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My Secret Irish Baby – Sienna Blake

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Fate gave them this second chance. Are they brave enough to take it?

Nine years ago, I met Michael O’Sullivan over a stolen bottle of red and a platter of bacon-wrapped dates.

Handsome. Perfectly poised. Fiercely intelligent.
Fastest rising star of the Dublin legal world.
Top thirty most successful under thirty.

But none of that mattered to me—only that he made me feel like my heart was full of sunshine when he danced with me in the rain.

Nine years ago, he broke my heart when he walked away.

Now I don’t have time to dance in the rain. I’m working several jobs to support my kid. She is the light of my life. She looks like me but with his eyes.

I’ve just been assigned to assist a visiting hotshot lawyer—the arrogant, bossy, rude ass who can’t even be bothered to sign his emails with his full name.

Guess who my new boss is?

I just have to get through the next few weeks without Michael finding out my secret. Or letting him break my heart again.

Not easy when he’s determined not to let me go again.

I’d like to thank Terrie and Sienna for an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated, I have read all of the Irish Kiss novels before this one which includes: Irish Kiss, Professor’s Kiss, Fighter’s Kiss, The Irish Lottery, My Brother’s Girl, and Player’s Kiss this is the 7th and I believe final book in the series.

So I have loved all the other books in this series for me this one just fell flat. I really couldn’t get into it and I struggled with getting into this book. I couldn’t really get on with Abbi, I really didn’t like Michael. Although I loved the secret baby trope I just couldn’t find myself to like the main characters. Except Zara the baby, well she’s a child so it’s not really a secret baby more like a secret child.

Abbie and Michael’s connection was there but again I didn’t really connect with them, they were a cute family. I loved the scenes between Zara and Michael they were so adorable and cute and just the love he felt for his kid was just so cute.

I really missed seeing the fmaily in this book and I mean Michael’s brothers and mum like we’ve had so much of them in the other books I was expecting it to be the same in this book but they were barely there and it made me kinda sad because I love reading about the family. When they did appear honestly that’s when this book changed for me and I began to like it better.

I have to admit I had mixed feelings reading this, and even now after a few months I still have mixed feelings about it.

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