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Southern Gentleman- Jessica Peterson

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I know two things when I meet my new boss, Greyson Parker Montgomery III.
One, he’s an egomaniac. And two, we’re going to get naked.
Something I didn’t know? That I’d end up pregnant.

No one is more surprised by our off-the-charts chemistry than me. I’m a free spirit with a passion for design and a taste for the bohemian. Greyson is a cocky venture capitalist who’s as pretentious as his sharply cut power suits.

He owns half of Charleston, and has the other half at his beck and call. But the only place he owns me is in bed…or in the backseat of his car, boneless and begging for mercy.

We argue over contracts and costs all day long. Behind closed doors, however, we engage in a different kind of business. The kind that has me surrendering to his unique brand of dominance.

Our no-strings attached arrangement suits me just fine. Until I wake up one morning with what I think is a wicked hangover.

Only it’s not a hangover.

I thought Greyson was a typical “greed is good” grump. But when he demands to be involved in the life we accidentally created, I start to see a different side of him. One that’s more gentleman than jerk.Am I crazy to think we could be a family together? Or is making me fall for him just another one of his power plays?

SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN is a STANDALONE, full length, accidental pregnancy/enemies-to-lovers romance. 

So this book was stalking me as a facebook AD I’ve been seeing it for months and you know I do love a surprise pregnancy as well as the lovely enemies to lovers trope. So I finally got it in kindle unlimited and I did not regret that at all. I loved this book.

Julia I really liked her, I love that she was a reader and that we also got snippets of the audiobook she was listening to, I would actually read that book it sounded so interesting. I loved the effect it had on her that was quite funny. She was really bossy and I really liked that she was willing to fight with Greyson on near enough everything.

Greyson he was a very interesting character, moody as fuck and everything. I loved that he was surprised that Julia would challenge him on things but I really liked his reaction to it. He really did make me laugh when he told his brother that he got Julia pregnant, I just really loved that scene.

I loved the chemistry that they had and the fact for the first few months it was just sex with each other and then when they weren’t having sex it was straight away back to hating each other. Everything changed when she told him she was pregnant. I loved how their dynamic changed and he became very protective over Julia and the baby.

Ford is hilarious and I really liked him.

It made me feel all the feels whilst reading this from laughing to crying to happiness.

I love the girl support in this book!

I think I will probably end up reading the other books in this series they are standalones because I really liked the characters in this book.

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