don’t often share my writing goals on this blog but I figured we’ll put it all in one post.

  1. To book Escaping Reality in with my editor.
    This was meant to happen in 2020 but of course 2020 was just a mess and I never got round to booking it so this year I plan to.
  2. To get back to writing.
    The last two years have been a real struggle where writing has been concerned and I have mass periods where I haven’t been writing. This is the year I want to get back to writing and start focusing on it more instead of just doing it when I can be bothered or when the feeling catches which is very rare these days. So my goal is to get back to writing properly.
  3. To finish some first drafts.
    I realised when I started a new story the other day I have 21 drafts that are in the process of being written. So I need to get those first drafts finished.
  4. Finish the read through of The Selective Mute Princess.
    I’ve been doing this since like March last year so I need to finish it so I can get editing it again.
  5. Start the read through of Royal Mayhem.
    6 years ago today I posted my first chapter of Royal Mayhem and this is the year we are going to edit it and get it ready for publishing.
  6. To just write.

Personal Goals

So this is going to be some personal goals for me, that aren’t related to reading or writing.

  1. Be happy.
    I feel like for most people it seems like a given but this year I just want to at the end of 2021 look back and think yeah I was happy.
  2. Start my Masters Degree
    I am going back to university hopefully this year to start my masters and I am excited about it.
  3. Stop spending all my money on food.
    I don’t mean like your food shopping either I have a terrible habit for Greggs and sweets which you know isn’t bad for a diabetic.
  4. Begin to save money.
    I really want to start putting money aside and having sort of a rainy day fund started so this year is the year I will be beginning to save money.

So that’s my goals for 2021 let me know some of your goals in 2021. Also let me know what your goodreads goal is!

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