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A Snowflake Christmas – Vickey Wollan

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A Snowflake Christmas – Can a blooming love that becomes forbidden survive fears and rumors?It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but … Dr. Alan Garcia uproots his practice in Miami to Snowflake, Montana, hoping to escape career-ending false-accusations and find a fresh start in the small mountain town. Alan isn’t looking for love, but when Rachel Welch brings her nephew in for an office visit, her neighborly generosity and family-first philosophy moves his heart like no woman he’s previously known.Rachel Welch, a native of Snowflake, has suffered from PTSD ever since the car accident that seriously injured her parents. Dr. Garcia is her best hope to find relief from panic attacks, but one look into his dark eyes and Rachel knows that a doctor-patient dynamic is far from the relationship she wants.With Christmas right around the corner, maybe Rachel and Alan’s snowballing romance will survive Alan’s pride, Rachel’s fears, and Snowflake’s rumors. That is – if spending time together outside of the office doesn’t get them both fired first.

I’d like to thank Enticing Journey Book promotions for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. So after reading Jingle Wars I was ready for another Christmas romance and luckily for me this was the next arc I had due. So I dived straight into it.

Rachel has lived in snowflake majority of her life other than to go to nursery school, she tries to stare clear of men because romance just hasn’t gone right for her. Especially after the last doctor left because she wouldn’t date him. She decided to steer clear and just focus on other things.

Alan has issues of his own, his practice ruined he relocates to Snowflake for a 90 day trial period at a new job. We see him go through a lot during this book but I love how we’re told the information.

Pretty soon Rachel and Alan begin to work together there’s just one problem. There’s no dating or immediate dismissal for one of both of them. Which kinda doesn’t make sense because they were set up on a date??

So the setting of this book was really cute snowflake sounds like the perfect little town to be in. I really liked it and I’d want to live myself. I felt the side characters were diverse very good mix. I just say I think my one con is that for me there wasn’t enough romance for me and that’s really kind of what let the side down.

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