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Ringo, Slippery Banana – Danielle Norman

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Yes, this is an M/M story but it is not erotica. Ringo has been a character in my books since day one and Bananas is the name of the drag queen restaurant in my books that Ringo owns.

This book is about an awesome man who looks fabulous in drag meeting a man who knows he is gay but has never admitted it to anyone because he lives in a world that he believes will crucify him.

It is about opposites, give and take, and finding “home” in the people who choose to be in your life.

A gorgeous man, a hot fireman, and a crazed gunman walked into a Drag Queen restaurant on a busy Sunday morning.

It sounded like a joke until…

The shooter fled, I was left bleeding on the floor, and the steamy hot fireman peered into my eyes. Why couldn’t I have choked and got mouth to mouth resuscitation?

This was our story.
Two men.
One raging inferno of emotions.

He was rugged boots and a red fireman helmet, who kept more than fire gear in his closet.

Most days, I was glitter stilettos and red lipstick, and the only thing in my closet was a couple hundred pairs of fabulous shoes.

I was ready for love, to shout it from the rooftop, he still needed a safety net.

But, together we created a home. 

I’d like to thank Word Smith Publicity for an e-arc it is very much appreciated. So this is not the first book I’ve read by this author I have loved her books and I have gotten a little behind with the series but when I heard that Ringo was getting his own story I was there. I’ve read Ariel, Always Enough, Sophie, Almost Mine, Katy, My Impact, Leo, Kiss Often, Stella, Until You, London Is Falling, Paris In Love, Getting Even. I loved all of them and was very excited to read it!

Ringo has always been a favourite of mine so when I heard he was getting his own book I was very ready. Ringo is so comforting for everyone and caring and he is just amazing and the man needed his own happy ever ending.

Dash oh my god he was so dreamy. I fell in love with him the moment we met him in this book the way he came to rescue Ringo after being shot, he was like a knight in shining armour. He was so adorable and cute and so caring. Dash was gay and a virgin and very much in the closet. He is also very confused about his feelings and unsure about how to tell people he’s very much struggling with his identity.

The chemistry that these two characters had was instant and damn their attraction you could literally feel it off the page. I love the connection that these two characters had, the way they both grew together in particular Dash finally accepting his feelings for Ringo and coming out the closet and man our boy did it fabulous. I loved how he stood up for himself. Saying very loud and proud ‘yes I am gay’ and I loved that scene and when he finally accepted who he was.

I loved the plot line we had running alongside with the whole Dash and Ringo getting together, which was Ringo being stalked and attacked and honestly I was hooked from the start and I didn’t see anything coming. I loved it so much. It was so intense.

The girls are hilarious I loved seeing them all together, and I loved the relationship that they all have with Ringo and how much he cares for everyone.

I loved this book so much and I was very excited to be back in this world once more with all these characters, I loved the story and Danielle’s writing was very good as always and I just love the way she can just pull you into her worlds.

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