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Book’em Sadie – Danielle Norman

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Motorcycle deputy, Sadie Lazar is no damsel in distress. After all, the only man capable of getting a job done is a woMAN. She loves her life of independence. But when she is on scene at a mass car pile-up and finds a missing child, a pair of piercing blue eyes changes her world.

Widower, single-dad, Dr. Ryan Montgomery is in over his head. It’s been four years since his wife’s death and his former mother-in-law refuses to let him move on. When he finally starts dating, an accident makes him realize that dating a cop could put him right back in a world of grief and loss–a place he barely survived the first time around.

Now, two people who are used to saving others are forced to save themselves: one from a lonely future and one from a broken past. 

So Danielle Norman is no stranger to me I love her books and her series and I think I’ve read every book of hers. I started with The Iron Orchids series which included: EnoughAlmostImpactOften and Until. I then read her Iron Horse series which included: StetsonSlow Burn and Steadfast. I then read her Iron Ladies series which so far just includes Roadster. So when I found out that Danielle was bringing out a new series, sign me up immediately!

I’d like to thank Danielle Norman for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated.

I love this world we had some reoccurring characters from the Iron Ladies appear in this book as well as of course her Iron Orchids characters appeared in this story which I loved the appearance of them in the book. I have missed the world it’s like a home.

Ryan oh my god I fell in love with Ryan, he sounded yum. He was really sensitive I loved the relationship he had with his daughter Callie as well as his mum. Also he was very hard working and a doctor!

Callie is literally the cutest kid ever! I love it when children are in stories because they are adorable. She was so sensitive and she didn’t want to hurt people’s feelings which was so cute I mean caused an issue when she ran away a few times. But still cute.

Sadie. I loved Sadie. She was badass saying that all of Danielle Norman’s characters are badass so nothing new really. I liked how we saw how nervous she was when it came to interacting with Callie it made me chuckle but it was really sweet to watch.

I love the friendship, Bridget, Piper, Harley, Kat and they all have with each other!

Ugh hate Louise – Callie’s grandma. What an asshat. Louise was a real issue in this book of what happens when grief isn’t dealt with and have a healthy way of dealing with grief. She manipulated poor Callie so many times and I just really disliked her in this book and the way she caused issues for Sadie too when it came to her job frustrated me to no end. Also the way it ripped into Sadie and Ryan’s relationship it broke my heart when they pushed each other away.

Oh my god I actually love Sadie and Callie they are so cute together! Some of my favourite scenes are Callie and Sadie also very cute when Ryan takes her shopping!

Awww the ending is perfect. Absolutely beautiful! I loved Sadie and Ryan but also how she worked Callie into everything. I really liked Book’em Sadie, I loved the characters and the plot and the story. It was such a beautiful love story with just the normal getting together drama with a crazy grandma for Callie.

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