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Stand-In Saturday – Kirsty Moseley

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Two broken hearts. One fake dating agreement. What could go wrong? 

Lucie thought she had it all—a loving fiancé, a nice apartment, and a job she was great at. But that all changed the day she walked in on her perfect fiancé screwing his personal trainer on her newly purchased dream sofa. Three months later, she’s bunking with her best friend and scrambling to make sense of her life sans cheating ex. 

Theo is about to jet off for a long weekend in picturesque Scotland to be the best man at his brother’s wedding. With stunning views and nothing but free food and drinking ahead, he should be more excited than he is. If only he didn’t have feelings for the damn bride. 

When fate throws Lucie and Theo together under unlikely circumstances, they bond over doughnuts and their mutually disastrous love lives … and it seems like they might be able to help each other out. As long as they both stick to the rules, there’s nothing that can go wrong. 

Contract in place? Check. 
Hot, fake dates? Check.
Sexual chemistry steamy enough to scorch sheets? Double che—
Wait, what? 

That wasn’t in the agreement … 

A standalone romcom. Book 2 in the Love For Days series. Please note: Although this book can be read as a standalone, it is set after Man Crush Monday (Book 1 in the series) so will contain spoilers.

I’d like to thank Kirsty and Enticing Journey for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. I have loved Kirsty Moseley forever and anytime she has a new book out I just read it straight away. I love it. I read the first book in the series Man Crush Monday and loved it and I had very high expectations when it came to Theo’s story.

Theo I loved him the moment we met him in Man Crush Monday, I loved how funny and creative he was and so easy going honestly related so much with him when it came to getting out of bed and struggling to even function. Like honestly relate so much to that, it’s such a mood.

Lucie she is so wonderful, she is bubbly fun loving and she is trying to get her mojo back after being cheated on by her fiancé and this girl feels so unsure about who she is and I love how much she is willing to start over and she is lucky enough to have an amazing best friend who is there for her.

Lucie and Theo first meet is just so meet cute and I love it, they meet in a broken lift where they talk and Theo asks her to go to the wedding with him and it begins from there. I love Theo’s reaction to getting stuck in the lift and his reaction to it and his humour and honestly I love it. This book made me laugh out loud so many times. I loved the banter between Lucie and Theo.

One of my favourite scenes in this book is when Theo and Lucie on the banana boat whilst they’re in Scotland. The bond that grew between Theo and Lucie was so cute and sweet. I loved how we saw their relationship grow, also how much the sexual tension between them grew it was honestly off the charts and I live for it. Not only the sexual stuff between them but their actual friendship I just love how they grew into falling for each other.

I love Amy and Heather accepting Lucie into their little group straight away and made her feel so welcome. Amy especially was so welcoming when Theo accidentally got the dress code wrong from fancy dress to dress fancy. It was hilarious. I love that Amy encouraged her to feel okay and not bad. Another favourite part of this book is the morning after the party. They find photos and videos on the phone that they’ve done and honestly it is the most hilarious thing and I had literal tears in my eyes laughing when I read this part because I couldn’t stop laughing.

I loved seeing so much of Amy and Jared in this and their wedding and their happy ever after. They’re such a great couple and I loved seeing them get their happily ever after. Also that so much of Theo’s story was centred with he wedding and trying to deal with what he thought was attraction to Amy. In fact he wanted their relationship and not her I love the little epiphany that he has for this.

I loved the best man’s speech that Theo did was hilarious. This was a whirlwind romance and I loved it, I also love seeing protective Theo, especially when Lucie is approached by her ex at her dad’s retirement party. Protective and alpha Theo is there and I live for it.

Also the proposal between Theo and Lucie is so cute and I think it may be my favourite proposal ever.

Everything about this book was great and I really enjoyed reading it and it was just so cute. I really love Theo and Lucie!

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