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The Russian Bodyguard – Rie Warren

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I am her bodyguard.
I’m her only hope. 
I’m going to break her, teach her, train her.

I cannot stand this prissy brat who practically throws herself at every guy she meets. Yet I’m tasked with babysitting her. The pakhan’s daughter tests my patience, makes me want to break out in uncontrolled violence, or maybe just throw her down to show her what all her teasing does to a real man.

She’s untouchable. Until a Russian rival mafia comes seeking revenge. I’m about to teach the printsessa a lesson she’ll never forget, and I guarantee she’s the one who will be taking my orders from now on. 

The Russian Bodyguard is book 3 in the Krasnov Brothers series. No cliffhangers. No cheating. Includes vivid, steamy scenes. Can be read as a standalone.

I’d like to thank Bare Naked Words for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated.

If you love dark mafia romance this is a book for you! This is the 3rd book in a series I read it as a standalone and although it says you can I always feel like I’m missing something from the other books. Especially when it comes to the other characters I might be possibly alone in that.

Sasha is very feisty and stubborn and so many times through this I loved her character. Makism is very alpha male, controlling, demanding and most of all protective. I have read reviews that these two also appear in the other two books which makes me feel like I’ve missed bits even if I haven’t. I really liked it and it was a story of family, relationships, power, betrayal and revenge. The premise is dark, dramatic and intense; the romance is provocative and edgy; the characters are charismatic and intense.

He’s her bodyguard and always felt like a babysitter and Makism is tired of Sasha’s antics and Sasha is tired of being treated like a bossy child. They’ve spent years getting on each other’s nerves and we all know what happens eventually, sexual tension begins to build and let me tell you did it build.

I really liked the dual pov it helped understand the characters better and understand what they’re thinking and feeling and I liked that. I just kind of wish I had read the two previous. books because I feel I missed a lot especially with the side characters.

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