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The Consummation: Josh and Kat Part III – Lauren Rowe

Josh Faraday is used to getting what he wants. And what he wants is her. The Consummation follows immediately after The Revelation and hurtles to the epic finale of Josh and Kat’s love story and The Club Series as a whole . . . and it’s a conclusion that will leave you screaming and smiling and floating on air for a long time to come.

So I started this series by reading the Morgan brothers (HeroCaptainBall Peen Hammer and Mister Bodyguard) first which led me to this series and I have already read The ClubThe ReclamationThe Redemption and The Culmination and my god I was blown away. I then started The Infatuation which is the first from Kat and Josh’s story and I bloody loved it! The Revelation broke my heart! I was blown away and I am so excited for this story.

Kat was breaking my heart through this book all the damn time. Her scenes made my heart break and she was killing me.

Poor Colby, I remember reading his book and god my heart broke for him there and I really love that we got to see how excited Kat was about everything when it came to Colby and how she helped him heal.

Many times through this book all I could think was Josh is a moron and his father really fucked him. His father did one on both him and Jonas but weirdly it felt like it affected Josh more than Jonas and I think it showed when he found out Kat was pregnant at the hospital.

Josh listening to the baby’s heartbeat and figuring out he loves her made me cry, that scene by itself was so powerful and emotional. As soon as Josh got over the initial shock and anger he was the perfect dad to be and I loved it.

One of my favourite scenes in this book is when Josh and Jonas are playing pool and talking about how Josh proposed to Kat at the hospital. I loved that even Jonas figured out how bad Josh fucked up before Josh it seems so strange how the roles were reversed in this but I bloody loved it and it made me laugh.

Morgan family! I’ve missed them and I loved them. I loved them meeting Josh for the first time then of course Kat saying immediately she was pregnant, it was a well written scene.

The proposal was the best, well the 2nd proposal was the best and I love how Josh finally and most importantly stamped out Kat’s insecurity when it came to her past. This was my favourite proposal I think I’ve ever read.

The book was amazing, I am sad their story is over I think I could just read Sarah, Kat, Josh and Jonas just living day to day life and I’d be okay with that. I loved this book and it’s series.

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