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Dead End – Rachel Lynch

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Family secrets are hiding a legacy of lies. Can DI Kelly Porter get to the truth before innocent lives are left?

When the seventh Earl of Lowesdale is found hanging from the rafters at Wasdale Hall, everyone assumes the aging aristocrat finally had enough of chasing the glory of his youth. But when the coroner finds signs of foul play, DI Kelly Porter is swept into a world where secrets and lies dominate.

Meanwhile, two young hikers go missing and it’s up to Kelly to lead the search. But digging deeper reveals ties to other unsolved disappearances and Kelly and her team are in a race against time.

Soon, both investigations, and Kelly’s own family secrets, lead to Wasdale Hall it becomes more important than ever for Kelly to discover the devious truths hidden behind the walls of the Lake District’s most exclusive estate… 

I’d like to thank NetGalley and Canelo for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. I read Dark Game & Deep Fear and I really enjoyed both of them.

Okay so to start with I am loving Johnny and I really like his and Kelly’s relationship! I love that we have the same characters reappearing and we still see the teamwork between the police. And the story is just adding to these characters and revealing more about the characters.

I really liked the lasting effects of Deep Fear are still present in this book especially as it ended how it did. But Nikki was a right asshole and she was being really horrid to Kelly and I didn’t like it. So many times through this book I kind of just wanted to lob a brick at Nikki and she didn’t really improve on her attitude. She was the worst.

I love how perceptive Kelly is! She is such a complex character and we just keep learning more about her, and she’s a good character. I didn’t see some of the family secrets coming so it was really interesting to learn about them and I can’t wait to know more. It just keeps dropping making me surprised every time.

I do have to say after a certain incident in the book I guessed who the killer was, and I’m actually proud that I did guess lol! Because with the past two books I haven’t been able to guess who the killer was in the other books so I’m hella proud of myself.

I really enjoyed the story and I am very interested to read the next one!

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