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Chaos At Cullen High – Sasannah Stone

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School – or jail. Cal Keane has a stark choice for his last six months at exclusive Cullen High. He gets through the days hating every minute, planning to blow this cesspit school and snobby town the instant he turns 18.⠀

Enter Ellie Mason.⠀

Guitarist. Orphan. New girl in town. And about to discover that Cullen High – and Cullen town – are dark and deep with secrets.

When Cal and Ellie meet, it feels like falling.

Falling’s scary. Falling’s terrifying.

But not falling is most terrifying of all…⠀

CHAOS AT CULLEN HIGH is a steamy and sensuous dark high school romance mixing love and violence, tenderness and toughness. If you like strong alpha males, independent heroines and romance with a rough and readable edge, this one’s for you!

Book 1 of 2. Publishing in ebook and paperback 29 November 2020; now available for pre-order.
Book 2 – CARNAGE AT CULLEN COMP – out early 2021.


“one of a kind”
“will leave you gasping for breath! Really well written with great characters and an amazing storyline.”
“A fantastic read!, excellent characters and a brilliantly written storyline, so much going on plenty to keep you reading!”
“different and dark which with so much out there that’s rare.”“
Wow. a book I could hardly put down. Hate, passion, lust and a messed up situation will keep you reading till the end.”
“dark and very intense. Kept you reading till the very end…I will definitely get the next book.”
“kept me on the edge of my seat!”

I’d like to thank Enticing Journey Promotions for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. So I have so many thoughts with this book and so many mixed feelings with this book. This book had so much potential and for me it very much fell flat and there was many reasons why it did for me and I’m so sad because I wanted to love it but I didn’t.

The beginning was very well done it got me hooked straight away and I was interested then it sort of just got information dump and I got bored. But then as that was happening there was some stuff going off that I thought was over dramatic like it did not need to be that dramatic. Like it was OTT and It made me roll my eyes so many times anytime there was the drama.

In terms of the plot, everything happened really fast but it didn’t actually build enough I felt like we was having everything thrown at us without any real plot being built enough which was a shame because this could have been done so well and so good and it just didn’t hit that for me. It was so below the bar it just didn’t work. I felt like we really could have had more plot built, we had the town being all suspicious but again it was made to sound very cliche like any quiet town, majority of them had weird stuff.

The characters Ellie and Cal again had so much potential but I really didn’t like either of these characters, I couldn’t connect with them. Although they both had really good chemistry with each other and I liked the friendship/romance they built although it felt really insta lovey and just not real enough for me.

The book ended with more questions than ever and for me that just was kind of like a ‘oh I have to read the next book’ and quite honestly I am hoping the second book is better than this one because I just didn’t enjoy this as much as I could have. I found myself getting slightly bored and just not keeping attention.

The drama didn’t really have any merit to it, I would have preferred the information to be drip fed to us rather than lumped and yet have some answers to the questions rather than leaving them all unanswered.

So for me this book fell very flat and I’m disappointed by that but I am willing to give the author a second chance because you know as annoyed as I was by this book I also want answers but for me it’s not going to be a book I rush to pick up it will be one I do when I’m kind of bored.

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