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Heart Stopper – Michelle Hercules

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Troy Alexander is sex on a stick and every girl’s dream at John Rushmore University. He’s also the bane of my existence.

Our meet-cute wasn’t exactly cute. He called me a nerd, and I accused him of slacking off on the field. Now, we have to live together. 

I’m supposed to try to play nice to keep a roof over my head. Not in my nature. Our arrangement could be a living hell, but slowly, I realize the worst thing he ever did wasn’t calling me names. It was making me see there’s more to him under the surface. And now, I’m screwed.

*Heart Stopper is an enemies-to-lovers college sports romance filled with banter, pranks, and off the charts chemistry that will make you swoon. 

This is a standalone novel.

I’d like to thank Give Me Book promotions for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. Can I just say this cover looks amazing and yes it really does have something to do with the stunning hot guy on the cover.

So I really enjoyed this but I did have an issue so to speak and to many people it’s not major but for me it kind of stopped me and I did in the question the author about it because I was just like whatever her response is will be effecting the way I look at this book. So our main character Charlie has a Down Syndrome brother named Ben who is 16. Now I praise the author well done for having this representation in her book it’s not often that I see Down syndrome being represented it’s usually all the other more popular known ones. I have a little brother who is now 18 with Down syndrome and we have interacted with many other children and adults who have this disability as well as a triage of others that can intertwine with them. My main issue with Ben’s character is he really just felt normal other than having some extreme reactions now I’m not saying that it’s not true because there can be some that do struggle with that. I think it’s also that there’s no mention of any other issues that Down syndrome usually have like the features, majority of down syndrome have speaking issues or hearing issues and other than his extreme reactions he just felt normal which is really sad. I don’t know whether I’m more critical because I have Down syndrome in my life and I was raised around it and I’ve seen the struggles, the fights, the good moments but I just didn’t think it was done well. I asked the author if she did research and her response was she researched mostly about limitations and she decided to focus on the things she could do. And I’m sorry but Down syndrome doesn’t work like that, you can’t just focus on the good aspects and not mention the tough ones it doesn’t work like that. I then asked if it was just internet research if she had spoken to people in the Down syndrome community, family friends etc or any professions. She hasn’t replied yet but it will be interesting to see what she says. I may have just been over critical of this but I just can’t help but feel it wasn’t done well.

The one thing that Michelle did well regarding this was the protectiveness Charlie felt over her brother, me myself have been in many fights protecting him and defending him if anyone called him so I really liked that aspect. Now the ugly stuff is out the way onto the nice stuff!

When we first meet Troy he’s a jerk but he’s a cocky jerk that was in a really bad mood the day he went to meet Charlie for an interview but overtime he begins to mellow and catches feelings for her and I love the way he changes from being a jerk to nice. I will say unlike most jerks usually as soon as Troy said something he began to feel guilty for it which was nice to see. I really liked how fiercely protective of his sister he is.

Charlie is feisty and very sassy but she is also a very dangerous person in the moment when she’s angry after her first meeting with Troy she shows she’s not a person to mess with and each and every time her revenge is bigger. She does thankfully begin to mellow down and soften. I really liked how fierce protective she was of her brother.

This book really entertained me there was many moments in this where I laughed out loud because it was funny. I really liked the prank war that happened in this book and the back and forth insults between Charlie and Troy. I liked along the way that the attraction between them got more intense especially after Charlie moves in with Troy because her apartment burnt down. I really liked the chemistry and the author wrote the sexual tension really well and honestly when they finally kissed I was like yasss! I really liked their relationship and the way it built. I loved their relationship and how they developed and their first date was very cute.

I really like Troy’s relationship with his sister Jane, kind of felt bad for her because he is an overprotective brother but it was really cute and she also has her own book coming and I cannot wait because that is going to be amazing! Although I’m excited for her I’m not that excited for her love interest because he was a bit of dickhead in this book and I really didn’t like him. I’m hoping he will be better in his book but who knows…

Also I don’t know who gave this author permission to have a dog die in this book but stop, we don’t need that sadness. We don’t accept doggy death in the book world!

Also the final prank at halloween if you’ve read this book you know what I’m talking about but it was hella funny. I nearly died laughing. It was great.

The writing was really great and gave me all the emotions and this was my first Michelle Hercules book and it was not a disappointment I will definitely be reading more from this author.

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