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Book’Em Bridget – Danielle Norman

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Rookie cop, Bridget McGuire’s hair matches her fiery temper. 

Raised in a law enforcement family, she’s no stranger to crime, criminals, or the belief that you trust your gut.

When Bridget’s cop-instincts are put on high alert, she realizes that something sinister is going on.

FBI special agent, Eli Gray,  is close to the entire McGuire family. He’s best friends with their oldest son, which is why he’s  steered clear of Bridget, their only daughter. When he discovers that Bridget has caught the attention of his number one suspect in a sex trafficking ring who preys on sexy redheads, Eli can’t stay away any longer.

Bridget’s no damsel in distress.  She believes that she only needs one thing–a big time arrest under her belt.  But Eli knows just what she needs:  an FBI agent in her pants. 

I’d like to thank Danielle Norman for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. Danielle is obviously not a new to me author and I have been supporting this author ever since her first release. I started with The Iron Orchids series which included: Enough, Almost, Impact, Often and Until. I then read her Iron Horse series which included: StetsonSlow Burn and Steadfast. I then read her Iron Ladies series which so far just includes Roadster. I also have now started her newest series The Iron Badges which includes Book’Em Sadie. Book’Em Bridget is the sequel.

So this was an interesting dynamic between Bridget and Eli, especially because it had your trope of brother’s best friend which man I love that trope. I love that Bridget was a cop the same as her brothers and yet it made me chuckle that they were still all protective over her. Bridget was strong, stubborn and was very invested in her work and I loved that she was also willing to make her own way in her job and not use her connections of her brother or father in the police force.

Eli. He is the definition of untouchable, the brother’s best friend. I loved him, he loved making Bridget annoyed and he always managed to get under her skin which was also hilarious. I loved how annoyed she got at him at times.

This was an interesting plot, I really liked the whole plot of the sex trafficking ring, for a change it was like there was actually real danger to Bridget and in the book. The plot kept me hooked on this book and me flipping the pages, I really loved it. Especially because I didn’t know where the plot was going and I was kept on the edge of my seat.

Bridget’s apartment being broken into. My heart, it was scary. I loved that Eli was so protective of her and as soon as he knew she was in danger he was there.

Love Piper, Harley, Sadie and Kat. Danielle Norman always rights such strong female friendships and I love how they are always positive and it’s a big part of her novels.

Callum and Aiden I get they love Bridget not the way to try and protect her. I thought their reaction over Eli and Bridget was an overreaction and it pushed her away rather than make her feel comfortable especially with the situation that was going off.

Marriage proposal was so fucking cute. I really liked the marriage proposal. I loved Eli and Bridget as a couple and they were so cute together. I think they have become my new favourite couple and there story is definetely one of my favourites.

I really love the plot and the characters and I cannot wait for Piper’s story which is the next one! You can bet I’ll be reading that!

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