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Blood Hunt – Jessica Wayne

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Hunting vampires is her legacy.

Detective Rainey Astor walks a dangerous line between the human and supernatural worlds.  As a vampire hunter, she’s a formidable opponent, having killed hundreds of their kind.  Yet, when her latest foray into the supernatural world goes terribly wrong, she finds herself rescued by the very creature she’s vowed to kill.

Elijah Hawthorne is unlike any vampire Rainey has ever met.  His sexy as hell exterior hides a tortured soul seeking redemption.  Rainey knows she should avoid him at all costs, but fate has other plans.  Together, they’re forced down a twisted path of ancient revenge and tainted love.

With Elijah guarding her back, Rainey must protect her heart, because giving in could mean a death sentence for them both. But if they don’t discover the hidden identity of their enemy before the clock runs out, she’s as good as dead anyway. 

Fans of J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood, Linsey Hall’s Shadow Guild, L.J. Smith’s The Vampire Diaries, or the TV show The Originals, will devour this brand new trilogy.

I’d like to thank Jessica Wayne for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. So I found Jessica Wayne because I listened to her book Phoenix and fell in love with it, pretty soon after I joined her arc team for her fantasy and romance books and have fallen in love with her writing.

This book has left me in a incoherent mess. I did not expect what happened in this book and it oh my god has blown my mind. I am a mess. I need more. I need it now. I don’t know how to function without the next book because I’m invested and this is all I’m going to be able to think about until I read it. I just I don’t know it was absolutely amazing. The plot kept me invested and I read this book in one sitting I could not put it down. I had to keep reading. Then I finished it and it ended in a cliffhanger! A CLIFFHANGER! I was not prepared. I am still not prepared. I am not okay.

Rainey is a very interesting character I love how badass she is, how much sass she has, but also that she just doesn’t care. Rainey is the last of the line of hunters in her family. She does something without even thinking about it first even if it’s slightly dumb not only is she a hunter she spends her time as a detective getting the human bad guys too. She sees the world very black and white. Well that is until Elijah.

Elijah. Okay number one I love that name, it may also have something to do with The Vampire Diaries/The Originals. Anyway back to the book. Elijah is an old vampire one from a long line that he was born into. The last of the Hawthorne’s but he’s also a mix of witch and Vampire. One that got his parents killed. He is a very interesting character, one that has his own view on the world and is looking for the cure. If there is a cure. He’s trying for something better.

I feel like Delaney needs a mention, she is Rainey’s sister and she is dead. This is not a spoiler. It’s on the first page. Her sister is dead. But she plays a massive part in this whole book, we learn about how she knew and trusted Elijah which leads Rainey to start trusting him and Rainey begins to get emails from Delaney telling her everything is not as it seems.

Delaney is a huge catalyst for the mystery in this book and some of the plot points that happen and I love how we the readers have the information revealed to us, I like it more that we learn it when the characters do and the information in this book. There is a lot that comes from all different sources, we learn a lot about the history of the supernatural and vampires from Elijah which then also gives the background history of Rainey’s family and his own. I love it. The mystery and the plot it just kept me hooked and add in the supernatural you have yourself a massive mess that you are in the middle of and are in hooked in.

Elijah tries to get Rainey to trust him, and at first Rainey just wants to kill him then along the way it changes from enemies to sort of friends to instantly beginning to feel something about each other. Definitely lust between them but honestly the sexual tension between these characters about half way through this book I was just going to be like guys lets just bang and get this out the way. I got literal chills when these two characters finally kissed! I was there for it and invested.

Honestly I am obsessed with this book it was just so good and I am so invested and I need the next book please and thank you but I’m pretty sure it’s not that much of a long wait. I can’t wait to read the next book. This review may have ended up being a gush but honestly I am here for it.

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