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Standing His Ground – Jamie Begley

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The Porter brothers were raised to live and die by Three Rules.
One, a Porter always keeps what’s his.
Two, a Porter leaves no enemy standing.

Greer’s been searching for love in all the wrong places. He wants kids … and lots of them, so it’s time to get busy and find the lucky woman to share his bed and his life. Though there isn’t a lot to choose from in the small town of Treepoint, he has managed to narrow his choices down to three.
The strange thing is, the one he’s falling in love with remains a mystery, hiding her face and name in the messages she sends from behind her computer. The mysterious woman may dodge his questions about her identity, but it’s only a matter of time before she finds out that this Porter brother won’t back away from something he wants, and he wants her.
Come hell or high water, he will find the one who goes by KentuckyGirl and make her his, despite what anyone says, even her. And KentuckyGirl is going to find out the last Porter rule the hard way: A Porter always stands his ground and leads his prey into his waiting arms… 

So I started this by reading Razer’s RideViper’s Run and Knox’s stand and Sex PistonTeasedTaintedShade’s FallKingCash’s FightFat Louise, Riot, Shade, Stand Off, Lucky’s Choice, Keeping What’s His, Merry Blissmas, Hostage. Winter’s Touch, Train’s Clash, and now Standing His Ground . I would highly reccommend reading it in the order I have just put above because the series is so much better that way! You will get the full story for this series and honestly it’s great.

This will contain spoilers.

So we all know Greer from the other books and we know this man is an asshole. But you know what he turns into a loveable asshole. I love him so much despite him being an asshole I love him. I was ready for Greer’s book it would take a special kind of someone to love and put up with Greer and that was of course Holly.

Holly has had to put up with so much shit from Greer his constant jabbing about the fact that Holly hid the child when Sam died all the way back in Knox’s book. She puts up with a lot of shit about this and the moment she stops feeling guilty about what she did I was like yes. And even more so when she told Greer to stop making her feel guilty. I was like yass girl!

So we start this book with little Greer who is with his grandmother and we are shown that when the church used to go to the sister church and Beth gets bitten by the snake we are shown that Greer heals Beth everytime. Obviously we saw how big he can heal in Winter’s touch but in this book we also see the toll that it takes on him to heal and how scared he is that when he uses this gift that someone else may have to pay, so he doesn’t like to heal. I think one of the main reasons he is actually an asshole is so that people won’t touch him or be near him.

I love that Greer loves to argue with Cash, although him and Rachel are happy together that Greer will still argue with him it is so entertaining and I love it.

So in this book we learn that Dustin’s gift is to have dreams which I find incredibly interesting, so we have Tate who hears death bells, Greer and Rachel who heal and then we have Dustin who dreams. We saw Logan’s gift making an appearance in this book and we learn that to some extent Logan can predict the future with what he draws which I thought was very interesting.

So for the majority of this book Greer and Holly are conversing over a chat on some dating site, Holly and Diamond set up a profile and messaged Greer as a joke. We learn that she carried it on and despite all odds the two have built a connection. I also thought was interesting that Greer knows it’s Holly and still replies back to her and they begin to bond.

I love that although Greer is an ass that he still manages to sneak past all of Holly’s defences and they fall in love with each other. I just love that once he got over the keeping Logan away thing that he’s more willing to show how much he does care abouy Holly and that he does forgive her and although those words don’t come easy to Greer he still tries.

The wedding is so cute and I love Holly and Greer together they seem like an unlikely couple but they are really cute.

The Porter family really know how to kill you when you’re down, like hearing some of the abuse that the brothers went through breaks my heart and then at the end we see Holly go on a real rampage about the shed. So much of the boys abuse from their father came from the shed and honestly when Holly, Sutton and Rachel begin to knock it down you can tell how much of a relief it is for the bad memories to finally be gone. I love the friendship between Holly, Rachel and Sutton and how Holly is there for Rachel after she looses the baby because she helped heal and honestly the bond that they all share with each other is lovely. And when Rachel and Holly start tearing down that barn it’s like a moment they all shared and I loved it.

God this book has destroyed me, it really knows how to hit you in the feels from Logan and Holly getting shot to Holly begging Greer to heal Logan and not her and then Rachel healing Holly and loosing the baby. Jamie Begley really knows how to kick you when you’re down and this book kicked me so many times but I loved it.

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