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The Culmination – Lauren Rowe

They thought they’d reached the highest peak. They were wrong.
Jonas and Sarah’s white-hot passion and unwavering love reach brand new heights in this epic continuation of their scorching hot, hilarious, and enduring love story.

“Our love is the joy of the good, the wonder of the wise, the amazement of the gods. We’re the envy of the gods, baby–the culmination of human possibility.” 

*The Culmination is a full-length novel to be read after The Club Trilogy. Note that the trilogy ends as a complete story without cliffhanger. This fourth installment continues the story of Jonas and Sarah (and Josh, Kat and Henn) and also contains a complete story without a cliffhanger.

**Readers 18+ only due to extremely graphic (and scorching hot) adult situations and explicit language.

So I started this series by reading the Morgan brothers (HeroCaptainBall Peen Hammer and Mister Bodyguard) first which led me to this series and I have already read The Club, The Reclamation and The Redemption and my god I was blown away.

Worried Jonas is so cute, especially how much of a worrier it is when it comes to the twins.

The babies are so adorable I love daddy Jonas and Uncle Josh it is so adorable and cute and I am actually loving all this just nice and easy story.

I am loving Jonas without sex it’s kind of funny. Especially seeing how worked up he is over not being allowed to have sex for 6-8 weeks. I think most of the earlier chapters were hilarious for this.

I really love Jonas and Sarah’s relationship it is cute. To see how far they’ve come from the beginning where they were struggling to trust each other to them having babies! It’s such a beautiful love story for them.

I really like seeing more Henn and Hannah together.

After the trilogy this is actually perfect just to see Jonas and Sarah being normal together. It’s everything I could have wanted. It was perfect. I do believe this review may just be a gush. I can’t really say anything happened plot wise other than a hell of a lot of sex and Sarah having babies.

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