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Corrupted – Scarlett Holloway

In the Outlaw Underworld, Loyalty is everything.

When Colt Younger started as a prospect for the Devil’s SixGuns motorcycle club, he never expected to be put in his place by Amethyst James or be stunned by her beauty. Colt’s past in the military and special training catches the eye of the president, who just happens to be her father, quickly climbs the ranks to see things some prospects never get to.

Amethyst had a strict code that she follows: Don’t Date Club. That rule got thrown out the window the moment she met the club’s newest prospect, Colt. He was the embodiment of perfection, yet still rough around the edges. Everything her father did not want her dating.

Just as their relationship starts heating up and club business begins reaching new heights, loyalties are put to the test─sometimes even the best of people can be CORRUPTED.

WARNING: There are some spots in this book that may be troublesome to some readers. If you find yourself disturbed by its content please put it down until you can pick it back up. Some of this book contains graphic violence and texts pertaining to graphic violence. Read at your own risk.

From the start of this book I knew it was going to end in heartbreak and damn this book sent me in a spin only at the end really. I struggled to get into the start of this book I think it was possibly due to the fact that I couldn’t connect with the characters. I liked the characters though, just not connect with them.

I love the connection between Amy and Colt. Amy was an interesting character she was the president’s daughter, and was well aquatinted with club life. She was sassy and strong yet she was also willing to trust Colt and fall in love with him easier enough.

Colt he was interesting, being that he was undercover cop and was pretending to be part of the club life, it was interesting watching him prove himself whilst trying to keep his hands clean. I loved the connection he felt with Amy.

I loved Stone and Xavier (Romeo), it made me chuckle so much that they were protective over Amy, they could do some stuff but Amy was not allowed. I also love the friendship that Romeo and Colt developed throughout the novel.

I really did not like Diablo what an asshole, Colt should have punched him sooner than waiting until the middle of this book every time he appeared I just wanted to punch him.

The plot was interesting, and it kept me reading, the end was what changed my view of this book being a 1 star to higher. The ending was amazing and intense. I did not expect the twist that happened, it was mind blowing. I didn’t expect the person who went to the police about the club to be who it was. (Me trying to tell you spoilers.) So the ending was the thing that changed this book for me.

The writing was really good and I can’t wait to read the next one!

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