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Ford – P.J. Fiala

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Sometimes the flames of desire run hotter than a mere fire.

Ford Montgomery is working the case of his life. Trailing the arsonist who killed his parents, the former bounty hunter will soon make this guy pay for his crimes. After that, Ford plans to reclaim his house from his ex-wife and retire to his home in the mountains. 

Megan Marshal thought she’d ditched her ex husband, until she finds out the lying scumbag stole from a man nobody steals from. Megan has no clue where he is now, but the cartel is convinced she’s the key to getting their product back and they’re determined to make her talk.

When Ford rescues Megan from a burning building, their paths abruptly align. However, Ford keeps secrets from her, and she’s had enough of men and their secrets. Can they work together to accomplish their goals? Or will they get scorched by the blazing passion sparking between them?

We start right in the action of this book of Ford being told his parents’ killer escaped on the way to court. This is going to be exciting I can feel it. Hmm things are getting interesting! What did Megan’s ex husband steal…

Megan I really like the fact that she is sassy and is willing to stand up for herself especially when it is about her ex-husband. But also that’s she not too stubborn that she won’t let anybody help her in a time of need.

Ford is interesting, you can feel him slowly falling for Megan like him wanting to know her more than just the investigation. He’s very interested in protecting her, and making sure he she is safe.

I really love how these two are building a relationship although it started as sex and then the feelings and more about them came after that.

It started really fast paced and then we’ve kind of slowed down a tad. Or not, it’s kind of going up and down in terms of pace.

I love Emmy. She is definetely a force to be reckoned with. I also love Dawson, they are such great siblings to each other!

Tamara is a tit and I fell like she is so going to become important to the story later on. I knew Tamara would come in eventually. Wow what an asshole.

I wish it was made clearer kind of whose point of view we was seeing it from so to speak, because otherwise you have to figure it out.

The plot was interesting, I still feel like I have some unanswered questions but they aren’t gigantic plot holes that I’m missing just the odd thing of what happened to the necklace. How they managed to put the bug in her phone? Why was Tamara such a shit head? I wish we would have gotten to his son that would have been a really interesting meeting between him and Megan.

I also love that these characters got a happy ever after and I am interested to read the next book. Although I enjoyed this book I can’t say I loved it. It was okay.

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